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Recruitment Template
« on: February 10, 2014, 15:16:37 »
Fields of Recruitment:

[OPEN] - 3D Modelers

[OPEN] - Texture Artists

[OPEN] - Level Designers

[OPEN] - Animators

[OPEN] - UI Artists

[OPEN] - Web Designers

[DELAYED] - Programmers

[DELAYED] - Writers

[OPEN] - Concept Artists

[OPEN] - Composers

[OPEN] - Sound Effect Artists

[OPEN] - Japanese Translators

* A delayed recruitment field means we don't need any help at this very moment, but we will in the near future.

If you find yourself to be applicable for one of the above open fields of recruitment and you want to contribute to the development of Narusimu, then don't hesitate to apply for a position on the Narusimu Team.

Applications are done by making a new topic in this board using the template below. Thank you for wanting to help out!







Weekly time you can spend helping out with Narusimu:


Experience in the above field(s):

Your portfolio in the above field(s):

How long have you known Naruto:
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