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Original Character - Tsukegami Raito


Hatake Raito:
So I decided to redo my character's design a little bit. I was kind of annoyed with how he looked and decided to look at some new source material. I ended up using Kakashi and another OC, Uchiha Mimi, as references for Raito's hair. His facial structure is my usual design. The eyes are typical manga style with his trademark fox pupils. I also decided to something different with his hair. Instead of leaving it white, I shaded it a gray color to show that the picture was complete. It adds some detail to his hair as well.

 He's wearing a long coat with a flame pattern on his left shoulder. His left arm also bears his forehead protector (that's not protecting his forehead). It has his personal symbol on it, a crescent moon. On his right arm he wears a pauldron made of steel. The last item is the necklace mentioned in his backstory.

Hope you guys like it!

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