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(RE-OPENED) SLO Art Challenge #3: Who am I ?

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Do you ever find yourself asking "who am I?", "Is this me?", "Is this really what I'm like?".
Yea me neither.

This challenge is to redesign your favourite, least favourite, animal, etc  character.
You can gender swap, turn sasuke into a snake whatever you want be creative.

Rules & Guidelines:

-It can be a full body, portrait, side view. Anything as long as it represents your art in the best way.

-Any medium or style is allowed, traditional, digital even 3D I don't care.

-I will open a finals thread close to the due date so you can post your final submissions(WIPs can be posted here).

- A poll will also be added so the community can vote on the submissions so yea this is kinda a competition, don't hold out on me.

-Due date Mon the 19th

Happy to see that you're back with the challenges :)

Hey, Sloth's back to being productive!

I'll see what I can come up with in the meantime.

Ayyy glad its back.
Think im gonna participate on this one

Great to see ppl are still interested ^^


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