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SLO Art Challenge #4: One of Its Kind

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Legends speak of a weapon, not just any weapon but one held by the countless generations of Kauskes, pass from one to another. This weapon cannot be found anywhere else but the hand of these magnificent beings.

Ok time for a somewhat fun challenge, this week is to design and create a little back story for the most powerful weapon in SLO. Be creative, mix and match weapons, create your own from scratch whatever you want. Your back story can also be unique or you could base it off the above.

Rules and Guidelines:

-It can be a full body, portrait, side view. A character holding the weapon or by its self .Anything as long as it represents your art in the best way.

-Any medium or style is allowed, traditional, digital even 3D I don't care.

-I will open a finals thread close to the due date so you can post your final submissions(WIPs can be posted here).

- A poll will also be added so the community can vote on the submissions so yea this is kinda a competition, don't hold out on me. The winner of this challenge will be added to the list of winners for finalist showdown

-Due date Mon the 27th

- Most important of all have fun with it xD

Ooooh I'm doing this

I'm not much of an artist (I'm actually disgusting) but I got a good idea and of a weapon I wanna draw and hopefully my backstory makes up for it

Sounds interesting i might give it a try xD

where do you post final work pieces.


--- Quote from: gevanei on March 23, 2017, 00:35:29 ---where do you post final work pieces.

--- End quote ---
He will open another topic so people can post final submissions, i think


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