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SLO Art Challenge Finals : #4

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This is the final submissions thread.
Post you final submissions finished or unfinished here.
Hope everyone had fun with this challenge.
A poll will be opened on Monday.
The winner of this challenge will face the two past art challenge winners to be crowned......SLO's March Artist

The Holy Sword of Babylon

Background & Descrption

Said to have been forged by the Gods themselves, one weapon stood above all feared by the hordes of men, unworthy who looked upon the weapon in all it's glory and might. Men started revering the power of the weapon and quickly locked it away in a dark, guarded abyss where the light of the weapon couldn't meet the eyes of day. Prayers where sent to the gods, men praying, wishing and fantasying the could wield it but none of their prayers were answered except one, A man who's family no face extinction as a war aimed to rid the earth of the Kuaskes clan forever. The man pleaded to the gods that he can overcome the war to dave his family,  not one word was spoken of the weapon in the man's prayer, But it was answered. The Light of the weapon glowed bright as it quickly dispersed from were it stood guarded by the greed of men. Gates would appear infront of the man, Bold wars marked across its golden structure, that read, "Gates of Babylon" It would slowly open as it lets of a loud creak sound, The man quickly covered his eyes due to the lights, blinding him from seeing any further into the what seems to be the home of the gods. As the light faded away, leaving its visual scar across the lands leading all who witnessed it to its location, the man's mortal eyes would focus upon a weapon, Fully Gold encrusted handles and hand gaurd with custom decor, with what seems to be the images constellations upon the the area of the weapon that would be considered the blade but instead stood, three independent cylindrical, drilled-shape pillar clockwise with the middle one spinning counter clockwise, as they slowly moved as time progresses the constellations would seemingly change everytime it moved as it reflected the heavens above or to astronomers the glory of space. The man would take the weapon by its handles and set on his path home, thinking intensively on his way back. Upon reaching back a meeting was already in progress about the Relocating so the clan and it's members would live to see the light of day. The man would quickly barge into the meeting, his voice stood above all else as he showed the tool of their salvation, The elders looked upon the weapon as a pretty little toy as the eyes of those in the north has never seen it. The man quickly explained himself, the stories seemed foolish, laughable even as everyone quickly came to the conclusion the man was mad. The elders shouted on the top of their voices pointing to the south, "Go go look at the army that march against us now, they will be here in two days, and you hereby talk nonsense in my ears, Baka." Upon hearing the words the man swore victory in the name of the gods he quickly marched towards the army as his closest friends and family pleaded with him against his decisions, he ignored them as the set out to meet the frightening army that march shook the lands beneath their feet.

The advance of the army would be halted ass the generals, laugh thinking the man came offering their surrenders, hordes of horses marched out to him, generals, commanders and garrison alike raced to find out what the man had in store. The man whose name was Akira Kuaskes raised the sword up high the spinning cylindrical bases spun faster and faster as the views of dimmed, quickly the everyone in the army was brought to their knees, as the gravity in the area, tripled by the second. The man looked down on the army that once stood before him, as he ponders on the abilities of such a great weapon, his emotions would overcome him, he would aim the weapon towards them, quickly sending out massive pulse rays that  engulfed the area although nothing happened instantly, the man didn't know how the managed such a feat but it became evident that the weapon he now possesses hold great power, After the pulse way enveloped the land the weapon's cylindrical structures would  return to its previous pace, The army would slowly start to turn into dust as the wind carried the unholy away with it, After the feats the man pulled on the battlefield the elders, apologised, bowed and made the man the leader of their now small family. Years passed as no word has reached anywhere of what happened to the army or the Kuaskes clan, which now inhabited the mountains where many shrines where built and a main temple where the weapon laid not to be used unless permitted by the elders, or clan leader, Never to be official named as men fear naming a weapon of the gods could anger them.


Each ability can only be used once a year except for the gates of babylon which can be used two times a week.

Heavens Wrath
This is a technique that manipulates the gravity of the area the user wishes, increasing and decreasing the gravitational to their will, can also be used in conjunction to manipulate boulders and anything else the is affected by gravity. Although the edges and the pillars may seem dull, it can pierce through the thickest of armour.

Particle dismantling
This allows the user to emit rays which destroys cells on a molecular level which either turns the victims into ash or nothingness in the end.

Gates of Babylon
The technique opens the holy gates of Babylon which could be used as a temporary shelter in which the user could retreat, able to open the gates anywhere he has seen or been to in his lifetime. He could also retrieve weapons of any kind to be used in combat.

Nature's Will
This Technique allows the user to control elements of mother nature, not of their own, being able to start natural disasters in an instant, for example hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes.


Sorry for making such an op weapon, but you said no limits lmao, so here ya go, and it was modelled by me

my attempt. LUL

You guys are monsters....amazing job guys 😍😍 *_* @CaioDarT @gevanei


--- Quote from: Nas on March 24, 2017, 17:00:23 ---You guys are monsters....amazing job guys 😍😍 *_* @CaioDarT @gevanei

--- End quote ---
Thankss Nas xD


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