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Drawings / a legendary sword for slo
« on: May 17, 2016, 13:33:08 »
i made this sword thinking about a legendary sword for slo Tell me what you guys think ^-^


Drawings / my new drawing (im proud of this one) xD
« on: May 07, 2016, 19:53:38 »
i tried to draw ken's character and i made this :3  vreg can i join the team now? :3 (jk)


Drawings / new animation xD
« on: May 04, 2016, 02:32:14 »
new animation by me xD


Drawings / The eyes i draw xD (im not good!!)
« on: April 21, 2016, 15:11:39 »
i need everyone's opinion! i need to improve tell me what you think!


Drawings / best animation EVER lol JK
« on: April 20, 2016, 22:47:54 »
i was bored and i did this xD

Shinobi Life Online Character / Hishiro Nakai
« on: July 24, 2015, 20:12:01 »
Name: Hishiro Nakai
Age: 17
Weight: 148 lbs
Hairstyle: medium, covering his left eye
Facial hair: no facial hair
Hair color: white
Eye color:red
Blood type: O
Primary chakra nature: Lightning
Village: Hidden Thunder
Clan: Himitsu
Good or evil at heart?:neutral

Description of the character's personality: mysterious guy,always protects his friends, doesn't like to talk much

Description of the character's history: (dont blame me for anything related to grammar xD) this story was mad by me and ken who helped me alot! TY ken :D
Hishiro himitsu lost his father when he was young, since then he lives with a younger brother and his mother, Hishiro was a kid with no talent at all when he was born everyone made fun of him mainly because he had no father, the other kids used to make fun of him saying that his father was weak and that was the reason why he died, but he was always with a big smile on his face. he lives in a small village near the hidden thunder village but there are almost no shinobis on that village.

 -one day while he was taking care of the house flowers 3 kids came-
 "Hey look it's the weak idiot's son"- someone said
all of the kids started laughing
 Hishiro looked to his litle brother and was smilling
 His litle brother looked worried to him
 "Broth..."- before being interrupted
 "It's ok... i know all they say isn't true"- said hishiro still smilling
 "now go inside and i will go right behind you"
 His litle brother started running to their house
 Hishiro looked with a serious face to the kids laughing and started running towards them, he punched the first one in the face and the kid started bleeding,
all kids started running away and Hishiro fell on his knees and started crying.
-A dark figure was watching him from far away-
A month passed and hishiro couldn't forget what happened
he was in bed trying to sleep and asked his litle brother
 "do you think i'm a monster?"-
 "no... why would you be a monster?"- said his litle brother looking at hishiro worried
 "forget it..."- hisiro
-the next day it was a sunny day, a good day, hishiro was eating breakfast with his family when they hear a scream coming from outside, hishiro starts running to see what happened-
-when he see a dead body he was scarred and the beautiful day turned into a rainny day really quickly, hishiro starts running back to see if his family was ok,but it was too late, when he got home he sees his mother dead on the floor and his litle brother getting killed slowly by that shinobi, with all that happened hishiro looked at the ground-
 "this is all a dream right?" asked hishiro to the shinobi
 "...RIGHT!!..."- hishiro screams
 "you will pay for what you have done..."-says hishiro with and angry tone
 "HAHAHA... what can you do you are just a kid!"-said the shinobi
-hishiro not knowing how, casted a genjutsu that immobilized the shinobi,and then he grabed a sword and pierced that shinobi's heart slowly...-
-he went outside walking slowly and crying at the same time and casted a powerfull genjutsu on the other shinobis and killed them 1 by 1, after all this hishiro fainted-

                                                    The New begining

-Hishiro wakes up after a week-
 "where am i? - hisihro dizzy
 "you are in the hidden thunder village hospital"-said a stanger
 "who are you and why am i here?" - said hishiro while still a litle bit dizzy
 "haha...calm down with those questions"- said the stanger smilling
 "but looks like you fainted after a big fight i dont even know how you are still alive..."-stranger
 "i have to go now i will see you later..."-stranger
 "so it wasn't just a dream...right?" - said hishiro getting a lil depressed
 "it wasn' sorry for what happened to you..."-said the strange while leaving
-he comes back just because he forgot to say something-
 "oh yeah... you will go to the academy in 2 day so be ready, bye!-said the stranger while leaving again
 "academy... huh..." - whispered hishiro while looking at the sky
-2 days later-
-the class is about to start and hishiro finds and empty seat and sits, he look around and could hear everyone whispering-
 "is that the kid who killed his village?"-random girls
 "i heard he killed his own family..."
-almost everyone was looking at hishiro with fear,when he see someone smilling at him...-
 "Who is that? and why was he smilling at me...?"-thought hishiro to himself
 "he is dangerous..."-Hishiro
-time passed and hishiro wanted to be stronger so he started watching the best students,but at the same time most of the students feared him for what they thought was true-

Hishiro was alone in his time in the academy. He didn’t have any friends and he didn’t talk much. Even though he was at the top of the class. He was gifted at genjutsu, he knew ninjutsu, and a little bit of taijutsu as well.
One day in the academy a kid came up to him and asked:
“You must be Hishiro right ?”
Hishiro looked up and was surprised since nobody talks to him.
“Hi, my name is Sanji. You are Hishiro right ? Or did I get the name wrong ?”
“…….” – Hishiro didn’t respond
“You’re not gonna respond?” – asked Sanji
“Oh, well then. Let me introduce you to my friends Hishiro. This is Hikari.”
“Heyo!” – said Hikari smiling
“And the fatso right here, his name is Saburo.” – said Sanji laughing
“Hey! Who you calling a fatso. Dumbass!” – said Saburo while having an angry looking face.
“HAA! Do you want to fight fatso ?” – asked Sanji
“Anyday pal!”- replied Saburo
“STOP IT !!!!!” – yelled Hikari
-These guys are pain in the ass. I should get up and go home.- thought Hishiro while sighing.
*Hishiro got up and went through the exit*
“See! You scared him! You fatass!” – yelled Sanji
“Hey! Wait up!” – said Sanji while putting his arm on his shoulder
*Hishiro turned back and said*
“Leave me alone blondie!!” – with a scary face
“Agh!” – Sanji lifted his arm
*Hishiro continued walking through the exit*
“Geez. What is his problem?” – asked Sanji
“Nobody knows. He is a always like that. He doesn’t talk to nobody.”- replied Saburo
“We should try and be friends with him.” – Hikari
*On his way home Hishiro noticed his front door opened*
“Hm? I swear I didn’t leave it like this!” – thought Hishiro
*He opened the door fully and went in his house*
*He went up to the stairs and found a guy going through his stuff.*
without the guy noticing, Hishiro was standing behind him and waving a kunai at his throat.
*Blood splatted everywhere*
Hishiro looked at the bloody body, but he wasn’t afraid this time. He didn’t scream or ran. He was just standing there looking at the corpse of the thief. His eyes were blank.
“I better report this to the uppers.” – thought Hishiro
*The police force came and took the body*
“Are you ok? Kid, are you ok ?” – asked a medic ninja
Hishiro was lost in his thoughts. But he came back.
“Yes, im fine.” – replied Hishiro
“Actually, I’m feeling pretty good.” – whispered Hishiro while having a grin on his face.
Time passed and he graduated from the academy and Hishiro was called by the kage to the Kage mansion.

                                                                               Joining Roguhanta

*Hishiro knocked on the door*
“Aa. That must be him” – said the kage
“Come in.”
“Sir? You wanted to see me ?” – said Hishiro
“Yes,yes Hishiro. Please sit down.” – said the Kage
*Hishiro saw a man standing next to the kage*
“Ok. So Hishiro you’re results in the academy are outstanding. You passed everything with maximum grades. You are gifted in genjutsu as well as ninjutsu. So, I have a plan, well this man right here has a plan. Let me introduce you to him.” – said the Kage
“Hi, my name is Reminance Himitsu. I’m a leader of a powerful organization called Roguhanta. We hunt down Rogue ninjas, collect their bounty, and remove them from the bingo book. The kage, actually I called you here because we need recruits. So I asked the kage here if he wants to give me some talented ninjas over. You are now Genin right ?” – said and asked Reminance
“Yes I am. I graduated not long ago.” – said Hishiro
“And yet you are so young. Why not join my organization ? I will provide everything that is necessary for you to be there. A place to stay, food, clothes. You will be assigned a team when you get to Jonin level until then you will work alone, we have special tests and exams in our IQ so you can work your way to Jonin. I will assign a great sensei that will teach you everything you need to know. But you must accept missions from me, regarding Rogue ninjas when you hit Jonin level, for now if you accept, just learn, study and work hard.” – said Reminance
“Yes, I understand” – said Hishiro
“Well, that’s great then. I will do the paperwork right now.” – said the kage
*Hishiro looked up and saw the man smiling, though he wasn’t really happy about this.*
“Hey, I lost everything what can I loose from this except gain some strength and power.” – thought Hishiro
*At Roguhanta IQ*
“OK! Everyone listen up. This is Hishiro Himitsu. He will be your teammate from this day on. Be sure to introduce yourselves after this. And try to be friends with him.” – said Reminance to all the young members in Roguhanta.
*Hishiro was silent and didn’t say a thing*
“These will be your sleeping quarters. If you need anything please tell me.”- said Reminance
- Time passed and Hishiro passed and was promoted to Jonin-
“OK! So, congratulations for becoming Jonin. Since you are all talented and skillful you all passed. Non of you failed. I’m not here just to congratulate you. I’m here to introduce a new member that will work with you. This is Sanji Amigake. He was promoted a Jonin not long ago as well. But recently he lost his team and he wanted to join this organization. Please be nice and try to be friends with him.” – said Reminance
“S-Sanji Amigake? The guy from the academy? Joined this organization, I thought everyone here was talented, didn’t know that Sanji was talented.” – thought Hishiro
“Hey, Hishiro is that you ?” – asked Sanji
“Yeah, it’s me. What brings you here ?” – asked Hishiro
“My team…got disbanded yesterday..” – replied Sanji
“Why? What happened to your friends ?” – asked Hishiro
“Saburo is ok, he will be assigned a new team today, as for Hikari…..she got killed by a rogue ninja from the hidden snow, that’s why I joined find him and avenge Hikari.” – said Sanji
“Oh, ok.” – said Hishiro
“OH! I almost forgot. You will all be assigned a team this afternoon. The team will consist of 3 regular members and one team captain. So 4 members. Please come to the meeting office so you can see who are your new teammates. You will work with them to hunt.” – said Reminance
“New team ha…..” – thought Hishiro
-At the meeting office-
“Hm? These guys? Who are these? Kuria is our team captain. I don’t even know the guy….Damn I’m going to be the hidden snow squad. Didn’t expect that.” – thought Hishiro
“Who ever was select for the hidden snow squad round up here!” – yelled someone
“So, you 3 were selected. Hi, my name is Kuria Himitsu. I will be your team captain from today. I hope we can work together.” – said Kuria
“This..guy….is our captain.” – thought Hishiro
“He looks like a special little snowflake, alright…” – thought Hishiro
“ Tomorrow we start training for our new tactics. Be sure to be on the training ground B6 tomorrow at 7:00 sharp. That will be all.” – said Kuria
- The team trained, got stronger.-
“Everyone round up. This will be our new advisor. His name is Kirumo” – said Reminance
“He will plan out and help you In tight situations while you are on missions”
*Hishiro looked and saw a bearded man, with a ponytail and glasses.*
“This guy looks like a joke.” – thought Hishiro
“Hi, my name is Kirumo and from today on I’ll help you on the battlefield as well as plan out attacks, find secret hideouts and weaknesses in tough opponents.” – said Kirumo
“We are done with the introduction. Please continue your training.” – said Reminance
“Come on guys, lets get back to it” – said Kuria
“Yes, captain!” – said everyone in the team
“Ok, next I want to see Hishiro. I heard that he is gifted with genjutsu. Ok lets see it.” – said Kuria
“See it ? On who ?” – asked Hishiro
“On me of course. Let me see if it needs improving. If I get out easily it will need some improvements if not and I ask your help to pull me out, well then its kinda perfect.” – said Kuria
“Ok then.” – said Hishiro while doing a sign with his hands.
“Hm? Are you done ?” – asked Kuria
*Everyone stood still. He didn’t get a reply*
“Um? Hishiro ? Are you going to cast a genjutsu or not ?” – asked Kuria once again
*Hishiro and the other students were standing still, not talking, everyone was just still.*
“Wait….” – thought Kuria and threw a kunai at Hishiro but it went right through him, like it was nothing, just air.
“He already did the genjutsu.. that was certainly fast.” – thought Kuria
“Now, lets see if I can get out of here.”
“Release!” – yelled Kuria
“Am I out?” – everyone were still once again
“Damn! Where is my kunai.” – Kuria got the kunai he threw erlier and stabed his arm with it
“AGH!!!!” – yelled Kuria
“Am I out ?”
“NO! Everyone is still not moving, they’re just looking at me. Following my movements with their eyes. Nothing more. This kinda creeps me out.”
“OK! Hishiro pull me out! You win.” – said Kuria
“Hishiro?” – Kuria was surprised since nothing changed
Everyone and everything melted. And quick sand was beneath Kuria’s feet.
“AGh! I can’t move!!
“HISHIRO! Pull me out this instance or else! “ – yelled Kuria whilst still sinking.
“Hishiro!” – Kuria was almost underneath the ground.
He took a deep breath and sunk.
“I can’t hold it anymore. He will kill me if this continues…” – thought Kuria

Suddenly he woke up. He found himself on the ground and the other students were all around him.
“Captain! Are you ok ?” –  KAZUO
“Yes, yes I’m fine. Where is Hishiro?!” – asked Kuria
“Captain, we were telling him to stop the genjutsu, but he didn’t listen. He was just looking at your body when you hit the ground and he had a grin on his face. So I tried to punche him and he stopped the genjutsu . I think I saw him going away with that new advisor. I didn’t remember his name.” –  Random guy
“Right, right.” – said Kuria with a worried face
-At a place not very far from the training ground-
“That was a powerful genjutsu you casted.” – said Kirumo
“Hm? It wasn’t that powerful.” – replied Hishiro
“You mean you can cast a more powerful genjutsu?” – asked Kirumo
“I know I can. Just, I need a better teacher then the one I have right now” – said Hishiro
“We are just discussing tactics and teamwork.. we are just practicing them and that’s it.” – said Hishiro
“Hm? Well don’t worry about that. Im sure some other teacher or sensei can have you if you ask Reminance.” – said Kirumo
“Nah, I wont bother with that. I guess I’ll stick with this, but I want more power than the one I have...” – said Hishiro and saw the advisor smiling.
“You actually have a tremendous talent for genjutsu. Im sure everyone will want you in their team, Since you are going to hunt down the most powerful rogues.” – said Kirumo
“I doubt it, but thanks for the compliment.” – said Hishiro
-One day 2 teams were called in for an important mission, Team Hidden snow and team hidden ash.-
“There is an excellent news. Our advisor has found a secret underground IQ, probably belongs to the organization known as Katakiuchi.”- said Reminance
“Katakiuchi? Who and what are they?” – asked Sanji
“Well, to put it simply, its an organization build just for the purpose of killing and ruling all the seven nations.” – said Reminance
“Its full of rogue ninjas and dangerous criminals. Now we will create a plan and a tactic to destroy and capture them. “ – said Kuria
“I came up with several plans and tactics we can use in this mission.” – said Kirumo
“Great! Memorize all of them. If one fails we can use the other ones as a back up.” – said Reminance
“All of these! There are like 20 of them!” – said Sanji
“Yes! All of them.”- said Reminance
“sigh” – Sanji
“You are beginning the mission tomorrow morning. Be here at 6:00 sharp. Don’t be late” – ordered Reminance
“We? You aren’t coming?”- asked Sanji
“No, im afraid not, I have another mission to attend to.” – replied Reminance
“Our lives are at stake and Im left with these losers to protect me? Great.” – thought Hishiro to himself
-The next day-
“Ok. Are we all here?”- asked Kuria
“Yes, I believe we are all here.” – replied Sanji
“Begin the operation.” – yelled and ordered the captains
-Halfway through the quarters-
“Hishiro? Do you have any family members ?” – asked Kiromo
“ the ones i once loved are dead...” – replied Hishiro
“I see.”- said Kiromo
“ Not that I care but, do you have any members?” – asked Hishiro
“Actually I have a sister and a brother. I saw them not while ago.” – said Kiromo
“Right.” – said Hishiro
-Outside of the quarters-
“Listen up! We are going exactly as planned! We split up in teams. And remember, teammowrk is everything.” – said Kuria
“Yes! SIR!- said all of the ninjas

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