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Make sure you know this information before posting your Shinobi Life Online character

Shinobi Life Online is inspired by Naruto, it's not Naruto. We want SLO to be unique therefore we will have our own jutsu, kekkei genkai, clans and villages. By doing this we also avoid copyright.

This means that Naruto characters, jutsu, kekkei genkai, clans and villages will not be in the game. Examples of this are the Sharingan, Uchiha, and Hidden Leaf.

* Naruto characters won't be in the game. You won't be seeing Iruka-sensei introducing you into the game, Naruto teaching you the shadow clone jutsu and Sasuke giving you sword lessons. It's best not to include them in your history.
* You can't guarantee that your character will receive a Kekkei Genkai as the game is not released yet and not everybody will be getting a Kekkei Genkai. I advise not adding them to your character. (Kekkei Genkai haven't been decided yet)
* SLO will have its own clans created by the players. There won't be clans from the anime which everyone will have to choose from. You'll enter a clan of your own choosing in character creation and you'll either create a clan if the clan entered doesn't exist or join the clan. You can create/join the Uchiha and other anime clans but you won't have the Sharingan and you'll get a lot of hate for not being original.
* Naruto villages such as the Hidden Leaf, Cloud and Rain won't be present in game as mentioned above. You can find the SLO villages here.
You should also read the FAQ, it has some information about characters.

To summarize this whole thread, there will be nothing from Naruto in the game as SLO will be unique and you can't be sure whether your character will receive a Kekkei Genkai so it's best not to add it as a skill your character has.

(PM me if there's anything you'd like me to add)


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