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Manuster *******-Tsukegami (Chapter 19)

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Name: Manuster *******-Tsukegami
Age: Whatever age a foetus is... -5months?
Gender: Mostly Male
Height: Several inches
Weight: Several grams
Hairstyle: N/A
Facial hair: N/A
Hair color: N/A
Eye color: Black
Blood type: AB-
Primary chakra nature: N/A
Fighting Style: N/A
Hidden Village of Birth: N/A
Hidden Village of Residence: Mother's womb
Clan: Tsukegami and *******
Good or evil at heart?: Rip

Description of the character's personality:
I like memes

Description of the character's history:

Born to a father of the Tsukegami clan from Okagakure and a mother of unknown origin.

Osamu, a newly promoted Jonin was returning from his debut solo mission; to escort 2 Chuunin level rogues to their home village of Morigakure. He reached the village hidden in the Woods just after midnight, however in his excitement to complete his first A rank mission, he refused any offers to stay the night and left to return home immediately.

It was blindingly dark as Osamu was left the village gates, when, all of a sudden, a shrill, loud alarm rang out. This was soon followed by a series of cries and explosions as several dark figures in black cloaks dashed out of the village at inhumane speeds. Osamu noticed a symbol on the back of the some of the cloaks but it was way too dark to distinctly make any of them out. He continued on his journey home, confident that the Hidden Forest could solve their own problems.
As he reached the hilly terrain just outside the border of the Hidden Hill village, he came across a young, dark haired woman. She claimed to have lost her memory but Osamu was obviously sceptical to her claims, at first he thought of the cloaked figures from the night before, but he immediately dismissed the thought. He couldn't sense a shroud of chakra in her, and his chakra sensing abilities had just been rated amongst the best of the village. Besides, she was badly injured and her plain grey robe bore no symbol on it's back, not to mention the fact that there were exactly 7 figures that night.

Convinced of her innocence, Osamu took in the strange, and subtly beautiful woman. However it was not long until Osamu realized his mistake.

As he returned from his mission report in the morning, he spotted a freshly hung wanted picture of her. He rushed home to confront the woman, his kind-hearted nature wanting to give her a chance to explain herself before contacting the ANBU. He arrived home and went straight to confront her.

"You have 5 minutes to explain yourself before I get the ANBU" he said, throwing a wanted poster into the woman's face. She looked down for a couple of seconds, her eyes covered by her thick, black, curly hair. Osamu, concern overpowering his sense of danger, took a step forward and placed his hand on her shoulder.

"Hey, I'm sure you didn't kill your Kage, I just need an explanation", he brushed away her hair to get a look of her face.

Her eyes shone a bright orange, an obvious mark of the dojutsu stolen from the corpse of the late Morikage.

"" were the last two words he said. He froze, his mouth slightly open as the powerful Genjutsu worked at permanently altering his memories.

When he awoke, the strange woman was still recovering from the jutsu. However, to Osamu, she was no more the strange woman who couldn't tell him he name but rather, Mitsu, his loyal friend that had been betrayed by her own village. His memories now told him that they had been on many inter-village missions together and that he was madly in love with her, he now believed that for the sake of unity in the Hidden Forest, Mitsu had taken the sole blame for the murder of her Kage and the theft of his dojutsu. Osamu made it his duty to protect her, he would supply her with everything she needs until he could one day prove her innocence.

Osamu and Mitsu got along pretty well, despite the fact that she was confined to the small house that Osamu had bought for himself. An expert in Earth style, Mitsu dug herself a massive cavern underneath the home, a place for her to train whenever the house would begin to feel cramped.

Several happy years went by and Mitsu had occasionally donned a disguise to visit the outside world. Spring had just begun and the mood in the village, particularly the Tsukegami clan couldn't possibly be cheerier. The Okakage, Batt Tsukegami was particularly good natured, regularly taking walks around the village to greet and talk to his citizens.

However, there were reports, whispered rumors of a rogue organisation that wanted nothing more than to see the fall of the 12 Hidden Villages.

With a force that was supposedly stronger than any single village, this organisation was causing concern to the 12 Kages, however there remained little concrete proof of any ill will.

This all changed when a spy from the Maindo Clan reported that 6 of the most powerful rogue shinobi, - none of who had been seen for years, yet each with bounties worth millions - were holding a meeting around the outskirts of The Village Hidden in the Ocean. It was reported that each shinobi was bearing an odd, intricate, yet unique symbol, with none appearing to be the leader. In mere hours, The Hidden Shock Waves, Hidden Thunder and Hidden Metal had assembled and deployed an army of over 100 shinobi to protect the Hidden Ocean.

Yet they were too late; by the time the shinobi arrived, the Hidden Ocean had been completely obliterated. There were a several survivors...23 in total. Each and every single one of them trapped in a genjutsu that required 3 Jonin-level Genjutsu experts to disable. Whilst under the effects of  the jutsu they could only utter one word "....Heathen....Heathen...Heathen".

The Village Hidden in the Ocean was no more and in it's place arose the Ocean Village. The 23 survivors, all bearing the Ocean Village's bloodline heritage, used their ability to create a barrier that allows only inheritors of their bloodline to enter or leave the village. They were from that moment on isolated... completely cut off from the rest of the world.

The 12 Hidden Villages had been reduced to 11 and in an effort to prevent such a tragedy from happening again, members of the legendary organisation, Roguhanta were forced to scatter around the Hidden Villages. It was hoped that with their strength, even the weaker Hidden Villages would be able to delay, if not withstand the next onslaught.

As for the whereabouts of Heathen, Jyuunshin and Chokara were tasked with finding and destroying Heathen. Despite a total of just 19 shinobi, these 2 organisations had saved entire villages from the attacks of chakra beasts on several occasions. However, even they struggled to locate Heathen or any of their members. As a small and selective organisation that was supposed to have been neutral, no one knew who the members were or where to find them, even the organisation Heiwa, that specialized in the obtaining and trading of information had nothing substantial on them.

In just a few days, the pleasantry of spring had turned into an edgy and tense atmosphere as the news of what happened to the former Hidden Ocean Village spread across Okagakure. As a member of Roguhanta, Osamu was to be deployed to the large, yet relatively weak village of the Hidden Forest. Knowing that Mitsu was born there, he rushed home to tell her the news.

"Hey, I'm home! You wouldn't guess where I'm going to be deployed" Osamu exclaimed with a cheer in his voice. He ran straight for the concealed staircase that led to the hidden cavern, not even remembering that Mitsu was still supposed to be out of the country.

"Welcome back, how did the meeting go?" asked Mitsu, normally, Osamu would have noticed the very subtle edge of worry to her voice but he was far too ecstatic. With his signature grin plastered on his face, he traipsed into the enormous underground cavern.

"You wouldn't believe it, I've been deployed to Morigakure, I'm going to find out the truth behind who killed your Kage and clear your name! Believe it!"

Mitsu had a troubled look in her eye, "Oh Osamu, you really shouldn't do that, you've done enough for me already" She knew that if he were to investigate into the murder of the Kage, he would soon discover her real name - a fact known by only 3 people - as well as the abilities of the Kage's dojutsu. He would immediatly realize that he'd been under a genjutsu the entire time and expose her without remorse.

"Mitsu. Please, there is nothing you can say that will change my mind. You've sacrificed yourself enough there's no need to -" He was cut off mid-sentence by the katana in the middle of his neck. He looked at Mitsu, her eyes a glowing green as the genjutsu unravelled and the deception of the past 6 years hit him. Tears were flowing down the face of the strange woman as she spoke.

"Believe me, the past 6 years were amazing...I just wish...I wish you wouldn't be so stubborn you know? Once you set your mind to something you just won't stop till you complete it and I just can't have you complete this." Osamu coughed out blood as he pathetically lifted his arms towards her.

"I...I knew." The woman's head snapped up as she lost her composure. The tears around her eyes were far more evident as her shoulders shook and she let out light sobs.

" knew?"

He coughed again, his blood splattering all over the face of the woman. He weaved  several signs with his hands, casting a simple jutsu. Reaching out with his bloodied hand he touched her forehead and he showed her what happened 6 years ago. After the night she had used the jutsu. As a budding genjutsu user, Osamu soon noticed the discrepancies in his memory. There were inconsistencies in his memories of Mitsu, facts that failed to match up with the truths that he knew.

Aware of the dojutsu wielded by the Hidden Forest Kage, he quickly realised the situation he was in. It was too coincidental that his memories about Mitsu were inconsistent just as she was supposedly framed. His memories were still changed, however he had known that the woman who called herself Mitsu was not who she made him think she was.

"But...why...why didn't you tell me? Or tell anyone?"

Osamu's smile was weak now, his knees quivered as he could barely stay on his feet.

"You''d tell me when you're ready"

"I'm pregnant. But don't worry, I plan to abort." said the woman as she began to back away. Osamu's eyes widened in shock as she began to wield signs for another jutsu.

Her behaviour had completely changed, she was no longer crying and her eyes had returned to their normal colour; she was almost an entierly different person. Osamu took a measly step forward before collapsing onto the floor.

As his eyes closed, he saw a puff of smoke and 6 figures emerge. The figures were wearing black cloaks, each one with a different symbol. He remembered them as the figures he saw 6 years ago, but he wondered, weren't there 7 of them that night? He saw one of the black-clad strangers take a step towards the woman who used to be Mitsu and hand her a cloak. His eyes shut as he heard one, deep, male voice say;

"Hmph. I'm still not sure we can trust her. Not after what she did 6 years ago."

"I know, but she brought us right into the heart of the Hidden Hill, she's redeemed herself." said a teenager's voice.

"Look, Lust, we've voted about this and everyone thinks we should give her another chance. Besides, we haven't found a suitable replacement for 6 years. That says a lot." said a third, hoarse voice.

"You know our policy about traitors, you're lucky we let you live after keeping the dojutsu for yourself, but just this once we'll let it slide. The next time you cross the organisation, you will die. So, how about it Gluttony? Care to rejoin Katakiuchi?"

I have got to say, it was very interesting to read.
I'd wish it would even be longer.
And the way you incorporated a lot of the Organizations was awesome ^^

edit: +rep

Quite interesting indeed.
Well done Manuster.

I hardly read character stories but that was really impressive. Good job

Thank You, Thank You all *eyes watering*


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