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Kinada Hatake:
Name: Kinada Kim
Age: Late 30’s
Gender: Female
Height: 5.8ft (176.7cm)
Weight: 40.8kg (90lbs)
Hairstyle: short with a bang covering one eye
Facial hair: none
Hair color: white
Eye color: light brown
Blood type: AB negative
Primary chakra nature: Sun and Moon
Hidden Village: Sun
Clan: Kim
Good at heart
Personality: Kinada is a very polite person but she doesn’t talk much. She is strong but hates fighting like her ancestors before her. She is a adult of her home village and she is strict but has a playful personality with other adults.
Character history: Kinada was born in November with her twin brother Henoda. She grew up to be a very quick learner just like her father. She later became a leader above her class and she learned quickly from her sensei. She took on many other enemies to rank up to a true leader. Later on in life she became the leader of her village. After her years as soonage she retired and hasn’t shown a face in the village for a while. All that remains from her are her three children Katana, Kinshi, and Hinashi. And her visual prowess Kinodogon.

Kinada Hatake:
Tell me what you guys think I’m open to any suggestions

Welcome to SLO. Enjoy your stay.

Man! Your epic!

Kinada Hatake:
Thank you so much. I really appreciate it.


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