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Rumikki Ten no sunōfurēku


Name: Rumikki Ten no sunōfurēku
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Height: 5'6
Weight: 150lbs
Hairstyle: Twin long ponytails
Facial hair: Na
Hair color: Lightblue
Eye color: Lightblue
Blood type: Ab
Primary chakra nature: Water releses
Hidden Village: Yukigakure
Clan: Ten no sunōfurēku
Good or evil at heart?:
Description of the character's personality:
Rumikki has a very optimistic personalty. When faced with a problem, she faces them head on. The people cant help but smile at her childish actions. But don't get her angry, unless you want to be a pancake afterwards.
Description of the character's history: N\a

Kinada Hatake:
Nice job


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