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I was bored asf so I created a character =)


Name: Matsuda Akamine
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Height: 183cm (6ft)
Weight: 74kg
Hairstyle: Short and untidy.
Facial hair: None
Hair colour: Deep blue
Eye colour: Dark brown
Blood type: A+
Primary chakra nature: Wind
Hidden Village: Okagakure (now rogue)
Clan: Akamine (obscure clan, not remarkable in many ways)
Good or evil at heart?: Good at heart but misguided (Well-intentioned extremist)

Description of the character's personality: Matsuda is extremely idealistic and constantly strives to create a better world no matter the cost. His idealism stems from his upbringing and his contemplative nature. Despite his contemplative nature, if needed Matsuda can put on a façade and engage in social situations. Even though Matsuda’s idealism has led him to forsake his village, he still cares for the people in it, however if he must sacrifice them for the greater good, then he will. Matsuda is willing to use whatever means to achieve his goals, even if it results in him joining a morally questionable organization because he believes that the completion of his goal will benefit many more people than he, or his potential associates will harm. In short, he is an rigid utilitarian.

Description of the character's history: Matsuda was into an obsure clan that had little to no influence in the village. Despite his pleasant upbringing, his family was always afflicted by economic issues due to their low status in the village. This led to Matsuda’s growing hatred for the more prestigious clans in the village as he believed they were the root cause for the poverty found in the village. At the age of 12, Matsuda’s family enrolled him at the Okagakure Academy with the hope that he could find a better life. Matsuda graduated the academy and eventually worked his way up through the ranks until he reached chunin (or whatever the SLO equivalent is). Although Matsuda had no overt issues with his team, deep down he always knew that his jovial and outgoing personality was a lie. As time passed, Matsuda began to see more incidents of abuse of power from village officials which fueled his hatred for the current system. Eventually, his experiences led him to conclude that the current system was rotten to the core and only existed to protect the power of the Kage and the elite clans. He decided that the only viable action was to destroy the current system through a violent revolution and create a new system that gave the masses a voice and allowed their issues to be addressed. Leaving wasn’t a hard decision as he knew that any relationship he built during his tenure as a shinobi was based purely on a façade. He departed from the village with nothing but his ideals in tow, never to look back. Now a rogue shinobi, Matsuda searches for an organization he can utilize to complete his goals. To him, it doesn’t matter how much damage he causes, because he believes that the world he wishes to create will ultimately be better for everyone. Due to the status of his clan, Matsuda isn’t a naturally remarkable shinobi; however, he continues to train diligently with the hopes of obtaining the power he needs to save society. Where will his twisted conviction lead him? Regardless, society must fall, the corrupt kage must be torn down, the stranglehold of the clans must be broken and the people must throw off their yoke……..whatever the cost may be.

Main Goals: To lead a revolt and remove the kage from power and install a new leader chosen by the people, to replace the current governmental systems with a system that benefits all people in the village, to remove the clans from power and ensure that they have no actual influence in his new society.

Optional Goals: To find a weapon or entity that can rid the world of chakra. Matsuda has concluded that chakra is one of the main tools the clans use to maintain their position of power. Without this monopoly on chakra, Matsuda believes that the influence of the clans will deteriorate and more power will be put in the hands of the common villager. (This goal is in his mind, but is not likely to be met, nor is it his main goal. It is closer to an ultimate ideal than an actual goal he is pursuing).


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