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General Discussion / Happy birthday to me
« on: May 18, 2018, 08:21:31 »
Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me.

General Discussion / Just an interesting idea for a game I had.
« on: March 09, 2018, 01:27:59 »
What if there was a multiplayer or MMO game,
of any genre, that taught the players a minimalistic, easy to learn language for communication through foreign language barriers?
The game would emphasize teamwork-
You could have Japanese, russian and American players who only know one language effectively communicating and strategizing.


General Discussion / Batman Ninja (Bad name, I know)
« on: March 03, 2018, 12:18:27 »
So. It's happening. Ninja/Samurai Batman.
Have you seen this? DC comics, Warner Bros and Japan.

I think I'm going to enjoy this...

General Discussion / RyanFlashFire, The Kinzokukage?
« on: September 12, 2017, 08:58:37 »
As some of you may know,
I have very limited access
to the internet right now.
I.E, no discord.
So it came as something of a surprise to find
that RyanFlashFire is now apparently Kinzokukage.
When did this happen? (And why)
And are we doing away with the Kage Exams now?

General Discussion / Say it Right!
« on: March 04, 2017, 16:36:45 »
Adithya and I are starting a discord channel
where people who are feeling unsure about their english
skills can come and get pointers.
Anybody who wants to help others with their english
can drop in occaisonally and give pronounciation
and grammar pointers.
This can help those who have english as a second language here,
and are having trouble getting across.
Basically, a free english course where you're taught by friends rather than teachers.

This is a never expiring link to this chat. Use it to join.

There are three roles,
Basic, Pretty Good, and Expert.

Now onto how these roles rank you :

Basic: you can communicate and people can understand but spellings and grammar are shitty.

Pretty good : good control over language and proper language with proper spellings but you're unsure about getting scrutinized too hard.

Expert: Shakespeare reborn

General Discussion / Somebody made this site...
« on: December 30, 2016, 23:43:01 »
I was wandering google when I found this site...
The whole thing is a small forum for SLO RP.
Whaddya think?

Shinobi Life Online Character / Chikaze Yoba Akaihono
« on: December 22, 2016, 05:02:05 »
Name: Chikaze Yoba Akaihono
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Height: 5'7
Weight: 140
Hairstyle: Messy
Facial hair: None
Hair color: Many different shades of brown.
Eye color: Red
Blood type: O
Primary chakra nature: Fire
Hidden Village: Kazangakure (Hidden Volcano)
Clan: Agni
Organizations: Boeki no Tanzo, Hyakki Yagyo
Good or evil at heart?: Good

Description of the character's personality:
Wishes to protect his village,
and is loyal to his friends.
Secretly fears public embarassment.

Description of the character's history:
A long time ago, in the land of Yago...
Near the border of the Volcano and Ash territories,
a child was born in a small village.
His name was Chikaze Yoba.
Born to a poor couple, Chikaze was curious
from a young age. He watched travelers come
and go as a child, wondering where they came from,
what their lands were like, what food they ate.

There was a tree near his home, an old, gnarled denizen of the land
that had been there since before the village was built.
Chikaze was always unnerved by it at night, for the moonlight made it's form
out to be similar to that of a person's. Chikaze never liked it.

As a child, Chikaze watched the storyteller of the village
around the campfire on nights when the old man spun his tales.
He told of the Okami Okuri, who stalked travelers through woods and mountains,
devouring them if they tripped. He weaved images of the Yuki-Onna, the beautiful
woman in the snow, who could only be seen during the blizzard.
He sang of the Yatagarasu, the three-legged crow who served as heaven's messenger.
But the one that stayed in Chikaze's mind the most was the Jubokko,
a tree born in battlesoaked bloodfields where countless had died,
nursed by the blood of the fallen. Thereafter, the tree would only drink blood.
Indistinguishable from any other tree, the Jubokko would wait until a person
came close, then pierce their skin with it's branches, which would form into tubes.
It would then drain their blood until they died. Whenever the old man told that story,
Chikaze could not help but think of the old tree outside his home.

When Chikaze was six, a boy stopped in the village.
A youth, not much older than twelve,
he had black hair and clothing, and red eyes.
Chikaze's interest was peaked.
He found the boy sitting by the old tree
that spring morning. Sareko paid no heed
to Chikaze, until the child walked right up
to him and asked, "Who are you?"
Sareko eyed him. "I'm Sareko."
The child grinned. "Cool! I'm Chikaze!"
And so Sareko Akaihono, shinobi of the Hidden Volcano,
and Chikaze Yoba met.
Chikaze and Sareko were sitting together, when
the older child suddenly asked if Chikaze had
ever seen ninjutsu. Chikaze confirmed that he had not.
Sareko smiled. Forming a few hand signs, he blew out, and
a flame billowed from his lips.

Chikaze's mind was, quite frankly, blown.
He peered into Sareko's mouth to see
if he had a dragon in there.
When he found no reptiles, he was confounded.
Where had the flame come from?
Sareko could barely contain his laughter at
the small child's utter confusion.
Chikaze then remembered what Sareko had
done with his hands. He mimicked the shapes,
blew out- and a tiny flame formed on his breath.

It was then Sareko's turn to be astonished.
Chikaze had a talent, it seemed.

The Hidden Volcano had a shortage of shinobi.
Due to this, Sareko decided to ask Chikaze's
family if they would be interested in
letting him take the child to be trained as
a ninja. His parents leaped at the chance
for Chikaze to live a better life.
And so, later that year, Chikaze was taken
to the Hidden Volcano to learn ninjutsu.
6 years passed, until Chikaze graduated from
the ninja academy. Sareko was now 18,
and was waiting to congratulate Chikaze.

Eventually, Sareko chose to become Chikaze's mentor
in ninjutsu. For four years, Chikaze trained under Sareko,
until the boy had made the rank of Chunin.
Then Chikaze branched out to live on his own.
When he was 20, Sareko invited him to join Hyakki Yagyo.
Chikaze knew of the organization, and how they bound yokai spirits
to themselves, forming ties to gain strong partners and companions.
Indeed, Chikaze had seen Sareko's Ryuu as a child,
and he had always wanted such a comrade himself.
The yokai were bound to follow and share chakra with their partner,
but if either strayed too far from the other, the connection was strained,
and both were pained and lost chakra as a result.
The deal was made with both parties consent.
Chikaze leaped at the chance to gain a yokai partner of his own.
He was accepted into the organization, and was tasked with deciding on a yokai to befriend.
Chikaze remembered his old village's storyteller,
and the tree outside of his home, that looked as a man in the moonlight.
A small smile formed on his lips.

The tree seemed like any other in the field, but what made it stand out
was the ground around it, littered with the frames of small animals.
Chikaze approached cautiously, feeling for a presence as he had been taught.
When he neared the tree, he felt it.
He reached out, and touched it's consiousness.
The tree's psyche recoiled, suprised by this new sensation.
Normally, a Jubokko lives out it's life by waiting for prey to come to it,
and does not ponder what lies beyond it's immediate reach.
Chikaze intended to change that.
Slowly, Chikaze introduced himself to the tree,
and communicated his desire to bond with it.
The tree seemed reluctant. What interest would it have in the outside world?
It had everything it wanted here, and knew of naught else save blood and sunlight.
Chikaze smiled, and shared a memory.
(Sitting around a campfire at night, listening to the storyteller speak of the Okami Okiru,
who preyed on travelers in the mountains and forests, devouring them if they tripped or fell.)
The tree was astonished. It had never known these sensations before-
the warmth of a fire, sand between one's toes. It wanted more.
It accepted his offer, and the deal was struck. A thin tendril of chakra reached from
the souls of both, intertwining and fusing. Chikaze gasped as sudden pain wracked his body,
and fell, writhing on the ground until the pain then faded to a bearable extent.
The Jubokko immediately withered away, leaving naught but a dead husk,
but the yokai's spirit had left it's body,  and it now hovered near Chikaze, drifting on the wind.
A curiousity had been born in the Yokai's bark, insatiable as the earth itself. Chikaze started walking.

Rumors surrounded Chikaze once he returned of his new friend.
A Jubokko of all things to choose? Such a strange yokai! Among dragons and wolves,
members smiled to hear of the man who had chosen a tree for a partner.
Eventually, Chikaze gained a new name... Jubokko Yoba.

I was playing with manuster when I remembered an idea for a time manipulation jutsu.
This jutsu could possibly use lag to make you somewhat faster/slow down opponents.
For example, it could make you a little faster than the rest of the players in the game,
or slow down opponents with deliberately instigated lag
and for a short while it would seem as if you are almost teleporting,
similar to lag ingame currently.

The way it would work, if I remember my original idea, is that it will
cause a bit of lag, which will make it seem as if the user is stuttering/teleporting,
when in fact he is simply moving faster.

I understand that Vreg doesn't want anything that gives an unfair edge,
and so there will of course be some drawbacks.
Since SLO will be based on skill, but also training your chakra and stamina
to be stronger, this will be a secret forbidden jutsu.
Those who use this will usually be extremely powerful already, due to the requirements.

Of course, this wouldn't be a forbidden jutsu without any drawbacks.
To activate this jutsu you could either:
1: Hold down a specific key to speed up your own time.
2: After entering the jutsu combination to activate it,
you would be required to perform it again to end the jutsu's effect.

And after is is ended, you would be slowed down for an equal amount of time
you used it. For instance, if you used it for ten seconds to speed yourself up,
it would afterwards slow you down for 10 seconds.
A lot can happen in ten whole seconds. That sluggishness could make the difference in a fight.
Thus, this jutsu should only be used as an ace in the hole.
Wether you choose to wield it or not is your responsibility, as are the drawbacks.

Either way, as long as the jutsu is active, it will rack up a chakra cost.
After the jutsu is ended, the cost will come into effect and drain your chakra
based on how long you used it. It is in essence a delayed effect.

As to wether you can use jutsu while using this one...
I think that it would perhaps be better to keep the caster from using other ninjutsu
while this one is active, since it would likely require an insane amount
of concentration and effort just to pull at the fabric of time.
It would be hard to use other ninjutsu in conjunction with this one.
The caster could be limited to physical attacks, such as taijutsu and kenjutsu.
However, if it is permitted, then manuster suggested that jutsu's should cost
double the ordinary amount of chakra. I suggested the normal amount.

At any rate,
if you use ninjutsu and use up all your chakra before the time-jutsu is complete,
after it has ceased functioning, the physical drawbacks will take effect.
If you do not have enough chakra to equal the amount of time you spent using it,
the jutsu will drain your health as well. This can also be combined with coughing up blood.

Just for cool visuals, if your graphics settings are on high,
we can make the user have the appearance of vibrating extremely fast,
a la the flash. :D

EDIT: Although now that I think about it, I'm not sure this idea could work.
Not to mention the fact that this proposal is rather badly formulated.
If you have any ideas for something like this, please post them here.
I just had another idea. This could be used for a genjutsu,
such as having the target see everything as frozen around them.
They will be able to move around in this illusion, while in reality their body is stock still.

Naruto Fanworks / The Four Quarters- A story set in Okagakure.
« on: November 28, 2016, 20:51:20 »
Okagakure, 04:30
The Second Quarter
Mitsuru Aiko sat on the edge of the roof, peering into the alley below him.
Walking through it were two shinobi. One a young woman, the other a tall,
thin man. Their identities did not interest him- it was the green scarves
on their arms that he noted.

Halfway through the alley, the pair were abruptly suprised by
Mitsuru dropping down in front of them.
"Bit late to be out walking here, isn't it?"
The girl stumbled back. "Who the hell are you?"
He grinned, but it was not a nice grin.
"Doesn't matter. What matters is that you need to leave."
The larger man spoke.
"There's no need for violence- We're just passing through. We have business-"
"Then it can wait until morning." The girl spoke again. "What's it matter to you anyway?
This is neutral territory!" Mitsuru smirked. "Not anymore. We'll be moving in soon.
Now either leave, or-" Here he fingered the kunai hilt sticking out of his hip pocket-
"Suffer my wrath." The larger man spoke again.
"We don't have time for this. We need to move, Miku."
She pulled out a knife and snarled, "We don't have to take this from him. It's two on one."
The man sighed, and took in hand the large axe strapped to his back.
Mitsuru changed his stance, getting better footing.
The girl began edging forward. For a moment, there was silence.
A small stone dropped from the rooftops above.
The larger man rushed forward, swinging his axe downwards.
Mitsuru rolled to the side and whipped out his kunai,
blocking the girl's knife as she tried to stab him. She had moved fast,
on him in the time he had spent dodging. *Quick girl.* he thought.
He jumped back, then flipped sideways, setting his feet on the alley wall.
He ran upwards as the larger man narrowly missed his head with the axe,
cracking the concrete wall. He jumped down and landed on the man's shoulders,
stabbing him in the shoulder with the kunai. The man grunted and quickly jumped,
arcing backwards and ending with him landing squarely on Mitsuru.
He then rolled on top of him and pinned him down,
then began punching Mitsuru in the head. His nose broken,
Mitsuru managed to reach up and yank the kunai out of the man's shoulder.
The other man yelled, and attempted to grab Mitsuru's wrist, narrowly missing.
Mitsuru then was about to try slashing his throat,
but his hand was abruptly struck by the girl's knife. Pinned down by both, panicking,
he arched upwards with all his might, breaking out of the girl's grip
and bashing the man's nose in with his forehead. The larger man rolled off of him,
and Mitsuru's legs whipped upwards, striking the girl in the stomach and knocking her back.
He flipped onto his feet, then began forming hand signs. *Lightning Ball!*
His hand began emitting electricity weakly,
and he rushed forward at the man and gripped his head.
The man began thrashing as his body absorbed the electric current.
The girl jumped onto Mitsuru and attempted to stab his head,
but only scored a light cut on the side of it.  He let go of the man and grabbed her wrist.
She spasmed and fell off as he thrashed, dislodging her bodily hold on him.
He then grabbed one of her legs, pulling it up,
and with a mighty kick- *CRACK* -it broke at the knee under his foot.
She screamed in pain as he dropped it.
He reached to pick up his kunai from the ground, when suddenly-
A knee came out of frigging nowhere and obliterated his nose.
Falling back, Mitsuru saw Kuria Yuishi, the Kage of Okagakure,
staring down at him with an impassive expression on his face.
The boy looked on as Mitsuru yelled in rage,
disregarding the fact that the *KAGE* of all people had just appeared to disrupt their fight. He quickly attempted to get up, only to have Kuria whip his foot sideways at his head,
dislocating his jaw with an incredibly quick blow. Overcome by pure pain,
he fell back, staring at Kuria with hatred in his eyes.
The girl and the other man were now on their feet,
and staring in amazement at the Hidden Hill Kage.
Kuria looked at them silently, then when Mitsuru began moaning, spoke. "Shut up."
Mitsuru did, shocked. Kuria looked at the pair and began speaking again.
"What are you doing here?" The pair looked at each other,
then the girl began talking, "We were just-" The larger man cut her off.
"We have business in the west part of the village."
Kuria looked down at Mitsuru. "You should have waited until morning."
The larger man sighed.  "It's urgent. A friend is sick and needs our help."
Kuria then turned his attention to Mitsuru.
"And what the hell is he doing here? This isn't Akai Kumo territory."
The girl explained, "He said they were moving in on this place."
Kuria looked at Mitsuru, and he was suddenly aware of a very cold sensation in his stomach.
"This doesn't belong to your people. I only remember... giving you the first quarter."
Kuria smiled, and Mitsuru was afraid. "Seems Yori is getting a swollen head.
Perhaps it's time to remind him of his duties as a citizen in my village,
and what he owes me for not getting rid of him."
Kuria seemed to see what Mitsuru was thinking.
"Oh, don't worry. I'm not going to kill you."
Suddenly, two black-clad men dropped from the rooftops above.
Kuria gestured to the beaten shinobi lying before him.
"Take this man and the girl to a hospital." "As you wish, Kage."
They murmured. He looked at the larger man. "You may continue on your way..."
The man smiled gratefully. "It's Yoichi."

Next part will be coming soon.
Just to clarify:
In this story, the entirety village is split into four quarters, numbered 1 to 4.

General Discussion / All jokes aside...
« on: November 01, 2016, 06:17:15 »
Is it just me, or do I have a deathly pallor?

badum tss!

General Discussion / Happy Halloween!
« on: October 31, 2016, 21:00:36 »
Yeah right, like we're not gonna celebrate this :D
So All Hallow's Eve has finally hit us here in America,
and wherever you are, I wish you all a happy halloween!
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I hand copied all of these names... I wish you all a happy halloween, SLO!!!!
Please excuse any sloppiness on my part. If anyone is unhappy with this post or the mods don't like it, my apologies.

Shinobi Life Online Organizations / Bōeki no tanzō
« on: October 20, 2016, 17:40:55 »
                             Bōeki no tanzō

                              Founder: Long forgotten.
                              Leader: Jubokko Senpai
                              Affiliation: Independent
                              Allies: None
                              Enemies: None
                              We have been here for a long time.
                              The name of our original founder has
                              long been forgotten. As to what we are...

                              We are an order dedicated to materialism.
                              We are an order of merchants, bankers,
                              and mercenary associates everywhere.

                              If somebody wants to buy or sell weapons,
                              items, clothing, or other materials,
                              we can offer a fair price for it.

                              If somebody wants to store their money or take
                              out a loan, we can arrange it with one of our bankers.

                              If a mercenary is looking for work,
                              or somebody needs the services of one,
                              we can provide both.

                              We do not discriminate based on color,
                              race, preferred gender, sexual orientation,
                              religion, wealth, location, methods, morals,
                              or allegiances for either players or their characters.

                              Whether you are kage, village, nation,
                              or mere shinobi. If you are a rogue-nin,
                              a mercenary organization, or another merchant,
                              we will serve you.

                              We are Bōeki no tanzō, the smiths of trade.

                              Purpose: To keep the trade flowing by whatever means.

                              Unique features: Each member is given a token to indicate
                              rank and position. These can come in the form of a necklace,
                              bracelet, ring, earring, armlet, or some other form of jewelry.

                              Ranks: There are three branches- Hammer, Flame, and Anvil-
                              and several ranks within our organization:
Spoiler: show
                                                           The Smith:
                              Head of Bōeki no tanzō, the Smith has the most say in all
                              decisions regarding the organization.
                                                  The Forge/ Council of 13:
                              Comprised of the Smith and the four representatives of each branch,
                               the council decides what happens when change is required within
                               the organization. This is accomplished by voting.
                                                    The Four of the Flame/ Head Bankers
                               There are four head bankers who govern all others in the org,
                               and handle important matters related to their branch.
                               The symbol of all bankers is a flame, for without the fire to heat
                               the metal, how can the smith forge anything?
                               The head bankers token is a painted flame.
                                                             The Anvil/ Head Merchants:
                              Like the bankers, there are four merchants with authority
                              over others in their area, who handle the matters of trade.
                              The symbol of all merchants is the anvil, for without a surface
                              to ply his craft, how can the smith shape anything?
                              Their token is a painted anvil.
                                                    The Hammer/ Head Mercenary Associates:
                              The mercenary associates have their four as well, who's duty
                              it is to guide others in hiring and providing work for mercenaries.
                              The symbol of our mercenary associates is the hammer,
                              for the smith cannot beat his project into shape without it.
                              Their token is a painted hammer.

                              Beneath of four, there are several ranks, indicated by tokens
                              forged with metals of varying value.
                              The longer a member has been in ther branch, the higher they
                              are promoted. More experience means they can be trusted with
                              more, and good results will make them highly valued.
                              The following table shows the ranks and their token metal.
                              Metal                            Rank

                              Platinum                       Master
                              Gold                              Expert
                              Silver                            Achieved
                              Iron                              Journeyman

                              What each branch does:
Spoiler: show
                              What bankers do:
                              1: Protect stored money
                              2: Loan money

                              What merchants do:
                              1: Buy low, sell high!

                              How mercenary associates work:
                              1: Mercenary asks for work
                              2: Sign him on as a temporary asset.
                              3: Client needs a mercenary.
                              4: Offer mercenary available job. If he accepts,
                              5: Deduct a fee from client and send him on his way.

                              As of 12/2/2016, There is a new role.

                              The Weapons:
                              These are shinobi picked for our personal squad of agents.
                              Skilled in combat and physical confrontation,
                              they collect debts, defend the organization and it's property when necessary,
                              and hunt down any who wrong us.
                              They are employed only in situations where mercenaries are not available.
                              Codenames are to be themed around weapons.
                              Their token is a trench knife.

                              Rules: There are a number of policies for our organization.
Spoiler: show
                           1: Never give out information about clients,
                              to anybody, for any reason, for any amount of money.
                              This is to ensure the privacy of our clients and their business.
                              2: Anybody may join, regardless of background.
                              3: Terms of service: No discrimination for ethnicity, color,
                              religion, wealth, preferred gender, or sexual orientation.
                              4: Excepted from joining and our dealings are
                              hackers, cheaters, BR, and anybody who violates the
                              aforementioned terms of service.
                              5: Nobody is obliged to tell you what they are doing
                               with whatever you gave them.
                              6: We do not ally with others unless it is absolutely necessary.
                              Our individuality is a very important aspect of our organization!
                              7: The Council must vote to disband the organization.
                              8: Keeping merchandise is not allowed unless you pay for it yourself.
                              9: If a council member or the Smith steps down/ retires, they must find
                              a worthy successor to their title before leaving.
                             10: Retired members get 50% off all dealings with us.
                             11: You may be a member of any other organization(s),
                              as long as it is permitted by them.
                             12: Members may be provided masks and clothing to conceal their
                               identities if they feel it necessary.
                             13: As stated before, the organization itself may not take sides.
                             However, this does not prohibit two members from, for example,
                             being in opposing clans/orgs/villages/nations, etc. Just don't involve us.

                             Punishments for violating these rules include:
                             First offense: 1 day suspension
                             Second offense: 1 week suspension
                             Third offense: Permanent suspension
                             If a violation is severe enough, the council can vote
                             to permanently prohibit a member from any further dealings.

                               Smith: Jubokko Senpai (me)
                               Head Merchant: Toichi Tsukegami (waly206)
                               Head Banker: Sareko Aikohono (adithya)
                               Head Hammer: Chikai (SpeakingRain)
                               Blade (Codename)
                               Moon Blade (Codename)

                              If you wish to join, please PM me or another council member.
                              Credits to RaphoZentel for the awesome new logo!
Code: [Select]
[url=]Bōeki no tanzō[/url][br][br][right]

I was thinking of fooling around with medieval weapons in a game today,
and an idea sprung into my head: A halberd. Those would be interesing to have in SLO.
Then another: Halberd+ Three-sectioned staff!
Now if you've never seen a three-sectioned staff before, they appear in a lot of kung fu movies.

If you watch Naruto Shippuden, I think Tenten uses one. Maybe.
And so, my idea for the san-tai harubādo, or halberd of three bodies, was born!

It seems like a perfect weapon for kenjutsu users. You can start off wielding the halberd for
close-quarters combat, then switch to the second form and attack from a distance using the
spike on the end of the chain. And if an opponent somehow manages to dodge the spike,
you can use the head of the halberd as a hand axe to defend yourself.
What do you guys think? Would this make a good weapon ingame?

General Discussion / My wierd dream.
« on: September 11, 2016, 08:51:51 »
Hey everybody. I've been grounded for 2 weeks and been forbidden from touching the internet.
Sorry about that. Suprised there are no updates yet...

I had a batsh*t crazy dream three days ago, so I thought I'd post it here.
*prepare for wierdness*

So there are people with powers, and there was a woman with telepathy,
who switched my mind with a monkey's. I'm a 50-year old lady in the dream...
So there are a group of other people with abilities who take me in (no powers of my own yet).
I am understandably freaking out over what just happened, but the group doesn't really seem to care.
I sleep in front of a shelf of books on a pile of clothes (or more books, the dream never specified)
and since my new brain's poor memory makes me start forgetting things, I freak out even more.
Group doesn't really seem to care when I tell them, just say I need to chill out.
My new brain also leaves me being distracted very easily, so I start making a list of important things to remember. (I think.)
So then the lady attacks us again in the evening, and I'm looking out the front window into the yard they're fighting in,
which is a large, fenced off grassy area with security spotlights. I think she has them all paralyzed, since they're all standing in the T-model position, including her.
Kinda like this
I then manage to warp (I think it was more akin to astral projection, but it was specifically referred to as warping)
in front of her by clapping my hands together like some kind of ninjutsu.
(I actually thought about how it was possible to teleport physically when I only has telepathy, and by thinking about that, it sort of changed to astral projection. Possible moment of lucid dreaming?)
Hope dramatically seems to blossom at this new revelation, then I warp over to her body (which has somehow replaced mine) and attack it! no effect. She immediately warps behind me and I freak out since my body is back.
Afraid she'll do something to it, I warp back outside to draw her away, then she follows. I think now would be a good time to mention that she has a lifebar floating in front of her, and it looks suspiciously like the Garry's Mod addon loading bar.
THAT bar.
It's also half empty.
I thrust my arm through her torso, and the lifebar drops to a sliver. I then hear somebody shout "Finish her off!"
I then somehow use Flurry of Fists (I actually THOUGHT "Flurry of fists!" inside my head...)
complete with special effects in the air. She flies back and vanishes.
Then later that night, everybody's celebrating when a truck pulls up into our yard that somehow metamorphed into a dirt driveway, and I see a dog in the truck bed that looks an awful lot like Tramp from that one disney movie,
except he's green and has human hands with huge golden rings on them. I say "Hey there man!" He then replies in a deep voice "Sup" Then I'm standing with my real body in front of me. Which is now a genin Naruto Uzumaki. Go figure.
I'm trying to figure out how to put my mind back in it when a guy in the group, a big black dude with braids (Sort of like Bishop from the X-Men) says to touch my 8 senses cuz that's what the lady did the first time around.
Then another guy says "What? There's only five!" "No, there's eight!"
So I start touching Naruto's eyes, then I put my fingers in his mouth and touch his tongue.
The black guy says I have to put my finger in at 1 O'clock, which I interpret as "Slide your finger down Naruto's tongue until you hit that gonger thingie". After a couple tries with no result, the guy says "Slide your finger down the side of his mouth." I do that, and then I'm back inside my body.
Then suddenly the anime intro begins and I'm standing in my new body in front of the Hoover Dam (Which is apparently in the leaf village now.) The camera's in front of my face, and I start talking. Abruptly I realize my mouth isn't moving and freak out. The camera pans around to reveal
it's my monkey body standing behind Naruto talking, and we both freak out in sync. I start patting my senses in an attempt to fix the problem, when both of us open
our mouths and start spewing Nine-Tails chakra into the Hoover Dam. The dream ended then.
Other things of note that happened during the dream:
1: Garfield eating toast with his head screwed up into an expression from Calvin & Hobbes (It's the one where his dad is trying to take a family photo of him)
2: My 50-year old lady body with a monkey's mind signing autographs held by dozens of hands from outside my view.
The woman holds out a paper and pen and says in Slimer's voice "Autographs?"
3: Me in my IRL body borrowing bandages from...somebody... So I can use them to look cool, anime style.
Can't remember what I looked like with em on.
4: Hearing what sounds like an advert for Iron Maiden. "We sing about wars that happened!"
I don't even know....looooool
5: Checking up on the SLO forums and seeing there are no new updates. Vastly disappointed.
6: Seeing somebody's face, which slowly fades away and vanishes. I realize this is a dream, but apparently don't see the opportunity to
turn it into a lucid dream! D:
So. I'm back now. YAAAAAAY

I have a few ideas for genjutsu, I haven't seen these ideas yet, just though I'd share em. Please let me know if somebody else
has already posted some of these. :D

Interface screws, ie. Making a target's health/chakra/stamina appear fuller than it really is,
or to be losing health- such tricks won't be noticed in the heat of battle. Useful for controlling the battlefield.
Fuzziness, flipped screens, inverted controls, scrambled chat- these could be useful. A small army of ninja wielding genjutsu could completely incapacitate a target.
Hallucinating foes or invisibility Hallucinations could be used for escaping, or forcing foes to
retreat when needed- although I think we already have the clone jutsu planned.
Invisibility- not true invisibility, but simply a genjutsu that causes the opponent to not notice you-
very subtle and hard to notice in itself, but also the weakest, easiest to dispel.

To break out of these, there could be several methods:
1. The "release" technique: When used by another player on a target, disrupts weak to medium strength genjutsu.
2. Disrupt your own chakra flow, which requires using up and charging chakra at intervals. May not succeed at stronger genjutsu.
3. Just kill whoever's casting the genjutsu :D
Genjutsu strength can vary, depending on how skilled the shinobi wielding it is, to the original strength
of the jutsu itself, to wether multiple shinobi are working together in synchronization- easily a nightmare.
The way to getting out of a strong genjutsu, other than killing the caster, would be to combine methods 1 and 2.

The perfect prison: This theory requires many shinobi working together to completely subdue a captive.Together, they apply fuzziness, flipped screens, deafness and scrambled chat to render them deaf, dumb and blind,while simultaneously using inverted controls and paralysis to keep them immobile.Could be used to contain prisoners of war.

However, I know that we're aiming for realism, and some of these go directly against that, so they probably won't be acceptable.
Please let me know what you think of these ideas and if this post infringes on the rules.

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