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So, I couldn't find this question anywhere on the forum, so if there is, point me to it and I'll delete the thread.
My question might be a bit ambiguous so I'll try to explain with an example:
If a jutsu you know has for example the hand seals Ox->Tiger->Snake and you learn a new one that has the seals Ox->Tiger->Snake->Ram would the first one be cast (Ox->Tiger->Snake) ?

i believe if u dont do the ram on time then yes

Ah great question, I haven't had to answer that one yet. I did think of this way back on the first days of Shinobi Life Online.

You're talking about a jutsu chain. When the jutsu recognition system detects that the user is able to perform jutsus that come after each other in a jutsu chain, he will ask the user if he wants to perform the detected jutsu (if it's not the last possible jutsu in a jutsu chain for the user) or continue with hand seal input. Performing a detected jutsu in a jutsu chain would happen with a button, while continuing seal input would be by just performing more seals.

Oh, good to know that you already have this solved, I thought that it'll be a problem, but again you proved me wrong gratz Vreg  ;)

I wondered about this too, but I figured you'd probably have hotkeys anyway for casting jutsus. That or just make them one click-perform jutsus to avoid that problem all together.


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