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Okay, I signed up on this forum a while back but I never had a chance to play so I made a new account

What I'm just wondering is what is the game like?
How many people are online at peak times?
What interesting things have been added to make the game unique? Is it like Naruto?
Is the game stable?

Sorry if my questions are stupid I just want to have a run down on what the game is like before I download it :P

Welcome to SLO!!!
Right now there is only basic combat and movement. But this is still pre alpha. The goal of the game is to make a realistic looking and feeling world like the naruto universe.
Look at the jutsu creation topic if you want to know what kind of jutsu there might be in the final game. And look around and read the FAQ although some info there is out of date. There will be 12 villages  you can start in and be able to pick 1 natures you want. Your second nature is random and there's a small percent chance of getting a combined nature like wood style or magnet release.


Hey there I just joined today! I honestly don't have a clue what I'm doing here on SLO. I'm still learning what to do but all in all this site seems likes it's gonna be pretty damn legit when it's ready!

I'm still not sure how to join a village or clan, as I'm kind of just browsing the forums and learning as much as I can asap.xD

Would it be better to try losing on my laptop rather than on mobile? 🤔

Your laptop is going to be the inept one of the 2 that will run it. It's really a good looking game and the graphics will require alittle more power then your phone will have. As for clans and orgs there kinda just constructs of are imaginations right now. There is little actual effect to joining one.


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