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is there only deathmatch mode right now? also im new

Which one is good, recommend me Just learning to play, still don't know which one to choose He who knows

hey, if i were you i wouldent bother.... the game dident make any advanements in a shitload of time adn we were promised updates pretty regulary, witch then never happened.... maybe just check in sometimes but to really hope there is just sadly not the potential anymore....

I think what these guys achieved so far is in and of itself pretty amazing already, I can't imagine that this was easy to begin with, but it works and it's fun to mess around in this game. Yes it's ambitious, yes it's been in production for a long time, but more games small companies make never even come this far. I implore the devs to continue building this game, to maybe take a look at new technologies, and to make a success out of this  :)


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