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The developers should take their time making it the best possible game it can be, because if this game is perfect I can see people who don't even know what Naruto is playing this game.

If there's villages, Clans, economy, leveling system, etc. The game will be amazing.

Tameshi Hinode:
Welcome to SLO,alek.

First of all welcome to SLO.
Right now there's not much to do yet, as NM said.

To "join" a village, simply make a post in the character creation section and state the village you want to join. People post there as a sort of reservation/idea/template for the future.

As for clans and organisations, most of them have a template that you can fill in for application if you wish to join their ranks. Simply look for an organisation that suits either you /or/ your character the best.

And lastly, read up on the FAQ and other important stuff such as natures, villages etc. if you haven't already.

Best of luck and maybe I can call you my fellow villager in the future ^^




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