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  So ......what are you going to do about servers man? is there going to be like 5 servers which denote 5 different land styles resembling the 5 nations? and are we going to have like the pvp and pve separately or are you going to do it like how i have mentioned in the "Sup guys?" topic?

This is the server model we're going to start with for Shinobi Life Online:

I have no money for getting dedicated servers that support 1000 players simultaneously. This is why I'm working on a system where players get to host the game servers. This means each server will hold maximum approx. 60 players. There will be a central database which will hold all data about the Shinobi Life Online universe (this includes all data about all the players). These game servers will communicate with that central database, in a secure way I designed, to load the dynamic universe of Shinobi Life Online. Those game servers will also load and save data about the players on them. So when you play on a server for 30 mins, disconnect from that server, then connect to a server that has more players on it, your character will be in the exact same state as you left it in the previous server.

Each game server will be responsible for one hidden village in the Shinobi Life Online universe and it's surrounding area. So when you choose to host a game server, you have to choose which one of Shinobi Life Online's hidden villages you want to host. I don't know if you read this in the forum, but there will also be custom villages. Every clan leader can build a custom village for his clan if he has enough resources. If you're member of a clan that has a village, then you automatically become a member of that village. The clan leader who built the custom village has automatic authority to host a game server for his village, but he can also promote other members of his village to have authority to host a game server for the custom village. Custom villages can only be hosted once at a time, while there is no limit on the amount of game servers responsible for one hidden village. Aside from the villages, there will also be open areas that can be hosted.

PVP is only possible outside the walls of hidden villages and in the open areas. Being member of the same village does not prevent the possibility to attack each other where PVP is enabled. Custom villages are special though, outside their walls everyone can attack each other without limits (difference between levels). A custom village can get attacked by players who are not member of that village. Once these foreign players breach the walls of a custom village, they can attack members of that village (or each other) within the walls of that custom village.

Don't expect all of this in the first multiplayer release of Shinobi Life Online though, that release will have:

Finally, if Shinobi Life Online gets enough funding one day, we will ditch this system and use dedicated hosting. This will give us reliable dedicated servers that can host something like 1000 players simultaneously in big areas.

So you are going ahed with the fight in arenas and get money for winning thing?


--- Quote from: adithya on July 31, 2013, 11:01:00 ---So you are going ahed with the fight in arenas and get money for winning thing?

--- End quote --- has all you need to know about what is going to happen next.

Eventually yes, there will be arenas, etc. But definitely not at the next release, the next release will be just about fighting. No items, no money,...

This fighting will take place in a couple of landscapes rather than a fighting arena.

Landscapes like this:


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