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i saw this and i wanted to bring this topic up because it is kind key to learning and executing jutsu. and something like this should be added to the current build when
you're ready to address trainable stats

a real simple way to do this is with a physical energy bar(stamina PE)
and a sprite energy bar(SE) experience in stats gets turned in to energy for these bars. see later posets(edited)and
chakra control(CC) levels :(edit- experience in this as well)
cc level mod-
.1           LV1
.2           LV2
.4           LV3
.8           LV4
1.6         LV5

PE 2000 to start
SE 2000 to start
total chakra at chakra control level 1:
 level 1=you learn to mix PE and SE to make chakra here is the equation:
(X pe+(SE x .33))cc level mod=desired chakra in bar- so if
chakra bar cap is 200 then
(1340PE+(660SE)).1=200 max molded chakra - use beginner jutsu
if you only train in chakra control then
(?PE+(SE.33)).2=400 chakra        level 2  level 1+ novice(tree climb)       
(?PE+(SE.33)).4=800 chakra        level 3 level 2 + intermediate(walk on water)
                     .8=1600 chakra       level 4  "      "    expert(your choice form or   
                                                                   nature change)                                               
                      1.6=3200 chakra      level 5 "       "    master(your choice form or
                                                                    nature change)
(these figures are only to illustrate the idea and do not represent actual game play figures, you start with a chakra bar value for the cc level and work back from there
i suggest this because we currently have a chakra bar value.)

remember that PE and SP are also trainable so the amount in the chakra bar should be a percentage of both...i will explain why in a min, but the mix should favor PE at least 2-1
and should cap out at 33% of SE. the same factors determine what jutsu you can successfully execute based on your current level of chakra control... this implies the level of concentration needed to execute that jutsu as well as provides a scaleable value for chakra.with PE and SE trainable the chakra bar will grow exponentially. IF YOU RUN OUT OF EATHER SE OR PE
this is why i added a PS at the end- but briefly it mentions molding chakra- by using 33% you insure you cant kill yourself by recovering chakra

this would also allow for taijutsu to use PE and only slightly affect chakra reserves. regeneration rates for PE should be based on stamina stat below and should continue to regenerate the total amount of the stat per sec but only while standing still. so long as you still have SE. this is to insure fast battle style.... sense the less PE a person can recover because of dodge,block or attack the more damage they will take from a weaker endurance(see hit point debate in suggestions and the equation in character stats below)

SE should only recover after you sleep or by an item. so after a battle chakra could only recover to the amount of SE you have left.. so using 33% you can replenish 3 times, either manually or not, before sleep.

(eventually i would like to see the regen rate for PE drop if you fight with low SE to long but for now we will keep it simple)

although with this set up it may be technically possible to learn all 5 chakra nature with each chakra control level i believe no more than 3 or 4 should ever be able to be mastered simply for game play and teamwork reasons.
The only exception to this i believe would be if you at the beginning of the game you inherit the village legacy then all 5 natures may be possible.
But i  like the current chakra nature plan, this gives you the option to learn more if you want.

also i believe each one of these should be the main focus of a specific type of jutsu

Taijutsu would require a higher PE value to execute combos and can be done at low levels of chakra control- my even only require PE! if they train in high enough levels of chakra control yin release ninjutsu and low level genjutsu may be available.

Ninjutsu would requires both SE and PE to master and require varying levels of chakra control based on the skill needed for the jutsu and chakra consumption. here is where you can add yin and yang release to the mix...literally... a yin release would use more SE than PE and a yang release more PE than SE.

Genjutsu is doesn't require much if any PE at all It is solely a Yin release. however unlike ninjutsu the level of genjutsu are based on your chakra control and do not take as much chakra to execute. however since SE does not recover like PE it has its risks. but this is also why i believe genjutsu can be strong. and so they are not at a complete disadvantage maybe there should be a tree skill that converts PE to SP at a rate of say                10  -  1 to start trainable, also this means less pure chakra to us regular ninjutsu to attack with, only yang release attacks should be available to genjutsu users.

for this system of jutsu to work- basic jutsu that wont use much chakra can just function off of the system in place now.but high level or yin yang release jutsu will need to be programed with a PE and SE consumption value! In order to even be available, the caster must have at least the programed PE and SE +1 values in there reserves and the requisite cc level to be able to activate the jutsu .since i only expect there will be a chakra bar in the upper corner, a list of jutsu you know at the bottom of the screen( you can still activate with the reserves of PE and SE you have )should be available so you know if you need to address a stats level in battle. through items like medical herbs-food pills or adrenaline.

this whole system can be worked back from the chakra level you already have in the current build. (cc level mod-.1 LV1,.2 LV2,.4LV3,.8LV4,1.6 LV5)(X pe+(SE x .33))cc level mod=currant chakra in bar- after you get the values round PE up to nerarest whole number and SE you need to multiply by 3 and round up to nearest whole number.
all skills can be worked of a % final values or current values of PE and SE and chakra control levels- each CC level should be assigned a numerical value for each level.

so here is what i think a character stat sheet should look like after creation:
health: set value
endurance=beginner (Total PE available)x.1=damage reduction
Total SE Stat=____- Intelligence, charizma, Imagination
           optional %'s   40/30/20    30/40/20    30/30/60
Total PE Stat=____strength,     Stamina,    dexterity/block.
           optional %'s 60/40/30    20/30/40     20/30/30
CC=level 1
chakra bar total:________
chakra nature= wind
       mission items

I apologize for the length of this  but i just want my ideas to be as clear as possible.

PS.i know that no one wants to have to mold chakra manually
but with this system it does not need to be that manual. one key could activate a animation of a one hand sign that simply does some math to fill a chakra bar, based on your chakra control level..

if you are not moving to do this PE regeneration can work at the same time. i suggest that this can be done while moving but one must be careful because you could pass out...potentially... if you run out of PE

this would be advantages for 3 reasons.

1. stealth- most scenery ninja bass there ability on sensing chakra-
no chakra means blind- so i propose a way to discharge all molded chakra
just one keystroke to bring chakra bar to 0.and reintegrate resources back to reserves.

2. ninjutsu can use less premolded chakra then if activated without it based off of the level of chakra control.

3.spending time molding chakra gives you another way to train chakra control

here is how a ninjutsu could work without premolded chakra-
CHIDORI jutsu info
master level jutsu-cc mod 1.6
molded activation 200 chakra (number from 1.0.8 version)
unmolded activation 150 PE and 100 SE= 400 chakra
needed unmolded+1
IF  3             +                  9                 +                   8  =molded(out of
then 150 PE       +         100 SE    =      250 TE    x      1.6 cc =unmolded
                                                               Total Energy
using a simple if then code you could make pre molded chakra the default source of the the jutsu and  unmolded the back up so long as the character has the unmolded values +1 in reserve. as you can see in battle it would be twice as hard or more to mold chakra and activate a jutsu then if activating it out of molded chakra. because of the added difficulty of programming these jutsu with this ability maybe only high level jutsu should have this ability to start.  Again the values here are only for illustrative purposes testing would be needed to get a balanced game play. this should also be a learned skill based on intelligence.

i tried to put in a work back equation in form the current build using only the chakra bar values the game currently has but apparently i can't edit this anymore.
so here it is

current chakra value x cc mod list above for the current character level=sum
sum= Total energy PE+SE so
sum x .33=SE and sum-SE= PE
to get the total PE STAT values you can just Round up to 100
and to get the SES STAT values you must multiply the sum the SE value in the equation by 3 and then round to the nearest 100





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