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Music / where i creat character?
« on: March 03, 2018, 15:17:17 »
CaN. i be HoKAGhE? :o

General Discussion / Was that you?
« on: February 26, 2015, 21:46:11 »

Was that you?


Shinobi Life Online Discussion / Organization mutual agreement
« on: February 09, 2015, 02:25:02 »
As many of you know, lately the forum has been turned into a war zone by organization conflict. The creation of new organization has stirred a lot of conflict and animosity between members. The biggest issue that this brought about is the fact that it determines members to be less active than before, and most probably determines new one to be reluctant to come back. What I'm hereby proposing is an agreement. I won't ask for impossible to achieve things:

  • Refrain from attacking someone based on the organization he/she is in
  • Try as much as possible to be friendly to other orgs, after all, at this point we're not competing for anything
  • Do not confuse someone with his in-game character. This one goes especially for rogues, since certain of us are thought as villains just because we've chosen to have rogues in-game characters

If you'd like to sign up your organization please leave a reply. There're no real consequences to breaking any of the above. This is but a proof of respect between us, and of course a measure to ensure that these arguments stop, or at least reduce in number. And of course, if you want anything else to be added to the above list, feel free to suggest. This much I could do to try and solve this, the rest is up to all the organizations leaders.

List of organizations that are part of this agreement:

  • Katakiuchi
  • Kurohasu
  • Roguhanta

Peace, Marius!

Shinobi Life Online Discussion / Guide for SLO Newbs
« on: January 22, 2015, 00:36:01 »
Greetings new members!

Alright, so you just registered on the forum and don't know where to start. The most common question that occurs to some people is: 'How can I play the game?'
Well, you can test the Freeze Tag version of the game at this link:
Note: You have to log in separately on the main website, with the same credentials as your forum ones, so if you happen to receive the following, do not worry, it just means that you need to log in there as well:
You will need to download and install the Unity Webplayer(if you don't already happen to have it of course):

The following only applies to the Google Chrome browser:
It's most likely that you'll get a screen like this the first time you'll try to run it:

You can either:

  • right click the window and click Run this plug-in:

  • you could click on the puzzle piece in the address bar, check 'Always allow plug-ins on' and click 'Done':

Once you got past your first game, I strongly recommend reading around the forums to make an idea about what SLO is aiming to become in the future.

I will list a few threads that I consider important, and which could help you:

You should also visit the Questions, Suggestions and Discussion boards as they also contain a lot of important information, some of which may have been omitted in the FAQ.

If you have a suggestion, or a question feel free to make a thread, but only after you've made sure it has not been created before. Make use of the search function to look for threads that may be of interest to you.

After you have done all this, and decided to stick with us, feel free to introduce yourself to the community. You will find me in the chatbox most of the time, and if I am not, do not hesitate to PM me if you have any questions regarding the forum.

Best regards,

Naruto Fanworks / The sin of Pride
« on: January 18, 2015, 13:04:22 »
Chapter 1

The cloaked boy slowly strolled through the street full of merchants, not bothering to look right of left, knowing that the chances to find the person he was supposed to, in such a densely populated area were, to say the least, slim. His eyes seemed somewhat lifeless, his face giving away a feel of routine and boredom. The mission itself was simple: a 3 genin squad and their jonin instructor have been found dead next to a village in the close proximity of the Hidden Inferno. The intelligence on the culprit was vague, but there was no need for it. All the suspicions fell onto an old man, ex-Kage candidate who left the village few months prior to the incident after a dispute with the higher echelon of the village. The prospect of having to kill a man skilled enough to be considered for the Kage position was not worrying the boy at all. He was not scared, nor was he excited at the thought of having to kill the man. He had always hated murder, but he always had to for what their Kage claimed to be the well being of the village. Perhaps that was the thing that brought about his change of behavior, having to carry on with so many missions at such a young age was pretty stressful after all. It was no wonder that he’s became so distant and cold nowadays.

As he kept on steadily walking across the long street, it started heavily raining. The street that was full with people just moment ago was now empty, everyone running inside for shelter. "Hmpf, if this were Hidden Thunder they most probably wouldn’t have even noticed" the boy thought. Here on the other hand, nobody was prepared. And it was just naturally for it to be so. It was rather rare for it to rain during days close to the Hidden Inferno. The village and environment around it was known for having extremely hot days and stormy, full of lightning, nights. Because he didn’t want to catch a cold, he decided to get some shelter too until the rain would stop, or at the very least slow down. So he entered a coffee shop that was almost empty and ordered a cup of black coffee. He often used this practice to gather info before. He’d just enter a coffee shop and listen to some customers’ gossip that could hopefully aid him in advancing with his mission. If not, well, he’d at least have a nice cup of coffee. It wasn’t long until a man entered the shop. It was a middle aged man, few distinctive features that could set him apart. He had the air of a sick person, and even though he was trying his best to act normal he was trembling almost unnoticeably. He has spilled his order by mistake as soon as the girl brought it. ‘Just what’s wrong with this guy?’ the boy thought to himself. But observing him further was quickly made impossible. He suddenly had his hood pulled off. This was no good, if any shinobi, or no, any person in that shop had any knowledge of Hidden Inferno clans, his white hair would give him away. He turned his head and saw a girl who walked on and sat down at the table on the chair opposed to him.

‘Hey there!’ she said in a cheerful voice.

She was met with silence and a despising, yet at the same time confused, look. He took a better look at her: she was a young girl, around 15-16, blonde and green eyes. Her behavior was giving away her energic and impatient behavior. She was now staring right at him and after a while she was the one to break the silence again:

‘Aw, come on, don’t be like that now. I’m really sorry for my rudeness but I don’t like talking to people whose faces I can’t see’

‘You should not like talking to people whose faces you don’t know. Is there anything you need?’ he replied monotonously

‘It’s such a boring day, and now it’s raining as well. I figured I’d find someone to talk to. My name is Haru, nice to meet you’ she said smiling

‘There are other people in here, aren’t there?’

‘Well yes but I already know all of them. I come here every day after all’ she  said, not losing even a tad bit of her cheerfulness, in spite of the rather rude answers she was receiving

‘All of them, huh?’ he said, trying not to give away the fact that he wanted to know more about a specific customer.

‘That is right. Well, anyways, it’s impolite not to give your name to someone who gave you his. So what is it?’

She was a true nuisance, but she could be of help:

‘It’s Hao’ he said sipping his coffee.

‘Nice to meet you’

‘You already said that’ he replied bluntly

‘Yeah, but I was hoping you’d said it too haha. Anyways, what brings you around here?’
She did not seem to be bothered by any of his remarks.

‘I’m just here for merchandise.’

‘I see. What are you buying?’

‘It doesn’t matter. What do you do for a living?’ it was his turn to ask questions.

‘Oh, I am helping at the local hospital. I’m learning to become a doctor’ she said in an excited tone.

‘So is that why you know so many people? Or is it just you often bothering people in this shop?’ he replied, not bothering to be considerate.

‘Well, yes. See that man who spilled his coffee earlier? His name is Kenta. He used to pass by the hospital every day. He is kind of always sick, even now. But I bet you already noticed that’ she explained

‘Yes, I did. But what do you mean ‘used to’?’ Hao said.

‘Well, how to put this? Lately he has been acting strangely. He’s neglecting his treatment, and some said they’ve seen him taking walks at night in the woods. I wonder if he’s becoming mental.’ Haru said in a more toned down voice than before. She clearly did not want to be heard.

‘I see’ he replied, vaguely intrigued. ‘Well then, I’ll get going, I still have to find a place to stay for the night. See you.’

‘Bye’ Haru replied in the same bright tone as before.

Hao headed for the counter, paid for the coffee and then left the shop. He then proceeded to look for a place to sleep overnight. The rain had stopped, and the village, although small, was looking quite beautiful at night. The streets were empty, silence enveloping the night. The full moon shining in the distance made everything even more magnificent. It was a relaxing view, something that you don’t often get in the Hidden Inferno. The streets are always full, and it’s always awfully noisy. Hao found a small inn and sleeping there overnight.

Alright, I was bored so I said why not? Tell me what do you think. Also, please point out any grammar related mistakes you can find. I tend to do many of them when I write long texts.

' ' = dialogue
" " = monologue

As of late, a lot of Village affiliated organizations appeared, all of them having as a set goal:

To hunt rogues and missing nins.


To protect the village.


What I'd like to talk about is the actual relevance of those organizations when a fully functional shinobi village system already exists.

All of those organizations work in a similar fashion: you tell us the target, pay us(before, after the completion of 50/50) and we eliminate it. Why would anyone pay for a job that ANBU are supposed to do anyways, and most probably cheaper, considering that is a full time job for them, whereas you, as a member of an organization also have your regular village duties to fulfill.

Moreover, if you accept payment to eliminate certain targets, what exactly stops people from paying you to eliminate shinobi of other villages they might have a feud with and so on. Contrary to what seems to be a popular belief on this forum, this game will not feature two factions: village shinobi vs missing nins. Fact is, chances are that the village vs village conflicts and wars will be far more often encountered than a rogue vs village one, mainly because rogues will be a more divided faction. So, even though by joining such an organization you deem yourself as noble other such attributes that I can't be arsed to use, you'll most probably end up having to kill ninja from other villages to ensure your organization's continuity.

The council:
Most organizations nowadays started using a council instead of a single leader. First of all, an organization that works directly under the Kage was most likely entrusted to a single man, rather than a council. In the eventuality that lore wise, your character was the one to found the organization, it still hardly makes any sense for him to share leadership with others when the goal that he/she wishes to attain through the said organization is his in the first place.

Everyone is free to share their opinions on the matter in this thread.

Drawings / Sig requests
« on: December 06, 2014, 17:30:17 »
Hey, since I'm kind of bored lately I thought I'd make some sigs for you guys.

Here are some examples:

How does the request thingie work? You either tell me the name of the character you want a sig with, either look for a render yourself. A render is a PNG image without a background. Like these ones:

I can also add different borders to your sig if you'd like:
1. Simple border:

2. Double layer border:

3. Dotted border:

4. Dashed border:

5. Brushed border:

a) Square:

b) Circle:

Although there's none in these ones, I can definitely add text. And just a mention, the dotted, dashed, simple and multi layer borders can be any color. Hope you guys enjoy, I'm kind of new to this GFX don't be very harsh if I'm not doing well. Anyways, if you guys have any requests, feel free.

Games / Round 2: Secret Assassin
« on: November 22, 2014, 11:31:14 »
A group of 6 Shinobi are sent on a search and rescue mission from the Village Hidden in the Volcano. The Kazankage has requested that these specific squads be sent for relief efforts. At least that’s the cover mission. Secretly each of you have been warned that there is an assassin among you, and you have been charged with finding and eliminating him. As you all enter the village you see it is destroyed beyond repair and all of the villagers have been evacuated. You all decide to set up camp in the village as night begins to fall. Everyone rests uneasily, fully aware of what may happen.

(The Assassin has a 24h period to PM me the name of the first victim otherwise we pass on right to the vote. On a side note, I won't be writing all these short narrations halika did. I tried and I'm no good at it. You may use this thread to discuss anything that helps you determine who is the assassin.)

« on: November 05, 2014, 17:51:23 »
Seems like Kishi's jimmy rustling rampage isn't over just yet.

Now guess whose daughter is the girl with glasses? Yup, it's Sakura's and... ... ... Sasuke's. Still to early for me to accept it, I'll stay in denial for a little longer.

Choji's and Sai and Ino's child right there.

This family is rustling my jimmies soooo badly.

At least Temari looks cool and like saying: What the fuck is this shit? Same feeling I had about those pairings. After all this time, Kishi's giving me this shit to deal with. I'm sick of his trolling, won't read the last chapter out of respect for a manga that I liked up to a certain point. I should resume Bleach and screw this shit Kishi's turning Naruto into. Fucking pairings...

Naruto Manga / Naruto the Last full designs
« on: November 01, 2014, 10:15:20 »

Manga / Spoilers WARNING: Tokyo Ghoul and Tokyo Ghoul:RE
« on: October 12, 2014, 23:02:20 »
Just spent my last few days reading Tokyo Ghoul, and I have to say it's a masterpiece beyond imagination. The ending was, to say the least, a SHOCK. That Touka last page was so heartbreaking for a fanboy like me. :'(

The day I finished reading Tokyo Ghoul, being extremely impressed, yet somehow having a bitter taste from the inconclusive ending the first chapter of Tokyo Ghoul:RE aired. Seems to me like Kaneki's still alive.

Among many other reasons, but this one's been the one that's hit me the hardest. I omitted it when I read chapter 143, or rather, I assumed it's Arima's silhouette. But it kinda makes sense now. This Sui Ishida is a freakin genius. All hail.

The protagonist Haise not only looks very much like Kaneki, but also there are some things that add up. According to the wiki the timeskip between Tokyo Ghoul and Tokyo Ghoul:RE was three years. Kaneki's age at the time of his presumed death at the hands of Arima was 19. Haise's age is 22. He most probably is amnesiac from suffering brain damage, after being stabbed twice.

Also they're about the same weight and height.
-19 years old

-22 years old

It will all become clear when one thing will be revealed: Haise's blood group (if it's AB he's Kaneki).

Naruto Manga / WARNING, MANGA PAGES!!! Chapter 693
« on: September 25, 2014, 14:26:56 »
Today's chapter was... brilliant. They finally get down to business. Go Sasuke, kill that blonde fodder.
First of all this:

Sasuke's got the solo glare, for a second, I thought he actually killed Sakura off.

And then, there's this page:

Dem feels T_T.

I think we all know that Sasuke wants to unify all the villages, that must be his version of Hokage. I wonder what kind of TnJ is Naruto going to pull this time around...

Naruto Manga / Chapter 692
« on: September 10, 2014, 13:25:06 »
First of all, I want to thank Kishi and Sasuke for saving the manga.
Now, to say the truth, I totally didn't expect this. I still don't see what the biggie is, just let Sasuke kill the 5 fodder Kages and bring it all to an end. For those of you who got confuse, Sasuke isn't evil currently. He just wants to start the shinobi world from scratch. The question that rises now is: Does Naruto still have his newly acquired BM mode? I think he still does, mainly because without it he'll get fodderized neg diff. Finally, Sasuke's rinnegan gets the development it deserves.

What did you think about today's chapter? Also, how long till Obito reappears lol?

Anime / Tokyo Ghoul episode 10
« on: September 05, 2014, 12:27:49 »
This episode was awesome, at least to me. 12/10 <3
Yamori and Ayato are 2 assholes, nuff said. That new investigator, Suzuya, seems pretty crazy. And da plot twist there, Tsukiyama wanting to help rescuing Kaneki. And I'm really curious about how powerful Yomo and Yushimura are. They seemed pretty confident to go save Kaneki by themselves.

I really love this anime and all the interesting characters that are introduced (even tho that guy was weird as hell). I only didn't like that Touka got kicked around so easily by her brother and by that Jason bastard. What do you think about episode 10?

PS: Seems like that one eyed Ghoul Mado was talking about is the leader of the Aogiri tree.

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