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Shinobi Life Online Discussion / Execution
« on: April 21, 2017, 18:17:16 »
I read this a particular thread and it gave me a thought.
Let's say there is a shinobi(who isn't rouge) but has been committing a series of crimes within the hidden village. We have of course been informed that jails are going to be a thing in this game, but that can' t be the only sentence/punishment there is for a offender can it? So i was wondering, will executions authorized by the kage be viable in SLO?

Shinobi Life Online Organizations / Clowns
« on: January 30, 2017, 18:17:58 »

Who are we?
Does a clown have a reason? They do not. Does a clown serve a purpose? They do not. Bluntly speaking, we are murderers. Psychopaths. Killers. We are fucked up assassins who kill for the sake of killing. We don't care who you are, No one sees a clown and lives to tell the tale. So good luck proving to others that we exist. Good luck trying to prove you aren't insane. We are assassins who kill with smiles on our faces. Clowns.

No one is originally born a clown. We are all born with all these emotions that make us who we are. That make us people. But what happens when in your despair is where you feel most comfortable? When the pain you feel becomes so much that you you can't cry anymore. A point where you are tired of the anger, the grief, the pain, the sorrow that the frown on your face turns to a smile. A point where you want everyone else to feel your pain. That is when a clown is born.
       Together, we will destroy everything you put pride in building. We will destroy organizations. We will attack your villages in ways you would never expect. We will kill the people you put your hopes in. So when all these things you hold dearly are gone, maybe you too will become a clown. And while you lie anguished in the debris of your creation, vowing to yourself that you will seek revenge. Know this. We are untouchable. And why do we do this? Simple. We do not give a shit.

Our ultimate goal
Trust me. Just because we seem like the type of organization out to destroy doesn't mean things are as simple as the eye meets. When you look at a person, all you see is someone standing in front of you. Right? Wrong. In reality, there is so much information in front of you. It is so much more than just 'someone in front of me.' What kind of things has this person gone through to be standing here today? How does the person truly feel inside, with such a smile on their face? Why is this person standing exactly here, at this spot, at this exact moment?
    This organization is so much more than what it looks like. To you guys, our goal is to destroy. But to us, well, you will see amidst the destruction, that our goal is stuff of gods. But bluntly putting it. We will bring hell to earth. I assure you.

Taiga Himitsu
Ryshi Yamazaki
Tai Tsukegami
Kasai(Underground Clown)
Niko Himitsu

We psychopaths are all the same. Are all equal. But there has to be someone to bring a little bit of order into calamity. So out of all the hundreds of clowns, there will be the Jōkā(Jokers), who are the heads of this organization, the strongest of clowns. And one who leads it all, the brain, will be referred to as King? King of what? i assume you ask? A bunch of clowns? Well, you will see.
Taiga Himitsu

The Jōkā(5)

Ryshi Yamazaki
Tai Tsukegami
Kasai(Underground Clown)
Niko Himitsu

And then, there will be the clowns who live amongst you, but I've already said enough about that. But deep down, aren't we all clowns?

Distinctive features
Every Clown has a mask. Regular clowns have the standard clown mask, While the Jōkās and the King have customized masks. You will recognize us a mile away. But trust me, that would be the last mile you walk.

In addition to have special masks, every member will have the logo to their specific roles tattooed somewhere on their bodies or designed somewhere in their robes. The Logos are as followed;

The King

The Jõkas

The Clowns

-Have 3 days online on the forum
-Have a minimum of 10 posts

 In order to be worthy enough to keep the name of a clown you'll have to be;
-Somewhat active on the forums
-Be willing to train with other clowns regularly. You'll have to prove yo are worthy of being called a clown

Want to be a hell bringer? Want to be referred to as a fucking psychopath? Want to be the one dictating SLO through havoc? Then by all means apply:
Hidden Village you originated from:

Rules for a clown? Pfft. Please.
All we ask is this: Clowns to not talk, we act. So any clown seen posting racial or homophobic slurs to a fellow clown or anyone else, will be removed from the org during pre-alpha. If a clown does this when the full game is released, not only will you no longer be a clown, we will kill you too.

Call us whatever you like. Psychotic, murderers, trolls. But just know, when we are taking you down, we'll be doing it with a smile on all our faces. So just hang on. We will show you the true meaning of insanity.

The King
Taiga Himitsu

Code: [Select]
[glow=green,2,300][url=]Clowns[/url][img width=250 height=290]h[/img][/glow]

General Discussion / Kenjutsu 1v1
« on: December 23, 2016, 11:52:42 »
Shinobi Life Online
Kenjutsu 1v1

What is this about?
This is an event for the community. An event for all to prove their worth. An event for the brave to rise. An event for the legends to fall. Welcome to the Shinobi Life Online Kenjutsu Event. As you may have guessed, the event will consist of player 1v1s, with kenjutsu being the only fighting tool. The event consists of 16 players in total, with 8 emerging to the next round(quarter finals), 4 to the round after that(semi finals) and then the top 2 battle it out for the crown(Finals).

How will the event be run?

The event will be hosted in the time span of 3 weeks, with all the matches in between this time span. This is give contestants the time to keep their skills and senses razor sharp(KEK), even with an ongoing tournament. The match ups will be randomized, so it is important for everyone during the time span of the tournament to keep in form as it is uncertain who you will face.

When does the event start?
The event starts 1 week after kenjutsu has been released, to give players enough time to get adapted to the fighting style, but not enough time for players to forget or learn everything about fighting with a blade, as this will give for very dynamic duels, with players always discovering new things they can do with kenjutsu along the road.

Requirements for entering this tournament
To enter this tournament, you have to:
  • Have more than 3 days in total time logged in, and or
  • Be a well known active member of the community
The reason for this requirements is to ensure the people participating for this event will remain active before, under and after the duration of this tournament, and also to give new members a reason to remain active on the forums

OBS Please note that you don't have to fulfill the two requirements. For example, you could have 3 days in time logged on, but still not be allowed to participate due to inactivity, and you may not have up to 3 days logged in, but get accepted none the less, due to you being a known active member

Previous winners
None as of now

Registered players(16)
Taiga Himitsu
Reminance Raiu
Kamakiri Uzai
Akuma Basaka
Manuster Tsukegami
Onimaro Himitsu
Kamakiri Gin

Players on the waiting list(0)

And how do i apply?
To apply, you have to leave a template like this:
Character name:

Here are the fixtures for the kenjutsu tournament;

MATCH 1: Participant 1 vs Participant 16
MATCH 2: Participant 2 vs Participant 15
MATCH 3: Participant 5 vs Participant 12
MATCH 4: Participant 6 VS Participant 11
MATCH 5: Participant 9  vs Participant 8
MATCH 6: Participant 10 vs Participant 7
MATCH 7: Participant 13 vs Participant 4
MATCH 8: Participant 14 vs Participant 3


MATCH 9 : Winner of Match 4 vs Winner of Match 5
MATCH 10 : Winner of Match 7 vs Winner of Match 1
MATCH 11 : Winner of Match 2 vs Winner of Match 6
MATCH 12 : Winner of Match 3 vs Winner of Match 8

MATCH 13 : Winner of Match 9 vs Winner of Match 11
MATCH 14 : Winner of Match 10 vs Winner of Match 12


MATCH 15 : Winner of Match 13 vs Winner of Match 14

The tournament will start two days after the all the spots have been filled. Let's go bois

The winner
The winner of the tournament gets automatically registered for the next tournament, which will be three weeks after the current one is ended.The winners will also be documented, along with the clan and organization they represented at that time. It will be known, the organization/clan that has had its members win the tournaments a certain amount of time, as well as how many times each previous winner has known. This will give these players/Clans/Orgs some reputation in the tournaments to come.

What else?
I plan on holding this event, even when the full game is released. Kage, Shinobi  and Rouge alike will have this one event to all come together and prove who the better is. The event will be had every three weeks(counting from the time the previous event was concluded) and spectators are always welcome. The purpose of this event is to give players a reason to be active, as well as a way of keeping newer members of the community a reason to stay. Apart from all of that, we all want glory, and what better way of achieving that than proving to be the best and having to protect that title constantly?

Beginning date
The event will begin two days after all spots have been filled.

Taiga Himitsu
High Commander of the Heathen Army
King of the Clowns
King of Clowns

Manga / The promised Neverland
« on: November 07, 2016, 20:57:50 »
I suggest you all read this. Its a weekly manga from Shonen jump and it has a veeery dark theme to it. I think you guys who are more intrigued by the psychological aspects of things will love this one.

And for you guys that read it already, i'd like to hear what you think about it :P

Spoiler: show

General Discussion / A Heathen event - The battle for the red rose
« on: October 15, 2016, 11:34:05 »

The battle for the red rose is going to be one of heathens many annual events with this being the biggest of them all. This event builds upon teamwork and strategic thinking and will be explained in the paragraph below.

The event will see members divided into 'teams' that try and claim different locations around the SLO map. In order to claim a spot, you will either have to;
  • Be the first team at the location and have members defending the spot
  • Defeat the members of the defending team to claim the spot
When a loaction has been claimed, the team leader can decide how many members he/she wants to leave behind to defend a spot and how many others he wants to send to other locations, be it in 2s, 3s or alone.
Some locations give a higher amount of points so it's up to the teams to decide where they want to invest the majority of their members. Each member only has 3 chances so after your third death, you are out. After a certain amount of minutes, if there are still enough members alive, the two teams with the most points will have an all out battle. If not, the team with the most points claimed, wins.

The map with all the claimable locations will be released a week before the event, giving the  team leaders and the teams enough time to prepare themselves and to see which locations will give them an advantage both when it comes to battling and from a strategic point of view.

Heathen's commanders will lead all the different teams. Team members will have to wear the same colour vests. The teams are as followed:
  • Red Assassins - Team colour: Red, Team Leader: High Commander, Taiga Himitsu, Vest code: #cb2424
  • Blue Mutants - Team colour: Blue, Team Leader: Information Commander, Kamakiri Chikai, Vest code: #03396c
  • Green Rebels - Team Colour: Green, Team Leader : TBD, Vest Colour: #028900
  • Black Soldiers - Team Colour: Black, Team Leader: Combat Commander, Ghost Himitsu, Vest Colour: #111111
  • Orange Scorpions - Team Colour: Orange, Team Leader:  Strategy Commander, Tai Tsukegami, Vest Colour: #f09609

    Red Assassins                 
    • Team Leader: Taiga Himitsu
    • Nyshn Toratsume
    • Saisho

    Blue Mutants
    • Team Leader: Kamakiri Chikai
    • Hooke Himitsu
    • Law Tsukegami

    Green Rebels
    • Team Leader: TBD
    • CODE NAME: Rihan
    • Harukoo Tsukegami
    • Jukahira Yazamaki

    Black Soldiers
    • Team Leader: Ghost Himitsu
    • Itsuki Himitsu
    • Kurai Himitsu

    Orange Scorpions
    • Team Leader: Tai Tsukegami
    • Diamond Lee Himitsu
    • CODE NAME: Raiku

    • You have to be a Heathen member
    • Have to register before the final 24 hours
    • You will have to have a discord account as that is where each team will communicate with each other

    NOTE THATif you do register for the event, it is compulsory for you to attend. If you can't make it and then can't give a reasonable enough reason as to why you where absent, depending on your rank, this may affect you greatly

    Heathen Rank:
    What team you will like to command(If you are a commander):


    This is one of the many events Heathen will be holding to help strengthen the teamwork aspect of the organisation. Depending on your rank and depending on how well you perform, you have the opportunity to get promoted or moved to a department more fitting to your playstyle. As the game keeps getting more and more in depth and developed, Heathen will keep introducing more and more events, as well as this particular event will keep getting more and more complex. Keep it in mind to keep yourself updating by checking this topic regularly as it will be updating more and more as the event nears.

    TBD(but in 3 - 4 weeks time)

    Signed, High Commander,
    Taiga Himitsu

    General Discussion / Musical instruments
    « on: August 01, 2016, 14:47:11 »
    In this thread i'd like to know what musical instruments you guys play and what are you favorite songs to play on it. I'll start;

    I play the piano and the songs i love playing on it are


    General Discussion / The heathen trilogy
    « on: June 28, 2016, 12:50:09 »
    A Heathen trilogy
    A story about a beautiful black flower(Heathen)

    So i decided to write about my organisation, starting from from 800 years back, when it was supposedly created.... or was it? tell me what you think ;)

    The story is going to be told from three different perspectives , and this is the first story. All the stories are connected, so if you don't understand anything yet, it will all be explained later on

    Part 1
    There were no villages. There were no towns. There were no beautiful pieces of art that made a person engrossed in the environment around them and think to themselves, "how peaceful this is". There were no such things. There was man. There were weapons. There was war.
    Yes, there was war. War in every corner of the world. Clans fought against clans. Tribes against tribes. Brother against sister. I was born into this world, had a mother who loved a father who didn't care. My father, who didn't care for anything but war and bloodshed. I had nothing, nothing but a little sister, born into our ruined and war filled world too. She saw the world,and every single living creature for the goodness in them. A little sister i swore to protect. I remember, how when we were kids, she would ask me everyday "Big brother, when will the war be over?' and i would reply as gently as i could "Soon, my beloved little sister." We had no friends and nobody to talk to. She watched my back as i did hers.
    Our father, who was our clan leader, saw me, his first and only son, as the heir to clan and put all his hope in me to lead the clan into many more battles long after his death. I spent hours training and training, sweat mixed with blood, just to live up to his expectations. But day after day, all the training sessions ended with me getting a look of incompetence from my father.  One of my greatest wishes was to ride into battle with my father, to fight side by side with him. And each time i asked him, his reply was " You are not ready." I wanted to prove i was, eager to earn his "approvance", i left the house in the middle of the night, to prove myself by going into the cave where there were no men, and bringing him the head of the giant serpent which was called "Idaina hebi" to prove my worth. I set out that night, with nothing but my katana. It was a 3 day travel to the cave and i hunted whatever animal i could find to cook it and eat.
    During the second night, while i lay at sleep, i woke up to the feeling of a sharp object piecered close to my throat. I opened my eyes, to see a woman, with the most beautiful face i had ever seen, stand in front of me.
    -Who are you?
    I said nothing. She wore the emblem of the Hageshī clan. Our sworn enemies.
    -Who are you? She asked again. I said my name.
    -Why shouldn't i kill you here and now?
    -You won't. I said to her. I knew she wouldn't. I was certain. Because the look she had in her eyes was similar to someone else i knew. My sister.
    She smiled and sheathed her sword, stretched out her hand and helped me up.
    Her name was Ikyōto. She too was born into this our imperfect world. Because she was the last child of her family, she wansn't paid that much attention as the rest and had all the freedom in the world. She followed me to the cave, in which she had visited many times before, but not dared enter. And as i walked with her, talked to her on our way there, i found out that unlike the many people i have meant under my lifetime, all she wanted was peace. Peace. something like that that seemed like a mere fantasy, she made it sound so realistic that even i started to share her vision. And as our clan men, this very moment fought and died by the hands of each other, i realized, that i had started to feel a feeling towards her that i only felt towards the one i swore my live to protect. I belive it was called 愛(love)?
    We reached the caved. Said our goodbyes, and went our separate ways. There were stories about this giant snake. Some said it was able to gather the forces of nature (natural energy) and fight with it, well, we were about to find out.
      We fought and fought. I wasn't the best at ninjutsu, but with my katana, i was a formidable opponent, using my wind nature to strengthen my attacks, i was able to strike critical blows. But after a day of fighting, the serpent started to get the better of me. I was only human after all. As i rushed to strike a blow, it hit my katana out of my hand and threw me to the ground. And here i was certain. i was going to die.
    And then i saw a figure stand in front of me, glowing in the light of the sun, beautiful as she was fierce, she ran the katana through the mouth of the serpent and with a swift and striking blow, it was defeated. She saved me. And i owed my life to her.
    As i parted ways with her, I knew, deep down, that i would meet her again, one way or another.

      I came home, with the head of this legendary beast. Looked at my father and said "I am ready." He smiled and told me to prepare myself, we were going out to battle in two days.
    he battle was long and i fought beside my father through it. They were strong, but we were stronger. But battles are not fair and people die. As i fought, i turned to look at my father, who looked back at me with this look of pride, something i had never seen before. I was happy. In the middle of battle i found happiness. But like every thing else in this world,happiness is temporary.
    At exactly that moment, I saw the sharp edge of a sword come out through his chest, and then he was on ground. I rushed directly to him, and tried to save him. I quickly overpowered the shinobi who impaled him, but when it came to killing him....... i just couldn't. How could i? This person, could be someone else's world, just like my little sister is mine. I want peace. But isn't there any other way? I let him go and their clan retreated and rushed my father back home to treat his injuries. When we were back home, he told me "You are weak. And that is your greatest flaw. Yes, you are a good fighter, maybe better than me. But you are soft. I can see in your eyes that you try to see the good in people and grant them mercy. And that my son, is your weakness. In our world, only the strongest survive and the weak perish. So choose, son. Which of them are you?" "Which of them are you?" that was the last thing my father said to me before he died.That night, i lay awake thinking of what my father had said. And i decided. I want to be able to protect and little sister no matter what. I don't want my "weakness' to stand in my way. I would become the man by father wanted me to be, to fight for the world Ikyōto dreamed of. I will become strong so that we can survive.
    I became the leader of my clan and Ikyōto left her clans people and joined mine. I did plan on marrying her but it never ever felt like the right moment. The right moment, for me was a day where different clans passed by each other and greeted, without fighting. A peaceful day was the perfect day.
    Ikyōto and my little sister became very close. Having a green house where thy planted white roses and other flowers. And everytime i came back from battle i was greeted by the two people i loved the most. I hated to say it, but while war was raging all around me, my world was close to perfection. But as i said, Happiness is temporary.
    On a particular occasion, Ikyōto asked me to come out to battle with me. I hesitated, but she convinced me, saying that since she was a med nin, she could help reduce the causalities. I accepted.
    For days, we fought the Hageshī clan. And with Ikyōto's help, we were able to withstand. But the odds of us wining weren't that high. I got a message from one of my fighters that the medical camp we set up had spotted 5 well armed shinobi about to attack them from behind and sent for help. I quickly rushed with 4 others to the medical camp, where i found most of the people there dead and Ikyōto about to stab herself with a katana. I tried my best. Everything i could to reach her in time. but i wasn't fast enough.
    -"I'm sorry' she said. "I hope you forgive me"
    . Despair befell me. 'forgive her?' for what?!? Her dream of a perfect, peaceful world. The promise i made her to help that dream come true. I failed her....... I failed her.
    God, how the world was beautiful with red, splashed on the ground and on the walls, making every single puddle of blood i saw unique, with very different patterns. God, how i enjoyed revenge. I had lost my father to this wretched war. Now, I had lost Ikyōto. I fought and fought. revenge being the only thing on my mind. And won. We all went home, with heavy hearts and as we entered, bodies were lying lifeless on the ground. It then came to my realization that Ikyōto was never by my side, why she told me she was sorry. She had infiltrated my clan to gather information to send to the Hageshi. She told them when to attack the medical base in order to draw my attention... and have them kill me. As they couldn't kill me, she killed herself because she couldn't bear to face me after what she had done. I was betrayed, by a woman i planned to marry. I rushed to see my younger sister, who lay on the ground bleeding. The white roses where now painted with blood, giving them somewhat of a dark color.  And as my only sister, the one i swore my life to protect lay dying, deprived of the medical care she needed, the medical care she deserved, as her breathing grew weaker with every breath she drew, she asked me with a smile"Big Brother, when will the war be over?" and as she took her last breath, I put the beautiful black flower in her hands, and with a whole in my heart and tears in my eyes, i replied as gently as i could "Never."

    Betrayal and death is what this world is made up of. I do plan to change that. And i will.

    The second story coming soon

    Shinobi Life Online Clans / The Himitsu Clan
    « on: June 22, 2016, 01:35:48 »

    Spoiler: show
    As I didn't just want to see a clan like this, my clan die out, I asked Leebz for permission to run Himistu and he agreed. I know that most of the people who made up Himistu have left and that people think  that this clan is dead but no, a clan like this can't just die out, and it won't. I decided to take over the clan since no one else was prepared to and to be the one who would now oversee it's growth. I want to rebuild the clan, re open it to anyone and everyone who wants to join us and help this clan retain its place as the biggest clan in SLO. And i know that many people think that this clan will no longer grow because some our most active members have left but that isn't true. The Himistu clan didnt become great because it had the strongest players in game or the most active, it because this huge and popular because we were all family to each other in this clan, and that was something everyone loved and respected. So this clan is will grow again, and anyone who wants to join us is very welcome, and as we all used to say, "Family, before all else."

    I'll clean out the names of the people no longer in the clan and now, lets start afresh shall we? The Himitsu will dominate once again.

    Founder: Leebz -  Onimaro Himitsu

    Leader: taigakun - Taiga Himitsu
    Current Affiliation: Hidden Thunder (You may migrate from or to other villages)

    Mostly Populated: Hidden Thunder (Most Himitsu in village by full MMO release will determine where we base our clan)

    Village Population:
    Hidden Hill (6)
    Hidden Thunder (20)
    Hidden Volcano (3)
    Hidden Haze (1)
    Hidden Snow (10)
    Hidden Ash (2)
    Hidden Metal (3)
    Hidden Dust (1)

    Clan history:
    100 years ago the founder of this clan, Saisho Himitsu, was a great Shinobi with much mystery.
    He and 2 others all started a clan each depending on their personal history.
    Saisho Himitsu had a deep history, full of lies of who he was and who his family was.
    He was left by his parents into a foster home where he was adopted by a couple who treated him as a slave telling him he was 'Nothing but a burden, a mistake of their love' which was not the case, they was not his parents and he was not a burden of their love.

    He swore when he was old enough he'd get his revenge on the two for what they did and discover the real truth to why he was left alone.
    Years past and Saisho now knew many jutsu from secret training with three of his friends who was apart of the ninja academy to which his foster parents didn't allow him to be apart of. He barged into his foster parents bedroom and weaved hand signs for a strong jutsu, he was self taught in, and killed them both. To this day no outsiders of the Himitsu clan know what jutsu was done that day. After that he left the village and started a new clan, the Himitsu Clan, a name given to himself after going rogue.

    He helped build the small village with the other two he met after going rogue and it started from there.
    He fell in love with a young woman, started a family and more villagers came to the new village joining with the Himitsu clan inside the village making it grow more and more. Saisho was content with what he helped make and protected it with his life for generations to come.

    The Himitsu was once from a small village that showed strength. Not a village that was great but was close to being so.
    They was happy in this village, doing small missions here and there from travellers all over.
    As business was getting good the other great villages attacked showing no mercy to the little village.
    They had some fine shinobi fighting for the village but couldn't compare to the sheer numbers facing them.
    The Himitsu became a travelling clan with no village to call home. Where they once lived out happy lives was now a vision of ash and destruction.

    Many of the Himitsu died that day and the rest of the clan had to flee or die. The Himitsu travelled far and wide looking for a home but trusted no one and without trust many villages turned them away. Who would want the risk of being attacked by an inside clan? It seemed the Himitsu would travel forever as a lost clan.

    This clan found settlement inside the Hidden Thunder village but doesn't trust its people due to their history. How could they trust others when they weren't trusted themselves?
    The Leader, Hugi Himitsu, gave up a lot of men to arrive to this village, being attacked by travelling shinobi from different villages for their food, water and money. People saw them as travelling bandits rather than a lost travelling clan so this was allowed in the enemies eyes so Hugi Himitsu knew he had to plead with a Kage to allow his clan into their village and the Thunder was willing in return of their clans men to do missions for the village.

    The Himitsu live out through  the village now with new generations being born into the village not knowing of the clans dark past and the leader wanted to keep it that way. He didn't want the new generations to know the pain their elders suffered to get into this village, to give them a home. It is unknown if the Himitsu have a Kekkei Genkai because they are so secretive even to the Kage of the village yet the Kage trusts them with no reason other than the work they do for the village being done with such high standards. A Kage would be foolish to let a clan like that go without a good enough reason, not that the Himitsu plan on a coo to overthrow the Kage anyhow. They are grateful for what he had done for their clan.

    Himitsu plans:
    The plans for the Himitsu is to protect their own inside the village. They obey the Kage obediently but if they had to choose between the Kages life and a comrade of their clan? The clan comes first.

    They just want to get their numbers back to what they once was and protect the next generation of their clan. With such secrets inside of them they attract a lot of attention from other clans, good and bad. For now their goals are to help out the Hidden Thunder by carrying out missions but who knows where the clan will lead in the future. That is to be decided by the next generation, after all, the elders want to protect them and support them in any way possible. The elders want to see what they decide without knowing what happened in the past, fearing if they knew they'd be bent by revenge and not have their true desires come out.

    Unique traits: Secretive

    Strengths: Taijutsu, Ninjutsu, Kenjutsu

    Weaknesses: Family (They put family first which can put missions at risk)

    Rival clans:

    Allied clans:
    Tsukegami Clan
    Kagome Clan
    Sandāreisu clan
    Kaiyõ Clan

    Members (65):
    Leebz - Onimaro Himitsu(Founder)
    taigakun - Taiga Himistu(Leader)
    Kayleb - Kayleb Himitsu
    Higashi - Higashi Himitsu
    Jedikan - Raishi Himitsu
    Mythik - Ryota Himitsu
    CookieFacePrimoz - Emi Himitsu
    Rassunekka - Rass Himitsu
    Atomic_Ghost - Tobimaru Kamino Himitsu
    Teamaren - Teamaren Himitsu
    Tomurn - Yundama Himitsu
    chX - chX Himitsu
    Tenzin - Grypha Himitsu
    VaprJonin - Hiashi Himitsu
    Zaurusu - Zaurusu Himitsu
    Rednas - Rednas Himitsu
    StrawHatSeyi - Tenzo Himitsu
    Uchiha Slade - Shun Himitsu
    Eythynhkh - Huirama Himitsu
    Nas - Isei Himitsu
    Devilthekiller - Devil Himitsu
    Joca94 -Bloodpanda Himitsu
    Strider - Strider Himitsu
    Simga - Sumi Himitsu
    YouBetterRun - Koguro Himitsu
    mislav000 - Ataki Himitsu
    Hiruko - Hiruko Himitsu
    Hiashi - Hiashi Himitsu
    Kotetsu  - Kotetsu Himitsu
    Kuri - Kuri Himitsu
    Jale - Jale Himitsu
    Lanya - Lanya Himitsu
    Allias - Allias Himitsu
    Resolios - Resolios Himitsu
    NaruPieceZ - Pluton Himitsu
    Narutoi - Narutoi Himitsu
    wjc11 - Hikaru Himitsu
    Cryptonexin - Gukan Himitsu
    Oathkeeper - Kirito Himitsu
    thehshaynemeister - thehshaynemeister Himitsu
    Nico - Nico Himitsu
    Stevevy - Reciiibos Himitsu
    Seguro416 - Hirochi Himitsu
    TREW -Ichiro Himitsu
    Keita - Keita Himitsu
    Lord Mini - Ramaj Himitsu
    Ghost0000 - Ghost Himitsu
    Hakashe42 - Hakashe Himitsu
    TrickyDevil - Keiko Himitsu
    SKarthik - S. Karthik Raj Himitsu
    Kuria Himitsu - Kuria Karasu Himitsu
    Diamond Lee -Diamond Lee Himitsu
    JT_EPIC - Itsuki Himitsu
    Aethrandur - Shiratori Himitsu
    Xassassin - Kamiko Himitsu
    Uraheki - Uraheki Himitsu
    Takami - Takumi Himitsu
    CADAEMOS - Kada Himitsu
    Kazmaru - Kazmaru Himitsu
    Rhyco - Mizuken Himitsu
    Kushuto - Kushuto Himitsu
    ChepChep - Hidekazu Himitsu
    Olympus - Nobusumi Himitsu
    Jonny - Nasuki Himitsu
    Kazuya Hitarashi - Kazuya Himitsu

    All himitsu members PM me for Himitsu's discord

    Join us, and be part of something great. Something greater than gold and silver and every other material possession there is. Join us and be part of a family

    1. Respect all members.
    2. Keep the secrets of the clan a secret.
    3. Rogue ninjas will be hunted down ASAP.
    4. No racial or sexual offence.
    5. At-least try and be as active as you can

    To join use this layout:
    Ninja Rank(If possible):
    Chakra Nature(s):
    Specialization(Genjutsu, Kenjutsu, etc.):

    Forum Profile clan code:
    Code: [Select]

    Shinobi Life Online Character / Taiga Himitsu
    « on: March 21, 2016, 12:34:12 »

    Name: Taiga Himitsu
    Age: 19(in game)
    Gender: Male
    Height: 179 cm
    Weight: ??
    Hairstyle: Unknown... he is always wearing a hoodie
    Facial hair: none
    Hair color: white
    Eye color: He suffers from hectochromia, with the left eye being dark brown and the right eye being yellow.
    Blood type: Unknown
    Primary chakra nature[/b]: Lightning
    Hidden Village: Hidden Thunder
    Clan: Himitsu clan
    Oraganisation: Heathen
    Good or evil at heart?: He is neither good nor evil at heart... he is pure

    Description of the character's personality: Taiga suffers from Dissociative identity disorder a.k.a Mutliple personality disorder(shall be explained why later on). 1st personality; Here, he is a ruthless somewhat psychopath who shows no mercy at executing a person and can be seen as a cold blooded sadist who shows no sympathy towards other people. 2nd personality; A somewhat opposite of the first personality, a person that can risk his life on what he belives is right or just, and  shows kindness and compassion to only the people closest to him. And then the 3rd personality, which is the most dominant out of the three, which is pretty much a mixture of the other two personalities but in a balanced way. But the similarity between the 3 personalities, is that they are willing to lay down their lives for the cause of the Heathen army.

     Description of the character's history: And here we have the leader of the Heathen army, Taiga Himitsu. Being the only child of two well respected people in the Himitsu clan and Kaminarigakure at large, Taiga was brought up feeling like he had to live up to his parent's expectations. And because of that, at the age of 4 when he could properly walk and talk, he spent the most of his time training. he mastered kenjutsu at a very early age and was above average at everything else(except genjustu). at the age of 5, he started taking a tactical approach. Like a puppet master, he was able to control the output of a battle, always thinking ahead of the opponent.
    One night, while he was sitting with  his parents at the dining table, celebrating his entrance into the academy, 5 men broke into their house and held them captive. they tied his parents and pinned him down, to watch as they slowly slit the throat of his mother. They then proceeded to drive kunai through his father's heart, and then left him to die slowly. Taiga being 6 years old at that time, could not handle the physiological pain of seeing both your parents being ruthlessly killed in front of his eyes. From that day on, he felt as if a new person was born within him. A person born out of the horrors he had seen. A person born out of this ruined and war filled world.  The captives then went on to take Taiga with them to a secret location. There, Taiga was tortured for a very long time.
    Day by day, as Taiga sat chained to the chair, feeling as the water from the ceiling above dripped on his hair every 3 seconds, even he knew.... that he was losing his sanity. During the day he was tortured with different weapons and materials, and at night he could almost hear himself screaming from all the nightmares he had. While he was there, the one thought going through his head was "someone will save me." "someone is coming for me". "Dad isn't really dead, he is coming for me." That was the only way he could hold on to the little bit of sanity he had left. But soon it became clear to him... No one was coming.
    During his time as a prisoner, he felt at times he became a whole other person, with completely different thoughts than what he usually had, thinking about how he would slowly and painfully kill the people who held him captive. Other times he would think about his family and how dearly he held them to his heart. He had no idea who he was. He was losing himself. During his time there he became somewhat used to the pain he felt. Almost like he didn't feel pain at all. He found out when two guards were talking that the people holding him captive where enemies of his father. "why me?" he usually thought. "kill or be killed isn't it. So this is what our world is.""i am not going to die here, i'm not going to be killed.I am going to kill them myself. I am going to show them what pain truly means."
    Taiga, being the tactician that he is, was able to lure one of the guards to himself, where he strangled him with the chains he had around his hands. he then took the keys from the guards body and uncuffed himself. He then picked up the katana they used to torture him at times, and went on a killing spree, killing without mercy who ever he saw. That day about 3 well trained shinobi residing in the hideout were ruthlessly killed by a young boy with a katana. At the age of 9, three years after he was captured he managed to escape and find his back. He never returned back to the village. he traveled the world, killing ruthlessly, the people who stood in his way. One day during his travels, he came across an old cave, which was the resting place of the stone tablet of an ancient organisation. Heathen. At the age of 15, he recreated this organisation, and recruiting those he belived he could trust(to an extent).  He then went to live by a saying. A saying which every single Heathen member knows by heart. The strongest survive and the weak perish.
     No one knows the goal of this Heathen leader. He saves those he deems worthy and kills whoever stands in his way. He is both a guardian angel and the devil himself

    Shinobi Life Online Organizations / Heathen
    « on: March 03, 2016, 08:07:53 »

    We are Heathen

    Founder: ? ?

    Leader: Taiga Himitsu

    What/Who are Heathen?

    Heathen is an organisation created out of this ruined and war-filled world. Only the strongest survive and the weak will perish. So we set out to have one clear goal.... To become the best. An independent organisation with affiliations to no one. We  set out to become unstoppable force impossible to ignore. We shall take down whoever or whatever that comes in the way of our goal or any kind of mission. We cannot be called good or bad, because both words are used to describe us. But one thing is certain... Our intentions are pure, be it saving a kage or killing one, we will do whatever we have to to reach our goal. 

    No one knows how Heathen came about. The earliest recorded sighting of a Heathen member dates back to almost 800 years ago. Back then, people talked about a ruthless set of people, clad in black who set out their targets and took them out with swift precision, while leaving no trail of evidence behind but a black flower. Ruthless killers, they were called. Psychopaths, Saviors, Messengers from hell... people used whatever word they could find to describe this secret organisation.  But there was one thing they never knew.... was this organisation fighting for the people? were they fighting for themselves? No one knew, but one thing was certain.. the name Heathen inflicted fear in the hearts of the strongest of shinobis and the most powerful villages, not knowing if they were targeted or not. (To read more about the creation of heathen, Read The Heathen Trilogy)

    Taiga Himitsu
    Manuster Tsukegami
    Harukoo Tsukegami
    Tai Tsukegami
    CODE NAME: 007
    Law Tsukegami
    CODE NAME: Raiku
    Tatsuo Toratsume
    CODE NAME: Wolf
    CODE NAME: Silver
    CODE NAME: Yan
    Chikai Kamakiri
    Ramaj Himitsu
    Ghost Himitsu
    Itsuki Himitsu
    Hakashe Himitsu
    Karthik Raj Himitsu
    CODE NAME: Airku
    CODE NAME: Reminance
    Kurai Himitsu
    Diamond Lee Himitsu
    Hooke Himitsu
    CODE NAME: Rihan
    Jukahira Yazamaki
    Satoru Nii
    Kazuki Kaiyo
    Omega Tsunagami
    Kinuta Hoshigaki
    Sabajet Yamazaki

    Tsukegami Hari

    Allied Organisations:
    Hyakki Yagyõ
    Iryō Buntai/Medical Squad

    Enemy Organisations:

    We  have a ranking system in our guild based on your skill, loyalty and contribution to the guild and our cause. Our ranking system will go all the way from High Commander to trainee. All our new members will start off as trainees and will be able to work their way up the ranks. The ranks are as follows;

    (Members who want to use code names/ be spies should Pm me what they want their codenames to be)

    -High Commander


    -Council of 10

    -Combat Commander

    Ranks in the combat team






    -Ikyõto ippan(General)

    -Strategy Commander
    Ranks in the Strategy team


    -Senryaku Fukushō

    -The Medical commander

    -The Medical Team

    -Information Commander



    -Captains of the trainee


    NOTE: Anyone can be demoted or promoted and this will be decided by the council of 10. The council of 10 will consist of the high commander, commander, one leader of the assasins/fighters, one leader from the strategy group, captain of the information group, one of the captains of the trainees and 4 other members. A member can be demoted from the council of 10 if more than 5 members vote for him to leave. If any applying member wants a code name, the member will have to pm me, so that i will only add the code name to the ranks and members list. All existing members should comment what rank they want and new members should specify what rank they want when they are applying. OBS: Combat members will be tested in game to see if they are fit enough for the department, while Strategy members/ members from the Information department(Spies and messengers will undergo theoretical tests to see if they are fit for the department.

    High Commander/leader
    Taiga Himitsu

    Manuster Tsukegami

    Council of 10
    Taiga Himitsu
    Manuster Tsukegami
    Harukoo Tsukegami
    Tai Tsukegami
    Law Tsukegami
    Tatsuo Toratsume

    Chikai Kamakiri
    Ghost Himitsu

    Combat Commander
    Ghost Himitsu

    Combat Team(You will be granted a code name if requested)(No set amount of people)

    General(Ikyõto Ippan)


    CODE NAME:Airku

    Law Tsukegami
    CODE NAME: Raiku
    Harukoo Tsukegami



    Itsuki Himitsu

    Jukahira Yazamaki

    CODE NAME: Silver
    Keiko Himitsu
    CODE NAME: Reminance
    Diamond Lee Himitsu


    Strategy Commander
    Tai Tsukegami

    Strategy Team(No set amount of people)

    Senryaku Fukushō


    Hooke Himitsu

    The Medical Commander

    The Medical Team(No set amount of people)
    Satoru Nii,

    Information Commander
    Chikai Kamakiri

    Information Squad(Spies/Messengers)
    Kazuki Kaiyo
    CODE NAME: Wolf
    CODE NAME: Yan
    CODE NAME: Rihan

    Captains of the trainees(3)
    Tatsuo Toratsume

    Trainees(No set amount of people)
     Ramaj Himitsu
     Karthik Raj
     Kurai Karasu
     Omega Tsunagami
     Kinuta Hoshigaki
     Sabajet Yamazaki
     CODE NAME: Ken
     Tsukegami Hari

    These are the requirements that exist in Heathen.
    • In order to apply into Heathen, the applier has to have the minimum of 12 hours of activity on the forum.
    • A member will be deemed inactive if they haven't been online for more than a month. After a month of inactivity on the forum, the inactive gets demoted to the trainee rank, and after 2 months of inactivity, the inactive will be removed from Heathen.
    • There will also be requirements to progress in ranks. Similar to the the requirements to apply, a member eligable for promotion has to have a certain amount of time spent online on the forum, as well as proving their skills in the department they are seeking the promotion in.

    Distinctive features
    All Heathen members will be at all times clad in a black robe, and with a hoodie over their faces. the organisation logo can be found anywhere on the robe

    What else?
    As we keep growing as an organisation, we shall train battle strategies that every single of our members will know at heart. These strategies will be numbered 1-9 and be used when we are in battle. Every member should be willing to help a fellow Heathen member no matter what. Loyalty before all else. We do not care what your reason is, but if you by any chance betray Heathen, you will be moved up to the top of our list, and be killed ruthlessly. we hunt who ever we have to, be it rouges or shinobi to reach our goal. If you'd like to see more, subscribe to us on --->Heathen's YouTube channel<---

    We are the assassins you fear at night, praying to your god that we don't come for you. We are the assassins you look up to as saviors. We are the assassins that leave behind a black rose, nothing more. What we do is not for fun, we do it for a greater cause, so ask yourself... are you willing to work for that cause?

    If you'd like to join us, simply send me a pm or post below. Or meet me in game.

    To apply, leave a reply formatted like this:
    Ninja Rank(If possible):
    Chakra Nature(s):
    Previous Village:
    Specialization(Genjutsu, Kenjutsu, etc.):
    If you don't know any of this information, just put N/A


    Code: [Select]
    [url=][glow=red,2,300]Heathen[/glow][/url][br][br][left][img height=168 width=130][/img][/left][/left]

    Shinobi Life Online Suggestions / Looting
    « on: October 03, 2015, 16:30:16 »
    Well, since perma death is going to be in the game, wouldnt it be nice if when a player dies, all their loots, everything they are wearing and stuff fall to the ground too....

    Like I don't see a reason to be a PK if you aren't gaining anything from it(not that I'm going to be a PK)

    Shinobi Life Online Suggestions / another genre of MMO's
    « on: August 14, 2015, 18:11:07 »
     every single mmo is made in a way where players are separated from each other instead of grouping them up. an mmo means a community and a community is something shared with every single player. i would like to see in our game that every single thing you do has consequences/ an impact on other players. like you cant just kill an npc and expect to get away with it. its pretty boring to log into a game every day and see the same boring thing over an over again. so wouldn't it be nice to see a different thing once in a while? like for example, if u were to cause a huge damage to the opposing village or race, it could result in an all out war or something like that. let our game be different in that aspect. a world where players have an impact in it instead of every player being separated from each other except when it comes to quests or dungeons. it would be nice to see something different like that in our mmo.

    Shinobi Life Online Discussion / Game currency
    « on: August 05, 2015, 15:21:02 »
    guys do we have an in game currency? if not i suggest we start suggesting names :D

    Introduction / sup guys
    « on: August 01, 2015, 13:30:28 »
    hey guys i'm Martin and i am 15 y/o. i really look forward to seeing all of you when the game come out :D

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