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Shinobi Life Online Clans / Raiu
« on: December 15, 2017, 19:04:03 »

Founder: Toshiro Raiu (deceased)

Leader: Kazuki Raiu

Affiliation:The Hidden Thunder Village, but you are able to migrate from and to other villages.

Clan History

Yet to come.

Unique Traits

• Brutal, Vicious and Great offensive techniques.


Depends on the person.


Depends on the person.

Members (31)

Reminance -
Husky -
wilgenz -
Unique -
Sanji -
Tsunayoshi -
Shivraj -
Jay Double U
Seiko Uchiha
Thunder Dragon
Hamato Uchiha




None yet.


• Don't harm your fellow clansmen
• Have respect for each other.
• Don't leak secrets from the clan.
• Work together as family.

Application format

Chakra Nature(s): (Your first chakra nature)
Village: (Village you will start from)
Specialization: (Genjutsu, Kenjutsu, etc.)

You are not village bound!

(Credits to @RaphoZentel for the logo, and @DarthTyrael for the Clan's history.)

Clan Code
Spoiler: show

SLO Arena #11 - Shivraj vs Kai
Spoiler: show
Ninjutsu - 50
Taijutsu - 15
Genjutsu - 85

left = 0


Health - 55
Stamina - 65
Speed - 60
Strength - 45

left = 0

Chakra Levels - 50
Hand Seals - 50
Chakra Efficiency - 50

left = 0

Bukijutsu - 10
Kenjutsu - 70
Summoning - 70

left = 0


Also, for a weapon, I would like to have from the anime original, if that is not allowed, then I would like to have Kusanagi as my weapon, or at least the same kind of sword as Sasuke has, works well with Lightning

Summoning, hmm, lots of snakes or a big snake?

as for jutsu
I would like to have (anime only, hope it's not against the rules)

that should be it, you can choose the ninjutsu as you see fit

Spoiler: show
Ninja stats:

Ninjutsu: 65/100
Taijutsu: 75/100
Genjutsu: 10/100

Advanced ninja stats:


Physical stats:

Health: 80/100
Stamina: 32/100
Speed: 80/100
Strength: 33/100

Chakra related stats:

Chakra Levels: 60/100
Hand Seals: 40/100
Chakra Efficiency: 50/100

Extraneous Skills:

Bukijutsu: 45/100
Kenjutsu: 80/100
Summoning: 25/100

Chakra Natures:


Leftover points: 0

Chance to receive a Chakra Combination: 0%

Summon: Giant wolf or 3 normal wolves

Also, can my character alternate between a sword and a scythe or just use both and have a hidden dagger to use up close.

My character - Kaeiro Kirishima

Hmph, calling me out to a bar so far out of the villages, seems he’s not one to hold back with planning” Kaeiro Kirishima was impressed at the location, and the secrecy of said location, where The Sin of Wrath had set the meeting between the Kirishima and Katakiuchi.

Oh, there it is.” Kaeiro thought as he found a small entrance to a cavern. The entrance was big enough for any human to fit in, but small enough that no one could spot it from far away without knowing the exact location. “Alright, I suppose I shouldn’t look nervous, but it IS my first time meeting one of the Yugure” He sighed as he slipped into the entrance.

The cave expanded into an open dome. “What? But there weren’t any holes up there… could it be Genjutsu? Well, nevermind that for now, I need to find that bar.” Kaeiro walked through a market area, after traveling about 700 meters, he reached the bar and walked in through the entrance.

It was loud inside and was filled with suspicious looking individuals, Kaeiro found an empty seat by the bar counter. “What can I get for you?” asked the Bartender, “A Beer.” putting a ryo on the counter.

Kaeiro heard the doors open with a creak, only to see a cloaked figure entering when he averted his gaze towards the entrance. “Could this be him? I sure hope so, I’d like to get this done as soon as I can.” he sipped from the glass the bartender put in front of him.

The Cloaked Figure quietly moved towards the chair next to Kaeiro and comfortably seated himself. “You must be Kaeiro Kirishima, I’m,” the person looked towards the bartender, putting 40 ryo on the counter, which the bartender recognized as a fee for not overhearing. “I am Wrath.” Wrath continued, “I’m guessing you’re here to negotiate the deal with the Kirishima clan?”. “Yes, I am. I carry a scroll with all the conditions that the Kirishima nobles have.” he said as he handed said scroll to Wrath.

“Hmm,” Wrath read the contents of the scroll “I am sorry, but this is preposterous… you expect us to oblige the Kirishima with all of this? Are the terms negotiable?” the robed figured asked curiously. “I am afraid not, He specifically said that this was all he wanted, nothing more, nothing less” Kaeiro replied, a bit nervous. “Well I’m sorry to say this, but the deal is off then, I cannot accept this. Now, lean your forehead towards me” Wrath said hastily. “What? No, why?” Kaeiro was surprised. “I have to wipe your memory, it’s much easier if you let me do it.”.

“I can’t let you do that, sorry, I’ll show myself out now.” Kaeiro got up to leave, but as he walked through the entrance he felt a hand on his shoulder.

“Let’s take this outside.” The owner of the hand said, perhaps in an angry tone? It was hard to determine since he never heard that voice before. “And who might you be?” The young Kirishima clansman asked as he thought he had someone to play with. “Oh, I’m the same person you were talking to, just a bit angrier.” The guy said as Kaeiro and he were walking outside of the alleyway onto the main street.

“Alright, I defeat you, I kill you. You defeat me, you kill me. Okay?” said Wrath. “I’d like to get this over with quick.” he said as he took off his robe and sealed it into a scroll.

“B-But…” Kaeiro sighed “I suppose I won’t be going back soon, will I?”. Wrath unsheathed his chokuto and took out a kunai in his other hand. “Less talking, more fighting” Wrath roared as he casted handseals with his free hand after throwing the kunai, casting shadow clone Jutsu on it, multiplying it into 4 kunai traveling towards Kaeiro in a vertical position, one above the other while Kaeiro was running towards him.

He had to step aside, unless he wanted to be skewered. In the meantime, Kazuki weaved summoning hand seals, summoning hundreds of snakes around Kaeiro. “S-Snakes?” Kaeiro tried to jump away, but a snake got his calf.

Kaeiro managed to take it off a second before Kazuki sent electric shocks through it. “It wasn’t poisonous, I hope.”. He dashed towards Kazuki, who was preparing for him with his chokuto in hand.

Kazuki enhanced his blade by merging his lightning chakra with the blade, “You sure you wanna rush towards your demise?” Kazuki started dashing towards Kaeiro too. Kaeiro met Kazuki’s sword swing with a spin, dodge and elbow to the back. Kazuki turned around quickly and cast Lightning Senbon towards Kaeiro, who was too close to dodge them and got hit.

“Ouch, that stings, you bastard.” Kaeiro yelped while Kazuki cast handseals, bit his thumb and smeared his blood on his chokuto. “W-what are you doing?” Kaeiro asked, being cautious, since Kazuki seemed to have a trump card up his sleeve.

“Summoning Jutsu: Snakes!” Kazuki shouted while running towards Kaeiro with a blood stained weapon in hand. “What’s he planning on doing?” Kaeiro decided to think it was a bluff and charged in, only to see a snake flying towards him. He caught it in midair and redirected its path back to where it came from.

“That all you got, Wrath?” Kai taunted Kazuki. “Is it?” he heard a voice from behind him, and above him… and in front of him. There was 1 Kazuki in every direction. “You like jumping away don’t you? I’d like to see you jump now” Kaeiro heard from the one above him, as the clones swarmed him, and he barely held his ground, as the real Kazuki came slashing down from above Kai.

Kaeiro was too fast for Kazuki, but his clones had held Kai in place long enough for Kazuki to get a cut 10 centimeters long and 4 centimeters deep across Kai’s abdomen. “Ha, got you now!” Kazuki said just as a punch drove into his gut. “Fuck! I see that you like to play, would you be interested in playing with the tip of my sword!?” Wrath bellowed in rage as Kaeiro broke free from the clones and grabbed Kazuki’s left forearm, then sliding his hand down towards his wrist and then finally breaking it. He let go as quickly as he could and grabbed Kazuki’s sword as a Chidori was headed his way. “I really hope I’m not in a genjutsu, I’ve been trying to avoid all types of contact with him, but who knows….

While his wrist was being broken, Kazuki had been preparing a Chidori in his right hand. “If I die here, I’m sure as hell not letting you go free!” Kazuki whispered as he thrust the Chidori in Kaeiro’s direction, only for Kai to dodge to Kazuki’s left and then chopping his arm off with Kazuki’s own chokuto.

“NO!” Kazuki decided that it was impossible for him to fight without a left wrist and a right forearm, but he still tried. “I’LL KILL YOU!” Kazuki tackled Kai, only to be stabbed in the gut, and soon enough in the heart, as his lifeless body fell on top of Kaeiro. “Well, I suppose I’m going back to see Kono with a loooot of money.” Kai sighed as he took the sheath of the chokuto, deciding to use the blade to mark the spot where Wrath died.

Kaeiro Wins!
-Written by Shivraj, Proofread by Snoopy

General Discussion / SLO RP Server (New one!)
« on: November 03, 2016, 17:53:08 »
I opened an SLO RP Server, since the last one was deleted, I've been testing it with a bunch of people and I think it's ready to be announced to the public, so feel free to join :)

invite code:

I'd appreciate feedback and the likes.

SLO Arena Battle #10 - @Mars vs @Konohuro

Spoiler: show
Character Name: Kuria

Ninja Stats: 150 Points Available

Ninjutsu: 50/100
Taijutsu: 100/100
Genjutsu: 0/100

Advanced Ninja Stats: Pick One


Physical Stats: 225 Points Available

Health: 50/100
Stamina: 50/100
Speed: 75/100
Strength: 50/100

Chakra Related Stats: 150 Points Available

Chakra Levels: 50/100
Hand Seals: 50/100
Chakra Efficiency: 50/100

Extraneous Skills: 150 Points Available

Bukijutsu: 100/100
Kenjutsu: 0/100
Summoning: 50/100

Chakra Natures: Pick Two


Leftover Points: 0

Chance to receive a Chakra Combination: 0%

Spoiler: show
Character Template:

Character Name: Konohuro Kirishima

Ninja Stats: 150 Points Available

Ninjutsu: 10/100
Taijutsu: 80/100 (I don't know how this works, but this is more for kenjutsu[sword fight] rather than tai. He will only use tai when necessary, ex: when he gets disarmed or during a pary- when his sword is "busy"- he may perform a side kick or something like this. If I would split this points (80) between taijutsu and kenjutsu it would be 20 for tai and 60 for ken)
Genjutsu: 60/100

Advanced Ninja Stats: Pick One

Kinjutsu (related to forbidden genjutsu techniques)

Physical Stats: 225 Points Available

Health: 98/100
Stamina: 40/100
Speed: 70/100
Strength: 27/100

Chakra Related Stats: 150 Points Available

Chakra Levels: 75/100
Hand Seals: 30/100
Chakra Efficiency: 45/100

Extraneous Skills: 150 Points Available

Bukijutsu: (45 before) 10/100
Kenjutsu: 100/100
Summoning: (5 before) 40/100 (he has a summon tattoo on his wrist, like Sasgay does. He will summon at times shuriken or kunais during the fight and throw them in combos with genjutsu techniques in order to incapacitate the enemy. If you consider that 5 points are not enough for such summons, please add the remaining amount required from bukijutsu)

Chakra Natures: Pick Two

1. Wind (as he doesn't have too many points on ninjutsu because he just doesn't train on this branch too much, he will be able to use only wind release, and only in desperate times for defense.)
2. Fire

Leftover Points: 0

Chance to receive a Chakra Combination: 0%

Additional info:
1) He will use a long, light katana ("okatana") which is tied to his hand through a 1 meter long rope.
2) He will be like a samurai who will use genjutsu to obtain a clean, deadly death. He may use shuriken's and kunai's at times in strategies.
He is rather the strategic fighter, develops a well done plan and makes the preparation during the fight without letting the enemy deduct the purpose behind his actions that may seem at times, useless.
3) He is a close combat fighter. He uses shurikens in mid-range and wind jutsu techniques at long distance, not with the intention to hit hard the enemy but only to force them to defend so he can advance into mid/close range.,1660.0.html

Konohuro Kirishima, a famous clansman of the aforementioned, was sitting in a bar in the Hidden Hill enjoying himself - when to his dismay; the ANBU appeared next to him.

“What do the kage’s dogs have to do with me?” He asked as he slowly creeped his right hand towards the other, where he concealed his Okatana.
 “It would be wise of you to not draw that, we’re only here to carry a message from the Kage” the mysterious man to the left put his hands on the table to show that he was not planning an ambush with weapons.

“The Kage asks that you follow us outside of the bar to his office, since he is busy with work, and well, he’s not allowed into the bar; we’ll be waiting outside.” The two ANBU agents disappeared.

The Kage, huh? What could he want with me? Does he perhaps know why I’m here?” Konohuro thought as he got up and started to walk towards the exit, “I won’t be getting much info if the Kage catches wind of me, seems I’ll have to act a bit.

The ANBU don’t roam around on the streets, so Konohuro had to go to the Kage building on his own, but he could feel someone watching him, and the building wasn’t too hard to find, seeing as it was the biggest one in the whole village, he quickly dashed to the entrance, and up the stairs, one he had it in his sights.

He decided he should knock on the door, since just busting in would not fit a noble of his stature, however the door was already ajar, “Perhaps someone forgot to close it?”, Konohuro knocked on the door anyway, and waited for a response.

But there wasn’t any, so he decided to peek in, “I’m sorry, am I interrupting something?” he said as he slowly walked in the door, but there was no one there. “Hmm? Perhaps he went to the bathroo-” Konohuro was interrupted by a short assailant, who quickly burst in through the doors and hit his neck.


“Shit, a shadow clone huh?” the man said as the smoke cleared. “Not quite what I was expecting when your servants said you wanted to chat” he was surprised by a voice behind him, which belonged to none other than Konohuro, who was leaning on the wall next to the entrance to the Kage’s office.

“I suppose we’re doing this the hard way then, Kage-sama?” Konohuro unsheated his sword, and opened his right eye. “Tch, I should’ve expected you to be prepared” Mars expressed his annoyance in his tone of speech, “I’m afraid that’s what happens when you lack actual battle experience, no matter how strong you are.” he walked into the office once again, this time holding his Okatana up in a defensive stance, while Mars took out a kunai in one hand

Konohuro was the first to attack, he spun around and put all of his strength into a huge swing towards Mars’ unarmed side, trying to use his range to his advantage, but Mars was faster than he expected, but not fast enough that he couldn’t follow, and thus he saw the kick coming towards him, it still caught him off guard since he redirected his sword’s momentum downwards to try and slice off his foot, only to have his sword be interrupted by a hard object on top of his leg, “Leg weights, perhaps? Classic Taijutsu addict...” Konohuro thought as he backed off.

“Want to take this outside? The roof should provide enough room for the both of us to go all out.” Konohuro asked the young Kage, “Race you there!” Mars said as he rushed out the office. “Hmph, I suppose I’ll take my time then” Konohuro said as he casually walked out of the entrance, where the doors had once been hinged, but now lay on the floor.

Mars used the time he got to his advantage, having set up various clones and hiding them, so that he could ambush Konohuro, who had just walked up the stairs as the last of Mars’ clones finished hiding, and Mars himself was standing right in the middle of the roof, “You sure took long, are you tired already?” Mars said, but a second later he saw Konohuro running towards him with his sword in a thrusting position, “Enough talk, let’s get serious.” he said as he closed in rapidly on Mars, “Is he thinking of stabbing me with a katana? That’s… stupid.” keeping his kunai up and running towards Konohuro, as his shadow clones jumped out all at once to outnumber him.

Konohuro just had to land one hit on all the shadow clones, however, when it’s 11 opponents you’re up against, it’s not really to focus on all of them at once, especially with one eye, thus he decided to close his right eye and rely on his other senses, chakra sensing, hearing etc.

He swung and cleared his right side, then he ducked and stuck out his leg as his momentum carried him and caused 4 clones to fall down, he then quickly stood up and blocked the kunai of the 2 other opponents, one of which was the original Mars, with his O-Katana.

Mars took this opportunity to deliver a powerful kick right to Konohuro’s stomach, who stepped out of Mars’ way and stabbed the shadow clone that was left standing, then jumping to dodge the lowkick from Mars and threw kunai to finish off the 4 clones that were still getting up from their fall

Mars decided to step back, “He’s really skilled with that sword, but he’s also good at taijutsu, I suppose I’ll have to stop holding my speed back.” he took off the weights he had been wearing on his leg, hand and waist.

“Oh, fina-” Mars didn’t give Konohuro time to finish as he disappeared, only to appear 10 centimeters from Konohuro’s face, driving his fist into Konohuro’s stomach, “Shit! That hurt!”, but Konohuro regained his composure quickly and pushed Mars away, as Mars quickly spun around and swung the kunai’s tip towards Kono’s skull, who blocked Mars’ left hand with his right.

Mars spun the kunai in his hand so that the tip would be facing him, instead of Kono, then pointed the kunai towards Kono’s right eye, while driving his hand along Kono’s.
Konohuro blocked the kunai with his sword, but Mars grabbed his arm and used it as a leverage to pull Kono in for a roundhouse kick, Konohuro tried to block the kick with the flat of his sword, but was still pushed back by the force of the kick.

Konohuro was quick to recover, as he jumped forward and slashed downwards, which Mars dodged by stepping to his left, but Kono caught Mars off guard with a spin kick to his face.
“Hey, that hurt!” Mars sounded angry.

“Well, then you’re free to hurt me” Konohuro replied, “I can’t keep this up any longer, I’ll have to depend on genjutsu now”. “Oh, I will” Mars quickly cast handseals to Suiton: Suiryudan No Jutsu, and smashed his hands down on the ground to create a Water Dragon.

The Water Dragon was heading towards Konohuro quickly, and so was Mars, Konohuro cast Wind Bullet jutsu to disrupt the water dragon, as he couldn’t risk running away from the dragon and using any of the little stamina he had left, he stood there and waited for Mars to get close.

He used his O-Katana to feint a right swing, but grabbed Mars’ right wrist with his right hand, after dropping his katana, and punched Mars’ stomach and ribs with his elbow with all the strength he could muster, he then quickly threw Mars down, who landed on his back. Kono picked up his blade.

“I’ve had enough!” Mars activated 4 inner gates and in an instant started kicking Konohuro so fast that Kono had no time to react, and was violently thrown to the ground. “Get up!” Mars shouted angrily.

Konohuro did get up, but then Mars couldn’t find him, he was… gone.

 Mars felt a sharp pain in his chest, like something had stabbed him. He looked down to see his chest all bloody, and a long O-Katana sticking out of the wound. “W-When...did you…stab me?” Mars asked, speaking each word with a great deal of pain. “I put you in a genjutsu when I held your wrist” He replied “Unfortunately for you, you didn’t notice it”. “Huh, so...this is how I die? I can already imagine the headlines.” He said slowly

Mars suddenly started remembering events from a month ago. He was walking around in his village, only to have a poster stroke his curiosity, it read “Arena” in big, bold words at the top, while the rest of the poster had smaller text written over it “Do You Crave A Challenge? Is Daily Life Just Too Boring?” Mars knew that this was gonna be just what he was looking for, so he continued reading “Then Apply For Our Arena Project! We Pick Contestants From All Over The 12 Villages, Rogue or Village Shinobi, It Doesn’t Matter! This Is Your Chance For An All Out (Legal) Fight To The Death!” He was hesitant at first, mainly because it was open to both rogue and village shinobi, and that it was a fight to the death, but then he thought “I mean, how bad could it be?” and he headed for the registration office. The officers were surprised to have the Kage, but they calmed down after a bit.

Mars was regretting the decision he made that day “I’m sorry Remi, seems like I won’t be able to make it to that Kage summit after all.” he laughed silently.

Mars seemed to have relaxed from his previous, angry mood. “Well, I suppose I should’ve gone all out when I had the chance.” Mars said as he looked into the sky and exhaled one last time.

“Rest in Peace.” Konohuro slid his katana out of Mars’ chest and lay him down on the ground, closing his eyelids with his hand. “I didn’t expect to have to kill a kid today, but I suppose my job comes with risks and surprises.” He thought as he vanished from the roof.

Konohuro Wins!

-Written by Shivraj, edits by Snoopy and America

Battle #9 @Ken vs Satoru(@DrSuhi)

Spoiler: show
My char will have a big sword/big katana maybe

Character Name: Ken Himitsu

Ninja Stats: 150 Points Available

Ninjutsu: 100/100
Taijutsu: 50/100
Genjutsu: 0/100

Advanced Ninja Stats: Pick One


Physical Stats: 225 Points Available

Health: 50/100
Stamina: 25/100
Speed: 50/100
Strength: 100/100

Chakra Related Stats: 150 Points Available

Chakra Levels: 50/100
Hand Seals: 50/100
Chakra Efficiency: 50/100

Extraneous Skills: 150 Points Available

Bukijutsu: 0/100
Kenjutsu: 100/100
Summoning: 0/100

Chakra Natures: Pick Two


Leftover Points: 50

Spoiler: show

Character Template:

Character Name:
Satoru Nii

Ninja Stats: 150 Points Available

Ninjutsu: 65/100
Taijutsu: 75/100
Genjutsu: 10/100

Advanced Ninja Stats: Pick One


Physical Stats: 225 Points Available

Health: 70/100
Stamina: 60/100
Speed: 75/100
Strength: 20/100

Chakra Related Stats: 150 Points Available

Chakra Levels: 65/100
Hand Seals: 20/100
Chakra Efficiency: 65/100

Extraneous Skills: 150 Points Available

Bukijutsu: 50/100
Kenjutsu: 100/100
Summoning: 0/100

Chakra Natures: Pick Two


Leftover Points: 0

Chance to receive a Chakra Combination: 0%

Satoru stood in the Kage’s library, shuffling through various texts on the bookshelf. He glanced over his shoulder every so often, nervously checking the doorway. The room got chilly as the windows frosted over. Satoru panicked when the door opened to reveal a robed figure.

“I see I’ve got a visitor in my library… I suppose he couldn’t have been patient enough to wait and ask for a book…!” The man yelled throughout the room. Satoru immediately dodged behind the end of one of the shelves. He could hear the man’s footsteps as he walked down aisle after aisle. Suddenly, they stopped. Satoru’s heart was beating out of his chest. Without warning, he took a solid punch to the face.The impact stung as the unexpected hit punctured his icy face . Satoru hit the floor and slid. He wasted no time in producing some lightning clones. They directly blocked a follow up attack from Kuro, throwing him back.

When he looked back towards Satoru, his target was gone. Kuro heard something hit the window with a thump.
“Can't jump out of those windows, pal. I reinforc-” Kuro was interrupted by a loud crashing noise. His reinforced windows easily broke from a well placed Chidori.
“Fuck…” His shoulders slouched. Outside he heard screams, and he quickly perked back up. Kuro dashed outside in time to take a Water Dragon straight on. Most of the damage that would've been inflicted was deflected by a quick Jutsu used by Kuro - the front of the dragon froze and shattered. The rest of it splashed onto him, drenching his fine Kage robe.

Kuro landed softly on the snow covered ground as Satoru charged. Satoru’s initial kick was dodged and Kuro returned a punch which hit his stomach. Unexpected pain came as blood started to pour. He backflipped out of Kuro’s range to check his damages. The skin around his stomach had been punctured, but by what? He looked up towards Kuro, who's ice style had been used to form a sharpened fist weapon. Satoru weaved some hand signs, and lightning jumped from his body into the ground.

Kuro tried to prepared for whatever attack his opponent was planning, but it was no use. Satoru barreled forward only to stop just out of his reach. The Kage slapped his hands together and stomped on the ground, building a wall of ice in between. Lightning suddenly blew through the decently thick wall, but Kuro had already been airborne for a second. He launched a barrage of wind bullets towards the ground. Lightning began to gather near Satoru’s feet. Before the first wind bullet reached him, Satoru had launched himself through the wind bullets, dodging faster than Kuro was able to process.

The ground below where Satoru had once been shattered, leaving a crater from the sheer force of the launch. His element of surprise didn't last long. The lightning chakra he had expended in the launch limited the power of his augmented attacks. Kuro easily blocked the first punch, grabbing hold of Satoru’s wrist. Between blocking rapid fire punches and kicks, Kuro weaved hand signs with his one free hand. Eventually, he finished the jutsu, freezing his and Satoru’s arm together.

As they fell to the ground Kuro and Satoru wrestled, attempting to flip the other so that they may land first and absorb the impact. They both hit the ground at roughly the same time. Loud grunts were emitted, and they tried to roll away from each other, but their arms were still frozen together. Neither could break free; they rolled in the snow, slapping, punching and kicking each other. For the Kage, it was the least dignified fight of his life.

Satoru could begin to hear the shouts of village shinobi coming to their Kage’s rescue. He would have to finish this now. He wasn't able to find the book he sought, but he could still possibly get away. Kuro finally decided to dissolve their icy bond, which still left Satoru’s arm almost unusable. It was frost bitten badly and he could barely feel it respond when he tried to move it. He quickly formed a squadron of clones, sending several in each direction as he and two others stayed to fight.

“Quick! The real one’s getting away!” Kuro redirected the first shinobi to arrive. He continued the short fight with the fakes, unaware that the real Satoru still stood in battle. The two clones with him gave a final effort, popping into a cloud of smoke when they were defeated. Satoru exploded a smoke bomb on himself as Kuro’s kick to the chest landed. He lay there for a moment, half expecting the Kage to destroy him in that moment. Apparently other things were on his mind; he jumped straight back into the library. Satoru performed a simple transformation and snuck away disguised as a regular Snow villager. Satoru had accepted his defeat, and would have to face harsh punishment, since he wasn’t able to complete his task “But hey, anything’s better than death, right?” he walked away ashamed.

Ken Wins!

-Mostly written by America, edits by Snoopy and Shivraj.

Shinobi Life Online Suggestions / Puppetry Game Mechanics
« on: September 27, 2016, 15:11:13 »
Darth and I have been brainstorming this idea since... well, today, and I'd like to share it with the staff members to see if they agree with the general direction we're going.

The mechanics the both of us agreed to:
-    Two modes, User Mode and Puppet Mode
-    Summoning the puppet will spawn it within the range of 5-7 meters (slightly in front of the user).
-    User Mode
     •    Puppet follows movement of user
     •    Guards whenever user guards
     •    User can still use jutsus, tools etc.
     •    Available to switch to Puppet mode for advanced puppetry controls
-    Puppet Mode
     •    Transfers controls and camera to the puppet.
     •    Arrow keys to move the user.
     •    Allows for unique ‘jutsu’, that being the tools available to the puppet.
            I.    Combinations are limb based and readies specific tools in order. (i.e. ‘134’: 1 opens up the head, 3 reveals the flamethrower and 4 readies the flamethrower.)
            II.   If the puppet has blades, use the combination to ready the blades. Blades are used for melee, but can be launched from the limbs with aim-mode.

The mini-map works in both the modes but the sensory abilities are somewhat enhanced in the puppet mode. (Due to the chakra passing through the Puppet)

However, there is still an issue we haven't quite agreed on, and that's why we need both the community's and the staff members' help.

That issue would be the camera, we've went with two ideas, which I'll list below:

•  The camera stays on the User while it is in User mode and "races over" to the puppet once the modes have been switched

•  There are two cameras, one in a small window besides the mini-map and the original camera view. When the mode is switched, the smaller window transitions to being the bigger window and vice versa.

The problem with both of these are the load on the computer performance, and the difficulty it would take to implement them.

I think that the two windows would impact the performance a lot, while Darth thinks the racing over would impact more in an instant and having a constant load is more stable.

Which is why we introduced both options as suggestive ideas, since neither of us know that much about behind the curtain with games.

Shinobi Life Online Feedback / Invisible Boundaries Gone.
« on: August 06, 2016, 16:12:34 »
The boundaries surrounding the map are gone cause I was able to jump off of the map 

The earth dome isn't listed

32-bit Donator Edition, Version


Shinobi Life Online Feedback / Name and View stuck on death
« on: May 01, 2016, 18:15:11 »
When I get killed by someone, my view and the name etc. on top of my head are stuck on the place I was standing on before my said death.

Not sure if this happens only to me or not.

(If you need more details about the settings etc. I had on the time of me getting this bug, I will edit the post accordingly)

Games / Secret Assassin: Round 7
« on: February 21, 2016, 19:52:58 »
@Vreg sticky this please

Hello :). Starting a new round since the last one kind of went inactive and stuff, here we go.

Post below if you wanna Play (and you better join @Nova)


1.   In order for the game to commence there must be at least 8 players.
2.   Each player will be assigned a role (I will pm you); Either a Shinobi or an Assassin
3.   There will be 2 assassins
4.   Every ‘night’, the Assassins (who will know each other’s identities) will agree to kill a Shinobi. They will tell me via pm who their victim is and I will inform the Shinobi of their fate in the thread.
5.   Every ‘day’, all of the players will get to vote to kill someone off in to game, in hopes to target the assassin(s).
6.   For every 2 Assassins, 1 Shinobi will be an ANBU member (meaning none if only 6 people play)
7.   ANBU will be able to ask me the identity of a named player (Shinobi or Assassin) once per day (via pm). The ANBU will be on the Shinobi's side, trying to vote the Assassins out of the game.


1.   If at any point in the game, the Assassins outnumber or kill all of the Shinobi, they win. If all Assassins are killed, the Shinobi win.
2.   Lying about your role is authorized. If you’re an assassin you’ll probably want to convince everyone you’re not, so they don’t kill you. Likewise, you can pretend to be an Assassin or ANBU if you'd like, but then you would become an instant target.
3.   'Day' voting will be done in the thread.
4.   Use the thread, shoutbox, or inbox messages as your resources. Try to survive.
5.   If you are an assassin and you are killed. Do not reveal the other assassins out of spite. If the assassins win, you still win too. This rule doesn't apply to the Shinobi.
6.   Once you are dead, you may not help other players.
7.    Roles will be randomly assigned using Don't ask for a role. ;D

Players: json243, Gronik, TheSupremeKing, Konohuro, SirTroll, cmsurfer, Mars, Sanji

Technical Support / Textures bug
« on: February 08, 2016, 12:26:28 »
today, I started the game, and as soon as I started, I switched to the fastest graphics, and changed the ui etc. It was fine, nothing wrong, but then I decided to see how the game runs on better graphics, and as soon as I changed the graphics to fastest, the sky and the area beyond the map got started showing a grass texture, and when I moved my camera to look at the sky differently, it showed the Kage building textures etc. in the sky, the whole sky was covered by the textures.

Exact settings:

Game resolution: 800x600
Computer resolution: 800x600
UI size: 0.7
Graphics: Fastest(from the start screen)
Graphics: Fastest then Fast (in game commands)

Just putting this out there, not bothered by it or anything, seeing as I won't run it at fast anyway, but for those who will, and will update this based on what other things I find out.

the computer resolution doesn't matter

When I got up on the Kage building after recreating the bug, it looked like:

Game resolution seems to affect the change in textures

highest game resolution windowed:

Also, it seems it only happens if you switch from lower graphics to higher ones.

Shinobi Life Online Suggestions / About The Incoming Weather System
« on: September 14, 2015, 19:54:15 »
So, as everyone knows, I have a shit PC, so I thought of a way to get around the weather killing my PC:

A new command, /TurnWeatherOff or smh, can be added, if a normal user says the command, the weather turns off for him and just him, but if a dev/mod/admin says the command, then the weather turns off for everyone.

Please feel free to pick out any flaws you see, or build upon this idea :P


Programming / My Programming Journey!
« on: September 05, 2015, 20:25:53 »
Welcome! I'll be showing code, and the end result of said code here! Warning tho, it's nothing special, just started learning :P

Here we go!


End result:

Hideous for so much code, I know xD, hang on though.


That's the HTML
That's the CSS

End Result:

Mind blown? Me too! The second project looks better and has lesser code lol!




End result:

:3 all three made in less than a day, Will keep updating this!

Technical Support / Can't login in the game
« on: May 20, 2015, 13:57:36 »
I use my forum account details but it keeps saying "Incorrect Password" i even came and changed my password on the forum and reloaded the game, Btw Firefox doesn't cache the game for me so i have to load it all over again everytime i play it..., even after that it didn't work. I tried pressing the register button but it just redirected me to the website. and BTW i'm playing the donator version.

General Discussion / Attack On Titan Tribute Game by Feng Lee
« on: April 13, 2015, 12:43:29 »
Hey guys !!!!! I was wondering if anyone plays AOTTG

If you want to play with me just post below the time you can play in GMT
Mine is:
Monday to Thursday from 9:30 am GMT to 3:30 PM GMT
Friday from 9:30 am GMT to 5:30 pm GMT
Saturday from 4:30 am GMT to 5:30 pm GMT
Sunday from 4:30 AM GMT to 3:30 PM GMT

There can be exceptions. Remember to post the period of time you can play in, in GMT. :D :D :D

Shinobi Life Online Organizations / Katakiuchi
« on: March 20, 2015, 02:56:42 »

-from the Fate/Stay series

The Yugure Council Members:


Note: Yugure act independently from each other most of the time, however, they are unified in their serving of the group's goals.
-Yugure symbols by LarsJack

(Click any image to go to the respective Yugure's character, or profile if they haven't made a character yet.)

Leader: None, we are ruled by a seven-member council called Yugure who decide on what is best for Katakiuchi. They are named after the seven sins.

Rogue Organization

Purpose/Goals: We are the ones who strike when injustice is done. When people suffer due to one man's sin, we will do what is necessary to bring justice, and we will stop at nothing until we fulfill our goal.

History:Several Shinobi from different walks of life came together through sharing the same ideals and values.

Yugure: Seven Member Council (see leader section)

The Umbra: A group of 14 elite shinobi. Each Yugure has two Umbra who serve only them. The Yugure member is in charge of recruiting their own Umbra. If something is to happen to the Yugure, and he is no longer in the organization, one of his two Umbra take his place.

General: The ones that are usually in touch with the Umbra and Yugure, highly trusted.

Deputy General: In charge of all Officers and giving them orders, and making sure they're not slacking off.

Officer: They have authority to lead a small brigade of troops below their rank.

Veteran: Those who have distinguished themselves from the masses with out of the ordinary skills.

Infantry: Lowest official rank, often known as foot soldiers.

Initiate: Not yet a part of the org, they must prove themselves to gain a place in Katakiuchi.

The Umbra:


{___________} and {___________} {___________} and {___________}       


 {___________} and {___________} {_Trafalgar_} and {___________}


 {___________} and {___________} {___________} and {___________}


                                {___________} and {___________}

Katakiuchi Officers:
Ruffin1t, MadaraS, Rayzote

Overall Member List:
Rayzote, Ruffin1t, Shivraj, dannybosa, Teamaren, Rednas, jawillia1987, mislav000, Hiruko, Hiroto, Twisted_nM, KanoMiwa, Vipto, FraQ, wingzi, Nas, Drasholav, Crono, tyler179, klockan, Juniorra, Taigakun, Trafalgar, SpeakingRain, ExiledEnvy, Kings_Head, Hasato, Tawaz, crononmos, Craz3upuppetmaster, Takoi, ItachiHatake, RennieRLR, Shuninx, Borael

Member Count: 35

Allies: Heathen

Enemies: Roguhanta, Bitoku

To apply, leave a reply formatted like this:
Ninja Rank(If possible):
Chakra Nature(s):
Kekkei Genkai or Chakra Mix:
Previous Village:
Specialization(Genjutsu, Kenjutsu, etc.):
If you don't know any of this information, just put N/A
If you want to join the Katakiuchi Skype, or Discord Chat, PM your skype/Discord to a Yugure.

People who join before the Deathmatch Version is released will be instantly promoted to Katakiuchi Member, however, after the Deathmatch Version is released recruits will have to pass a test to get promoted from Initiate to Katakiuchi Member.

For in your profile.
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