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Author Topic: Manuster *******-Tsukegami (Chapter 19)  (Read 106873 times)

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Manuster *******-Tsukegami (Chapter 19)
« on: April 24, 2016, 01:07:40 »
Name: Manuster *******-Tsukegami
Age: Whatever age a foetus is... -5months?
Gender: Mostly Male
Height: Several inches
Weight: Several grams
Hairstyle: N/A
Facial hair: N/A
Hair color: N/A
Eye color: Black
Blood type: AB-
Primary chakra nature: N/A
Fighting Style: N/A
Hidden Village of Birth: N/A
Hidden Village of Residence: Mother's womb
Clan: Tsukegami and *******
Good or evil at heart?: Rip

Description of the character's personality:
I like memes

Description of the character's history:

Born to a father of the Tsukegami clan from Okagakure and a mother of unknown origin.

Osamu, a newly promoted Jonin was returning from his debut solo mission; to escort 2 Chuunin level rogues to their home village of Morigakure. He reached the village hidden in the Woods just after midnight, however in his excitement to complete his first A rank mission, he refused any offers to stay the night and left to return home immediately.

It was blindingly dark as Osamu was left the village gates, when, all of a sudden, a shrill, loud alarm rang out. This was soon followed by a series of cries and explosions as several dark figures in black cloaks dashed out of the village at inhumane speeds. Osamu noticed a symbol on the back of the some of the cloaks but it was way too dark to distinctly make any of them out. He continued on his journey home, confident that the Hidden Forest could solve their own problems.
As he reached the hilly terrain just outside the border of the Hidden Hill village, he came across a young, dark haired woman. She claimed to have lost her memory but Osamu was obviously sceptical to her claims, at first he thought of the cloaked figures from the night before, but he immediately dismissed the thought. He couldn't sense a shroud of chakra in her, and his chakra sensing abilities had just been rated amongst the best of the village. Besides, she was badly injured and her plain grey robe bore no symbol on it's back, not to mention the fact that there were exactly 7 figures that night.

Convinced of her innocence, Osamu took in the strange, and subtly beautiful woman. However it was not long until Osamu realized his mistake.

As he returned from his mission report in the morning, he spotted a freshly hung wanted picture of her. He rushed home to confront the woman, his kind-hearted nature wanting to give her a chance to explain herself before contacting the ANBU. He arrived home and went straight to confront her.

"You have 5 minutes to explain yourself before I get the ANBU" he said, throwing a wanted poster into the woman's face. She looked down for a couple of seconds, her eyes covered by her thick, black, curly hair. Osamu, concern overpowering his sense of danger, took a step forward and placed his hand on her shoulder.

"Hey, I'm sure you didn't kill your Kage, I just need an explanation", he brushed away her hair to get a look of her face.

Her eyes shone a bright orange, an obvious mark of the dojutsu stolen from the corpse of the late Morikage.

"" were the last two words he said. He froze, his mouth slightly open as the powerful Genjutsu worked at permanently altering his memories.

When he awoke, the strange woman was still recovering from the jutsu. However, to Osamu, she was no more the strange woman who couldn't tell him he name but rather, Mitsu, his loyal friend that had been betrayed by her own village. His memories now told him that they had been on many inter-village missions together and that he was madly in love with her, he now believed that for the sake of unity in the Hidden Forest, Mitsu had taken the sole blame for the murder of her Kage and the theft of his dojutsu. Osamu made it his duty to protect her, he would supply her with everything she needs until he could one day prove her innocence.

Osamu and Mitsu got along pretty well, despite the fact that she was confined to the small house that Osamu had bought for himself. An expert in Earth style, Mitsu dug herself a massive cavern underneath the home, a place for her to train whenever the house would begin to feel cramped.

Several happy years went by and Mitsu had occasionally donned a disguise to visit the outside world. Spring had just begun and the mood in the village, particularly the Tsukegami clan couldn't possibly be cheerier. The Okakage, Batt Tsukegami was particularly good natured, regularly taking walks around the village to greet and talk to his citizens.

However, there were reports, whispered rumors of a rogue organisation that wanted nothing more than to see the fall of the 12 Hidden Villages.

With a force that was supposedly stronger than any single village, this organisation was causing concern to the 12 Kages, however there remained little concrete proof of any ill will.

This all changed when a spy from the Maindo Clan reported that 6 of the most powerful rogue shinobi, - none of who had been seen for years, yet each with bounties worth millions - were holding a meeting around the outskirts of The Village Hidden in the Ocean. It was reported that each shinobi was bearing an odd, intricate, yet unique symbol, with none appearing to be the leader. In mere hours, The Hidden Shock Waves, Hidden Thunder and Hidden Metal had assembled and deployed an army of over 100 shinobi to protect the Hidden Ocean.

Yet they were too late; by the time the shinobi arrived, the Hidden Ocean had been completely obliterated. There were a several survivors...23 in total. Each and every single one of them trapped in a genjutsu that required 3 Jonin-level Genjutsu experts to disable. Whilst under the effects of  the jutsu they could only utter one word "....Heathen....Heathen...Heathen".

The Village Hidden in the Ocean was no more and in it's place arose the Ocean Village. The 23 survivors, all bearing the Ocean Village's bloodline heritage, used their ability to create a barrier that allows only inheritors of their bloodline to enter or leave the village. They were from that moment on isolated... completely cut off from the rest of the world.

The 12 Hidden Villages had been reduced to 11 and in an effort to prevent such a tragedy from happening again, members of the legendary organisation, Roguhanta were forced to scatter around the Hidden Villages. It was hoped that with their strength, even the weaker Hidden Villages would be able to delay, if not withstand the next onslaught.

As for the whereabouts of Heathen, Jyuunshin and Chokara were tasked with finding and destroying Heathen. Despite a total of just 19 shinobi, these 2 organisations had saved entire villages from the attacks of chakra beasts on several occasions. However, even they struggled to locate Heathen or any of their members. As a small and selective organisation that was supposed to have been neutral, no one knew who the members were or where to find them, even the organisation Heiwa, that specialized in the obtaining and trading of information had nothing substantial on them.

In just a few days, the pleasantry of spring had turned into an edgy and tense atmosphere as the news of what happened to the former Hidden Ocean Village spread across Okagakure. As a member of Roguhanta, Osamu was to be deployed to the large, yet relatively weak village of the Hidden Forest. Knowing that Mitsu was born there, he rushed home to tell her the news.

"Hey, I'm home! You wouldn't guess where I'm going to be deployed" Osamu exclaimed with a cheer in his voice. He ran straight for the concealed staircase that led to the hidden cavern, not even remembering that Mitsu was still supposed to be out of the country.

"Welcome back, how did the meeting go?" asked Mitsu, normally, Osamu would have noticed the very subtle edge of worry to her voice but he was far too ecstatic. With his signature grin plastered on his face, he traipsed into the enormous underground cavern.

"You wouldn't believe it, I've been deployed to Morigakure, I'm going to find out the truth behind who killed your Kage and clear your name! Believe it!"

Mitsu had a troubled look in her eye, "Oh Osamu, you really shouldn't do that, you've done enough for me already" She knew that if he were to investigate into the murder of the Kage, he would soon discover her real name - a fact known by only 3 people - as well as the abilities of the Kage's dojutsu. He would immediatly realize that he'd been under a genjutsu the entire time and expose her without remorse.

"Mitsu. Please, there is nothing you can say that will change my mind. You've sacrificed yourself enough there's no need to -" He was cut off mid-sentence by the katana in the middle of his neck. He looked at Mitsu, her eyes a glowing green as the genjutsu unravelled and the deception of the past 6 years hit him. Tears were flowing down the face of the strange woman as she spoke.

"Believe me, the past 6 years were amazing...I just wish...I wish you wouldn't be so stubborn you know? Once you set your mind to something you just won't stop till you complete it and I just can't have you complete this." Osamu coughed out blood as he pathetically lifted his arms towards her.

"I...I knew." The woman's head snapped up as she lost her composure. The tears around her eyes were far more evident as her shoulders shook and she let out light sobs.

" knew?"

He coughed again, his blood splattering all over the face of the woman. He weaved  several signs with his hands, casting a simple jutsu. Reaching out with his bloodied hand he touched her forehead and he showed her what happened 6 years ago. After the night she had used the jutsu. As a budding genjutsu user, Osamu soon noticed the discrepancies in his memory. There were inconsistencies in his memories of Mitsu, facts that failed to match up with the truths that he knew.

Aware of the dojutsu wielded by the Hidden Forest Kage, he quickly realised the situation he was in. It was too coincidental that his memories about Mitsu were inconsistent just as she was supposedly framed. His memories were still changed, however he had known that the woman who called herself Mitsu was not who she made him think she was.

"But...why...why didn't you tell me? Or tell anyone?"

Osamu's smile was weak now, his knees quivered as he could barely stay on his feet.

"You''d tell me when you're ready"

"I'm pregnant. But don't worry, I plan to abort." said the woman as she began to back away. Osamu's eyes widened in shock as she began to wield signs for another jutsu.

Her behaviour had completely changed, she was no longer crying and her eyes had returned to their normal colour; she was almost an entierly different person. Osamu took a measly step forward before collapsing onto the floor.

As his eyes closed, he saw a puff of smoke and 6 figures emerge. The figures were wearing black cloaks, each one with a different symbol. He remembered them as the figures he saw 6 years ago, but he wondered, weren't there 7 of them that night? He saw one of the black-clad strangers take a step towards the woman who used to be Mitsu and hand her a cloak. His eyes shut as he heard one, deep, male voice say;

"Hmph. I'm still not sure we can trust her. Not after what she did 6 years ago."

"I know, but she brought us right into the heart of the Hidden Hill, she's redeemed herself." said a teenager's voice.

"Look, Lust, we've voted about this and everyone thinks we should give her another chance. Besides, we haven't found a suitable replacement for 6 years. That says a lot." said a third, hoarse voice.

"You know our policy about traitors, you're lucky we let you live after keeping the dojutsu for yourself, but just this once we'll let it slide. The next time you cross the organisation, you will die. So, how about it Gluttony? Care to rejoin Katakiuchi?"

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Re: Manuster *******-Tsukegami
« Reply #1 on: April 24, 2016, 10:20:11 »
I have got to say, it was very interesting to read.
I'd wish it would even be longer.
And the way you incorporated a lot of the Organizations was awesome ^^

edit: +rep
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Re: Manuster *******-Tsukegami
« Reply #2 on: April 24, 2016, 10:27:40 »
Quite interesting indeed.
Well done Manuster.

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Re: Manuster *******-Tsukegami
« Reply #3 on: April 24, 2016, 11:03:47 »
I hardly read character stories but that was really impressive. Good job
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Re: Manuster *******-Tsukegami
« Reply #4 on: April 24, 2016, 12:12:30 »
Thank You, Thank You all *eyes watering*
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Re: Manuster *******-Tsukegami
« Reply #5 on: April 24, 2016, 14:02:39 »
D: nice bro,i did not expect that from you.(afk hiter xDD)
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Re: Manuster *******-Tsukegami
« Reply #6 on: April 25, 2016, 07:16:19 »
*claps* for part 2 o.o
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Re: Manuster *******-Tsukegami
« Reply #7 on: April 26, 2016, 02:09:21 »
Good work. I love when stories incorporate clans/orgs of the forum.
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Re: Manuster *******-Tsukegami
« Reply #8 on: April 26, 2016, 21:01:42 »
Lol Batt took the
Good work. I love when stories incorporate clans/orgs of the forum.
Took the words right out of my mouth Batt , I love the history dude I'm hyped up for the next part Lol
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Re: Manuster *******-Tsukegami
« Reply #9 on: April 28, 2016, 21:39:26 »
Nice work man. Heathen is proud of you...... *Gets emotional*

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Re: Manuster *******-Tsukegami
« Reply #10 on: May 02, 2016, 00:11:33 »
Man this is awesome, keep up the good work :D looking forward to the next chapter. Sry for the late reply tho :p

Offline Manuster

Re: Manuster *******-Tsukegami
« Reply #11 on: May 17, 2016, 19:30:00 »
Part 2
Onimaro Himitsu walked into the room, leading Taiga Himitsu, who was in handcuffs. In Taiga's hand was a sheet of paper, which he proceeded to place on the large table in the center of the room. He took a deep breath and looked up.

"My name is Taiga Himitsu and I am the leader of the organisation Heathen. On that sheet of paper is the identity of each and every Heathen member, as well as their village and fighting abilities. I am here to prove our innocence. I have strongly interrogated each and every one of my members and not a single one was involved in the attack on the Ocean Village. Neither do they know anything about the attack. If you so wish, you can interrogate them yourselves. I do not know why our organisation was framed but I do hope that with the information I have provided, I have gained your trust. I would like to take this opportunity to request that you kindly withdraw the bounty on our heads, as well as recall Chokara and Jyuunshin. We are a neutral organisation with a sole goal of improving each others abilities, we have no intention in seeing the downfall of the Hidden Villages."

The room was silent as the 11 Kages absorbed what just happened. The list of names was passed around and various grunts of surprise rose as some of the Kage discovered that some of their most trusted members were part of this organisation. The Kage of the Hidden Metal spoke up first;

"This seems a little too perfect...are you trying to say that you simply gave up the identity of every one of your members just to prove their innocence? Isn't secrecy utmost priority in your organisation???"

"Well of course," Taiga responded, "secrecy is vital to the operating of our organisation, however, not if it puts the lives of my members at risk. We're currently being hunted down by each and every Hidden Village and you honestly expect me to risk death of the entire organisation because of what? Tradition? You're a Kage, and tell me, would you do the same?"

Taiga had intended to quickly and abruptly shoot down any suspicions, however he didn't mean to create such tension while doing so.

"That is no manner at which to speak to a Kage, where is your respect?" sneered the elderly Kage of the Hidden Snow.

"It's fine mother, the youth these days know no bounds" replied the Hidden Metal's Kage.

"Mother?" Taiga was taken aback, he had no idea that 2 of the Kage were related.

"Oh didn't you know?" smiled another elderly woman, "6 of us are related, I, Kage of the Hidden Volcano am the sister of Nanami Kirishima, Kage of the Hidden Snow and between us our children are the Kage of the Hidden Metal, Dust, Forest and Ash."

Taiga was shocked by this news, he then remembered that the Hidden Metal, Hidden Dust, Hidden Forest and Hidden Ash had all their Kage assassinated in the past 6 years. At the mention of the Kirishima, Onimaro had appeared to stiffen, his eyes were narrowed as the reality of the situation sunk in.

"But I digress, so has anyone got anything else to add?"

Onimaro took a step forward, "Jyuunshin and Chokara have put all their efforts into finding Heathen. If truly guilty, he wouldn't have given himself up. As far as he would have been aware, he had gotten away with his crimes, that is, if he were guilty."

"That is true, he has put himself and organisation in an incredibly compromising position" voiced the Kage of the Hidden Hill.

"Ahh maybe so but how do we know if any of these names are legitimate? This could be a fake list used to gain the trust of the Kage. In fact, for all we know, Onimaro could be a member himself" said the Kage of the Hidden Dust. The Kage of the Hidden Ash nodded, adding;

"We should kill him, just to be sure. And if the attacks stop we'll know he was guilty"

The Kage of the Hidden Hill frowned, "Your plan is to kill without evidence? Even if you don't believe him, you could imprison him to see if the attacks continue...murder....just seems... quite harsh."

The Kage of the Hidden Dust and Hidden Ash exchanged a look.

"How about we take a vote on this?" Suggested Nanami Kirishima.

"All in favour of execution on the grounds of the murder and annhilation of the Hidden Ocean Village; raise your hand"

7 hands were raised.

"Bear in mind that it would be suspicious if you were not to. After all, we have no idea as to who truly is a member" added Nanami.

2 more hands were raised.

Onimaro couldn't bear the blatant injustice, "This is ridiculous! You call yourself Kage and you're sentencing this man to an unfair death! You're letting the Kirishima fool you!!"

The Kage of the Hidden Thunder stood up and walked out while the Hidden Hill's shook his head in disgust. They were the only 2 not to vote.

"Now now Onimaro, our respective clan's have come to an agreement to end this animosity" smiled Nanami, "maybe it's your continued distaste of the Kirishima clan that is making you disagree with us. You're the clan leader now and maybe it's about time you start acting like one"

Onimaro took a deep breath and turned to Taiga. "I can't let my emotions for the clan get in the way of my decision-making." Taiga's eyebrows raised in shock as Onimaro plunged a kunai into his chest. 

"" gasped Taiga as he fell to his knees. As his eyes closed he noticed a solid look of determination on Onimaro's face.

The Kage of the Hidden Thunder stormed into his office.

"Those idiots! I bet those Kirishima have something to do with the recent attacks..." 

"Sir, you have a visitor" interrupted one of his guards.

"You know not to barge in unless it's important"

"I know Sir, but she claims to know the location of the organisation responsible for the attacks" At this information, the Kage's interest was piqued. 

"Send her in", shortly after a young, dark haired woman walked in. She appeared to be slightly pregnant.

The woman was ecstatic, she hadn't thought that her plan would truly work but here she was, face to face with the legendary Kage of the Village Hidden in Thunder.


With a conscious effort to not smile, she gave false information as to the location of a false organisation, while keeping the details vague enough to match everything that Vuregu should know. As she began to run out of lies to tell, she spotted the signal from outside his window and dropped her guard.

"I..I have to go now" she took a step backward to leave but by the time she had turned around, Vreg had a kunai to her neck.

"Now, now, using a pregnant woman as a decoy, that's new." 

2 figures crashed through the window and 3 more walked in from the door. Vuregu could see the doors outside his office splattered with the blood of his guards. His ANBU level security had been dispatched with complete silence and in an unbelievably short amount of time. He knew this was no ordinary attack and these must be the shinobi that destroyed the Hidden Ocean.

"Let me guess, you're not here to talk" smirked Vreg. It had been a while since he had used his Eyes of a Thunder God.

He closed his eyes, drawing chakra into them, as the 5 figures all took a cautious step back. As he opened his eyes, they each dropped a smoke bomb, obscuring his vision.

"Pahaha, you think that's enough to stop me??" laughed Vuregu as he charged with a chidori in each hand. The pregnant woman seized the opportunity and dashed out of Vuregu's grasp as the 5 cloaked figures all attacked in unison.

As she recovered her breath in the safety of the blood-drenched hallways, the smoke began to clear. The fighting was gaining in intensity and the clash of a storm release jutsu and fire release caused the roof to be blown off. Now that there was no smoke, the pregnant woman activated her dojutsu - the stolen kekkai genkai of the late Kage of the Hidden Forest.

"Hey! Vuregu!" she called, as he turned around she attempted to place him under a genjutsu, but ended up being repelled against the opposite wall. Vuregu appeared at her side.

"I don't want to kill you, so leave, before you leave me no choice."

The woman smiled and pointed at the sky, Vuregu looked up, shocked by what he saw.

"You bastards..."

Falling, at a tremendous rate, was a meteorite over half a kilometer wide. Vuregu flew upwards, thinking of the quickest way to destroy the meteorite without harming any of his villagers.

"If I survive this, I am sooo stepping down as Kage" said Vuregu, as his Thunder God Eyes glistened in the sunlight, summoning rain.

Part 3

Taiga gasped as he awoke, as the memories of his last moments rushed back. He sat up and looked around at his ram-shackle surroundings. Mika Himitsu, the wife of Onimaro Himitsu walked in.

"Oh you're up" she said with a warm welcoming smile. Confused by the developments, he wondered if what he remembered were all part of some sort of nightmare.

" I?" he breathed, he noticed that he was in what appeared to be a tent, laying on a mattress with the bare ground mere inches from his face. Mika took a seat beside him and gently lay him back down.

"I've got a lot of explaining to do" she said, as a serious look came upon her face "and it's best that you calm down first." Taiga tilted his head to the side, intrigued as to what could make such a normally sweet woman, so serious.

"After Onimaro...killed you, he requested that he give you a traditional Himitsu burial. He rushed over immediately and brought you to my care, where you were immediately resuscitated. I've got to give it to you, most ninja wouldn't have survived that. You were dead for a solid 2 hours."

Taiga tried to interrupt but Mika shut him down, continuing;

"He told me to give you his deepest apologies. Onimaro had to appear to trust the Kage, he has suspicions - and rightly so - that the Kirishima are behind the attacks. However if his suspicions are correct, that would mean that 6 of the 10 remaining Kage are corrupt."

Taiga was confused, "10...aren't there 11?"

Mika, realizing her mistake, took a deep breath.

"I'm sure you've noticed our surroundings by now. The Hidden Thunder was evacuated..."  Taiga sat back up at this news.

"Vuregu...what happened to Vuregu? He's the strongest Kage of them all, surely??" But Mika didn't need to respond. She looked away, avoiding eye contact. Taiga was distraught.

"Bullshit, I refuse to believe it. He's far tougher than that." Mika nodded, hopeful as well. But the bad news wasn't over.

"Taiga..." He turned his head as her eyes filled with tears, Taiga tried to console her;

"It's OK, I'm sure Vuregu is alive, he's our Kage for a reason.".

Mika shook her head, "It's not that...Hea...Heathen"

Taiga's eyes narrowed, "What about Heathen?"

Mika, still avoiding eye contact said the words that Taiga had hoped he'd never have to hear.

"All of Heathen has been assassinated, you're the only one left. We...we don't know who did it, but several eye witnesses claim to have spotted distinct clothing of the Hidden Ash ANBU."

Taiga went silent...he got out of bed and walked to the door. It was almost as if he wasn't injured...

"Taiga..what are you going to do?" asked Mika.

"First I'm framed. And when I make an effort to redeem my name, I get killed for it. Only for both my home village and organisation to be brought to the ground.

Mika... thank you.

But I'm getting my revenge."

Mika had heard of Taiga's dissociative personality but had never witnessed it first hand. This was his first personality, a reflection of the harsh childhood he endured. He was rumoured to have ruthlessly murdered 10 jonin in this state, however Mika had never been one to put much emphasis on rumours. What she knew for sure though, was that the atmosphere in the room had dropped. She sighed as she thought of her second-born child.

"Kazuki...I hope you're all right."

Vuregu frowned, he was lying on his back in what appeared to be a prison cell. He stood up and looked around...

"Oh don't worry, this isn't a normal prison" said a voice. Vuregu spotted a figure in a black cloak. Identical to the figures he fought last. As he squinted he could make out the name "Greed" on the right shoulder.

"Greed huh? So you take to naming yourselves after the 7 deadly sins? Interesting concept, kudos." joked Vuregu as he leaned against the bars.

"I don't think you're taking your situation seriously enough" said Greed, the figure raised their head, showing the face of a well-toned 20-something year old man. He was grinning as his left eye changed colour. Vuregu gasped as he realised that it was none other than his dojutsu, Eye of a Thunder God. Vuregu tried activating his eyes and realized that he still had his right one.

"We tried giving both to Konohuro but he nearly died. It looks like you've got to have Storm Release to even use one of your eyes. It's a miracle he survived, though of course without any God-like eyes. We're currently on the hunt for another powerful shinobi with Storm Release, though they aren't that many of us, are they Greggy" smiled the man, he appeared to be enjoying himself, relishing in his new found power.

Vuregu was annoyed to say the least. No ordinary human should have been able to use his eyes, even with Storm Release, yet here sat an ordinary human...using them with no trouble. As for this Konohuro fella, he must have been either incredibly lucky or powerful to survive the attempted implantation.

Vuregu punched the wall, wincing as his own dojutsu worked against him.

"You should be familiar with this jutsu. It absorbs all forms of energy from inside the cage to power the barrier. Punching it, well only makes it stronger. I believe you call it..."

"I know my own jutsu" Vuregu said, crossing his legs and sitting down in the center of the cell.

"This jutsu is immune to Nin and Taijutsu. I'm sorry sensei, I know you said I shouldn't use it until I can control it, but desperate times call for desperate measures" thought Vuregu. His eyebrows furrowed for a while before a calm, docile look appeared on his face. He smiled and looked Greed straight in the eyes.

"Any last words?"

"It looks like it's going to rain boss" said a young farm hand.

"Oh bug off with that nonsense, it's the middle of July! It hasn't rained in weeks!" replied Ryu, a farmer in his late 60's.

"Hey, boss, I think your wife is on her way, and it looks like she's baked something too." added another young farmhand.

"And it's about time. You lot take a 5 minute break, I'll be back with the goodies" Ryu said, rubbing his hands at the thought of freshly baked cookies.

"If there's any left" smirked the first young farmhand, lowering his voice as of not to be heard by his boss.

"I heard that!" laughed Ryu, jokingly throwing a handful of weeds at him. He turned to face the kilometer high cliff  before cupping his hands around his mouth and shouting;

"Oi! Hinata! Over here!"

Hinata was a 63 year old farmer's wife. She had married into an incredibly wealthy farming family with an extensive and successful history stretching back over 8 centuries. Hinata and her husband currently lived in a small cottage at the top of a cliff where they could easily oversee their land of 40 hectares. Hinata walked out with a fresh batch of home-made cookies, smiling as she took in the brisk summer air.

"Ahh" she inhaled the smell of cookies, thinking that her quiet life couldn't possible get any better. As she took a step towards the winding trail that led to the base of the cliff and the beginning of her lands, she was blown 3 metres back by incredibly harsh winds as a thunderbolt crashed down from above.

The lightning bolt alone was nothing like she'd ever seen before, it was over 50 meters wide and stayed in her sight for a good 10 seconds. The thunderclap that followed could be heard halfway across the globe.

Hinata stumbled to her feet, her inner ears obliterated by the thunder. She was now completely deaf and her balance seemed to have a strong bias to her left. As she attempted to stand up she fell right back down to her knees.

The 4 hectacres of land that had taken 12 generations almost a millenium to acquire was gone, eradicated from the earth. In place of the luscious farmland that would stretch out as far as her eyes could see, was a pitch black pit of untold depth. In places she could see steam rising as water was boiled from the impact. The cookies she had baked were completely burnt, and the piece of ground directly in front of her crumbled, dropping the cookie-ashes into the pit below.

She watched them fall, until they hit what appeared to be a red lake. Realising that it was lava, she swiftly moved back, distancing herself from the edge of what appeared to be hell. More lava bubbled up as rock and stone were melted.

From the centre of the pit flew a single figure, holding what appeared to be a head. The figure flew up until they had a good view of their surroundings before spotting the dazed woman. As the figure flew closer, she recognised it to be a male in his early-mid 30's. The mysterious male seemed to be removing the left eye from the decapitated head before replacing his own with it. Hinata realised that it was none other than Vuregu flying towards her. After the attack on the Hidden Thunder, he was pronounced dead, no one had seen him for over 2 days now.

Vuregu flew to what appeared to be a farmer's wife. She was visibly dazed and her hands were badly burnt, there was also a trail of blood flowing from each of her ears, particularly her left. He doubted that she had yet spotted any of her injuries. He tossed the head to her, apologising for the great inconvenience. The woman just stared and nodded, holding the dripping head as if it were a baby.

If she hadn't just witnessed the obliteration of everything she knew and loved, she would have probably asked for an autograph.
"That's the head of a rogue ninja worth millions, Nibui Kirishima, it should be enough to buy some new land" Vuregu said, looking back at the destruction he had caused. He shook his head, trying not to think about how many people he had killed. He had a village to rebuild, this was not the time to dwell on lost souls.
"I guess I still can't use my Sage Mode safely" Vuregu muttered to himself as he flew into the upper atmosphere. He reached the edge of space before looking down to the Land of Thunder. Out of the corner of his eye he could still see the black pit he had created. It was most likely never going to disappear.
A small smile creeped upon his face as he dropped straight into Mach 2.

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Part 4

An annoyed Onimaro pushed past the guards of the secret Roguhanta headquarters, ignoring their protests and letting himself into Reminance's office. One of the guards tried to drag Onimaro out stating that he hadn't booked an appointment but Reminance shooed him off saying,

"It's fine, we have important things to talk about." Onimaro looked at the single seat in front of Reminance. Occupying it was a tall, dark skinned, young man, no older than 20. He was dressed in distinctive Hiddern Inferno clothing with shoulder length white hair. If not for the glaringly obvious Kirishima logo, he could have passed as a Tsukegami member.

"Who's that" asked Onimaro, in a blunt voice. Reminance took a deep breath, aware of the Himitsu's history with the Kirishima, he chose his words wisely.

"That's Zama Kirishima, he's a fairly new member to Roguhanta and our only reliable source on the workings of the Kirishima."

"Are you sure we can trust him though?" asked a skeptical Onimaro.

"I think it's best you listen to what he has to say first, go on Zama, tell him everything you told me." Onimaro decided to listen, putting his trust in his old friend Reminance instead.

"Well, as you may have noticed, there have been 4 Kage assasinations over the last 6 years. In each and every case, the newly appointed Kage is a Demiblood Kirishima. It's the fact that most Demibloods have a parent from another clan that has allowed this to go unnoticed. By adopting their second's clan name instead of Kirishima they can work their way up to positions of trust without anyone batting an eye."

"And the Noblebloods, they're okay with this?" poised Onimaro, his interest suddenly piqued.

"Actually, it's all being led by a Nobleblood. Konohuro Kirishima. He  has managed to unite both sides for a common goal, and has gained alot of Demiblood trust by placing them as Kage. I'm sure you're aware of which Kage are currently Kirishima. As it stands, only the Hidden Hill, Shockwave, Thunder, Inferno and Haze do not have Kirishima Kage."

"Aye, that's great Zama, but how do we know this is not a lie? Konohuro hasn't been seen for years and he's largely thought to be dead. What you're saying is that he is openly leading the Kirishima and not a single shinobi from outside the clan has seen him?"

"Well, actually, Konohuro doesn't actually show up himself. He summons the Kage and Kirishima clan elders into meetings with the Yugure."

"Yugure? What?" asked Onimaro, confused as to what the name stood for. At this point, Reminance had leaned back into his chair, putting his feet unto his desk, he smirked.

"Now Oni, this is where things get interesting."

Zama handed Onimaro a piece of paper with a drawing of a young teenage boy. Onimaro mouth opened in shock as he recognised his youngest son, Kazuki. His son had left home one day to join a rogue organisation, and despite his best efforts, Onimaro hadn't seen him since.

"Katakiuchi are a rogue organisation, they have a 7 member council instead of a leader and your son, Kazuki is on it. As well as Konohuro. They call themselves the Yugure and can be summoned at will by each other using a complex series of seals belonging to a forbidden jutsu."

"But what does this have to do with Kirishima?"

"I have reason to believe that the Yugure were behind the attacks on the former Hidden Ocean village, as well as the attacks on the Hidden Thunder. Through the Kirishima's Demiblood branch and the Katakiuchi, Konohuro is planning on controlling all the Hidden Villages, destroying those that won't succumb." Onimaro was even more shocked by this news.

"No...Kazuki...wouldn't..." Reminance adopted a serious tone and walked over to comfort his friend.

"Their next target is the Hidden Hill, I've already warned them to be wary for any incomers and sent some of my best shinobi. We've gone through worse Oni, we'll crush Kata and rescue your son."

Toichi Tsukegami mumbled to himself. As a newly promoted Chuunin, he was annoyed to be handed such a simple job, especially with all the action going on recently.

He was given a task by the clan leaders to clear up the home of his recently deceased, fellow, clansman named, Osamu Tsukegami. The cause and nature of his death had been incredibly shushed upon by the clan elders but there were several interesting rumours going about.

Toichi paused his work and took out a pre-wrapped slice of cake. He unwrapped it eagerly as he leaned against the wall. Highly sensitive to his surroundings, Toichi noticed that a section of the wall was less dense than the rest. He stuffed the cake into his mouth and explored the wall, finding a hidden seal that required Earth style to activate. Toichi had already unlocked his second chakra nature of Earth, despite still being a Chuunin and he used this to activate the seal.

A section of the wall seamlessly slid away to reveal a staircase. Excitement spread through Toichi's body as he ran down into the unknown.

Kamashe Ucyuga was a member of the infamous Ucyuga clan, the clan claimed to possess God-like powers however these were yet to be witnessed by both the clan members and others. As a result, they'd been reduced to a laughing stock across the Shinobi world and had been hunted to the verge of extinction.

Kamashe Ucyuga, one of the newer breeds of Ucyuga, was exceptionally annoying. He woke up to discover that he was tied up, lying on his back in a mildly lit cave. He sat up to see a single figure drawing out some sort of seal onto the ground.

"Who...Wha...Where am I?" muttered Kamashe.

"Ahhh you're finally awake!" smiled his captor, "My name is Ken Himitsu and I'm going to make you scream. And no, not the good way."

Kamashe recognised the name as that of a rogue shinobi who slaughtered an entire village just because he was hungry.

"Wha-what do you want with me?? I'm just an Ucyuga, why me?" Kamashe was visibliy shaking, tears ran down his face as he begged for his life;

"Ima coward and a pussy! Please! Spare me!",  Ken laughed as he completed the drawing of the sealing. He stood up and walked towards Kamashe, taking out a kunai and stabbing him right underneath the nail on his large toe. Kamashe screamed in pain as his tears turned into sobs.

"Why...why me?" he asked, an edge of desperation to his voice.

"Although I am enjoying this, it isn't just mindless fun" smirked Ken, as he shoved the end of the kunai underneath his second toenail. Kamashe's screams got louder.

"Y'know what happens when an Ucyuga's blood is placed in that pentagram?" Ken asked as he gestured to the sealing pentagram that he had drawn. Kamashe shook his head furiously saying;

"We...we don't actually have any God-like powers, our clan's...actually...kinda weak....we all claim to hold back but really...we're useless. Ken laughed,

"In combat, yes,  but a while ago, your founder must've made a contract with the chakra beasts somehow, allowing his blood and that of all of his descendants to summon chakra beasts" Ken laughed at the irony of it as he proceeded to stab under the nail of his middle toe. Kamashe howled.

"It's funny really, your clan have gone centuries being hunted for for being irritating while all that happened was that a bit of history got confused, leading you all to believe that you're powerful shinobis." Despite the pain, Kamashe's heart leapt at the joy of discovering that there was at least some truth to the supposed might of the Ucyuga clan.

"I....I can give you some of my blood if you want" winced Kamashe, as a renewed desire to live burned bright within him.
He had to survive this, he'd go back to the others and tell them the truth. They'd find the sealing formula and all summon chakra beasts of their own. They'd reach the height of pinnacle that they always deserved to be at and pay back everyone that ever insulted them. He couldn't walk with his busted knee caps but he couldn't care less, he would drag himself by his hands if he had to. He was almost smiling.

Ken was watching him with a sadistic smile.

"Thinking of telling your clan aren't ya?" He stabbed the nail underneath Kamshe's fourth toe, taking in the sweet sounds of his screams and sobs.

"Aaaaaarrggghhh! Why!? You only need my blood, take it!!" shouted Kamashe as he began to struggle in his bindings.

"I only said placing your blood upon the sealing summons a chakra beast. If I wanna control one. I've got to eat your heart." Kamashe's face was one of utter despair.

"J-j-just kill me then" Kamashe begged. Ken swung his head back and roared in laughter as he moved on to the last toe on his left leg.

"And miss out on all this fun?"

Kamashe's couldn't form a reasonable response, he was in between begging and bargaining for his life. His words had turned into a unintelligible slur. Ken Himitsu had a large grin on his face as he slowly began to peel off Kamashe's skin.
Part 5

Shika Kirishima was the overweight, pampered, only son of Nanami Kirishima, Kage of the Hidden Snow. Shika had become Kage of the Hidden Ash under questionable circumstances; the previous Kage, despite being young and full of health and energy had died of a mysterious heart attack. Shika, a political nobody and ignored member of the council of elders won the position of Kage through a complete and utter lack of competition.

"Oi, I said I wanted a chocolate cake with 7 strawberries. There are 8 on this!" Shika was slouched against a throne that he had had built for himself with the village funds, in a lavishly decorated palace paid for with village funds. In a furious temper, he threw the cake at the elderly servant, knocking her to the ground.

"Where are all my young, attractive servants??!"

"M...m..master, you've k-killed them all, Sir. N-n-no one wants to work here anymore." Shika was annoyed at the revelation. And when he was annoyed, only one thing could make him cherry again.  He stared at the old woman lustfully.

"Hmmm. Woman, do you have any children?" A look of confusion was stretched across the servant's face as she nodded.

"Yes Kage, 5 of them, 2 girls and 3 boys" Shika's temper that had appeared to dampen, flared up once again just as suddenly as it had vanished.

"What did I say you should call me?!?!" He roared at the woman, the sheer volume of his voice nearly pushing her of balance.

"M-master, sorry master." She kneeled as she rubbed her sweaty palms against her thighs. She suddenly had a deep feeling of regret for telling Shika that she had children.

"Your old are they" He smirked, as his eyes filled with lust and wickedness.

"M-master, ple-"

"Their age! Or they die!!"

"F-five and seventeen" the elderly woman burst into tears in fear "M-m-master, please" She fell to her knees and bowed to the ground but Shika wasn't listening, he got up from his throne and walked right over her hand, crushing the bones and leaving her moaning in agony.

"Guards! Go to wherever this woman's house is and bring her daughter to me...the younger one." Shika grinned and he rubbed his hands together, as he waddled to his office.

His smile evaporated once he walked through the door; on the floor, sitting crossed legged in the middle of a pentagram was a single, dark skinned man with his head lowered in what appeared to be a meditation position.

"G-guards!!!!" He screamed as he made a futile attempt to push the door open but his own guards had locked the door behind him. He could hear laughter behind the door as his head guard replied to Shika's shouts of protest.

"Consider this...Master... as a gift from all your staff. Past and present." The way the guard drew out the word 'Master' sent chills down Shika's spine.

"Taiga! Remember our promise! Make him suffer!!!" shouted another voice, it was that of the elderly woman that Shika had left in pain mere moments ago. The figure raised his head to reveal blood stained lips, as a strong stench of fresh blood suddenly hit Shika. Taiga wiped his lips with a torn patch of cloth. On the cloth, Shika could make out part of the Ucyuga clan emblem.  A dark, deep chuckle came from the black man in the black cloak.

"I told you guys to run."

Toichi Tsukegami crept down the hidden stairs located in the hall of the recently deceased, Osamu Tsukegami's home. A strong stench of blood and flesh made Toichi hold in his stomach and he had to make a conscious effort not to puke up his lunch.

Ken Himitsu turned to the approaching sound of footsteps.

"Kazzy? Is that you? Why didn't you just teleport in?" Toichi stood stock still, his mind racing with who could possibly be down here. A dreadful thought occured to him but he pushed it to the back of his mind.

"Hey! Kaz! I've killed the Ucyuga guy! I'm just skinning him now...viewer discretion is advised, content includes blood, gore and cannibalism." Ken laughed at his own joke as a poof of smoke appeared behind him. Kazuki Himitsu appeared. He was dressed in standard combat gear but his headband bore the symbol of Katakiuchi instead of his home village of the Hidden Thunder. His vest bore Himitsu emblems on both shoulders. Kazuki cracked his knuckles before turning up his nose at the smell.

"Hey Kaz, where's your cloak?"

"I left it. I didn't want to get it stained. And I told you to stop calling me that. And why the fuck are you skinning him?? You only need his heart, take it out, take a bite and summon the damn thing....bloody lunatic." replied Kazuki, already annoyed by the lack of urgency that Ken displayed.

"You take the fun out of everything" moaned Ken before dropping the kunai and ripping the heart out straight out of the Kamashe's chest.

"Wait. There's someone else here." said Kazuki, putting his hand on Ken's shoulder, he pointed to the entrance at the far end of the cavern.

"Oh yeah, someone came down the stairs just before you appeared...I thought it was you." Kazuki stared straight at Ken.

"Oh shit! Someone IS here!" Ken scrambled to his feet and drew a blade from seemingly nothing, as he slowly approached the staircase.

Toichi took a deep breath, in a failed attempt to slow his heart rate. He had no idea what was going on but he knew that someone called Ken was defiling a dead body and a guy called Kazuki had the ability to teleport. He gasped out loud as something clicked in his memory. He was dealing with two of the Himitsu's clan most deadly defectors. Realising how dire his situation was he began to wonder if he could even make it out alive to get help.

"Now now, come on out there." teased Ken, as he neared the edge of the cavern. He saw a ninja of the Hidden Hill quickly casting seals.

"Fire Style: Fire Dragon Jutsu" shouted Toichi, releasing a dragon of fire from his mouth. Ken took 2 quick steps to the side, completely missing the attack. He smiled and licked his lips before begin to cast his own jutsu.

"Ken. Your sleeve is on fire." said Kazuki, seemingly irritated with the distraction. Ken stopped his jutsu mid cast to kill the fire.

"Now, where were we" He said calmly.

"What the hell is wrong with this guy? He's either crazy or stupid...or am I not enough of a challenge to take seriously?" thought Toichi.

"Water Style: Water Dragon Jutsu" smiled Ken, he repeated the signs and casted the jutsu again and again, hitting Toichi full on with the third attack. A clone vanished and from the top of the staircase came several fire balls.

"Ice Wall" shouted Ken as he slammed his palm to the ground. A thick wall of ice rose to absorb the impact of the fire balls. Running from the side of the wall was Toichi brandishing a kunai and shuriken. Ken seemingly grabbed his sword from mid air and repelled both projectiles. He grabbed another blade that seemed to appear from mid air and thrusted it at Toichi, causing another clone to vanish.

"So much for double S class rogue" smiled Toichi as he released a Fire Dragon Jutsu from right above Ken.

Kazuki raised an eyebrow. Even though he was holding back, most Jonin wouldn't get a single hit on Ken. He leaned against the wall and took out several kunai, holding one between each finger.

Toichi stumbled to his knees and looked down to see a sword sticking out of his abdomen. He looked up to see that Ken had 2 more swords in each hand.

"H-How?" asked Toichi as struggled for breath.

"Well I'm glad you asked, you see this is a Wind Style Genjutsu." He snapped his fingers and Toichi could suddenly see 4 scubbards, on Ken's back, each one for a different sword. Ken snapped his fingers again and it was gone.

"It's a genjutsu that I have on all the time, I only really take it off when I really have to focus in a battle." He walked up to Toichi and patted his head. "Sorry kid, but I earned this double S ranking you know, it ain't easy to have a Genjutsu up 24/7." He stood up, sheathed his swords and patted his hands.

"Now, where's my lunch.", Ken jogged back to the pentagram, sat in it and picked up the heart. "Oi, Kazuki, I advise you step back, these chakra beasts are kinda huge you know.

"Hmm. Since when are you a double S class? I'm better than you and I'm still only S class." frowned Kazuki. Ken laughed in response.

"Oh Kazza, one day you'll lose your shit and then, just possibly, reach double S rank. For now of course, you're just my bitch. Now. Let's fuck up this village." Ken took a bite out of the heart.

"KEN HIMITSU! KAZUKI HIMITSU! Raise your hands this instant!!!" roared the voice of Haruko Tsukegami, the Head ANBU of the Hidden Hill.

"Oops" was all that Ken could say before an explosion devastated the cavern and left Osamu Tsukegami's house in utter ruins.

As the smoke cleared, a behemoth of fire could be seen standing in the middle of the Tsukegami residence area; a chakra beast that resembled a lion. The mane and end of it's tail consisted of pure blue flames and parts of its red and orange streaked fur would occasionally burst into flames before shortly subsiding. These seemed to cause no bother to the beast, nor the human standing upon its head.

"Damn, really wanted the water one," said Ken, "but I guess this will have to do."
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Re: Manuster *******-Tsukegami
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I just finished reading part 1 and I have to say it looked amazing. Then I found out that there was more. LOL. It's that I have to study for my tests that I am quittin' now, saving the best for last I hope ;D

Looks really good this far. Like the style! +rep for ya ;D

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Daaaaamn. I snitched so hard! xD
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