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Author Topic: Rinnegan and Beyond  (Read 19342 times)

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Rinnegan and Beyond
« on: March 08, 2017, 18:27:57 »
Sometimes quick story ideas will randomly pop in my head, and I begin to write them down and get addicted -- so enjoy this random short story about a Kasuke. I got lazy and decided to use village names from SLO and powers/abilities from the show. This isn't spellchecked or even reviewed at all, so there may be some mistakes.

Kosuke stood before an army of shinobi, all touting fierce weapons and expressions to match. Clothed in primarily dark blue -- the army of Asaka Seiken of the Hidden Thunder, aided by several squads of Hidden Hill shinobi. Rumor had it there could be several Uchiha in the crowd. Kosuke had a theory; he wasn’t quite sure of it’s accuracy -- it was just a theory -- but, if it worked, his power could achieve an entirely new level.

The Rinnegan was a natural evolution and predecessor of the Sharingan, but his had no tomoe like was recorded on historical texts. Kosuke planned to return the Uchiha eyes to his body in an attempt to add tomoe to his Rinnegan.

Kosuke dashed into the fray, catching his first victim off guard. The power behind the slash tore a wound straight through his flak jacket. He brought his sword back around, slicing through the shinobi to his left as he turned to face the new threat. They were beginning to move once what had happened processed. Kosuke blocked one overhead swing with his sword, dropping his left hand from the hilt to generate a black receiver, an icon of the Rinnegan.

Kosuke plunged the rod into the enemy and shouldered him to the ground, continuing forward. All of the nearby shinobi had now registered the beginning of combat, turning their attention towards Kosuke. Blocking became the name of the game; he clenched his sword tight in his right hand, twirling and hopping to avoid and block incoming strikes. As the enemy’s attacks became more coordinated and more shinobi were able to attack at once without colliding with their allies, Kosuke spawned another black receiver as a blocking tool for his left hand.

Soon enough, there was no opportunity to strike at all -- Kosuke’s movements were all defensive. Enough of this.
“Shinra Tensei!” A short burst knocked back the surrounding shinobi, however, the enemy was prepared. One particularly bulky man rocketed towards Kosuke head on, arriving after the Almighty Push was already used. He blocked, of course, but the weight of the attack delivered by a massive hammer launched him back a good thirty meters.

Suddenly, Kosuke picked up on a completely different kind of chakra. The kind an Uchiha would make. He frantically scanned the crowd, looking for anyone with Uchiha markings. There he was, eighty meters out, right eye closed. It began to bleed, prompting Kosuke to weave the signs for an earth wall.
“Doton: Doryūheki!” (Earth Style: Earth Wall) He slammed his hand on the ground, erecting a wall twice his height, in good time, too. Black flames erupted on the wall where he would’ve been had he not protected himself. Kosuke acted quickly, slicing the section of the wall initially coated in the black flame. A solid punch to it’s back shot the half-meter wide tile forward into the crowd.

Kosuke clapped his hands and focused.
“Banshō Ten'in!” The chunk of his earth wall consumed by Amaterasu began to attract nearby shinobi and loose rocks. They quickly caught flame, spreading it to the growing ball of ninja that were gathering around the origin of the jutsu.
“Doton: Sōdaina Chikyū no Dōmu!” (Earth Style: Magnificent Earth Dome) The hellish pile of screaming shinobi covered in black flames were now contained by a large dome of solid rock. Kosuke wasn’t going to give the Uchiha in their ranks the chance to retract his black flame from his allies. Speaking of the Uchiha, Kosuke gazed over the mob of shinobi through the hole in his earth wall; they remained distracted by the events occurring nearby.

Kosuke gladly took the time to recharge his Deva Path’s ability; a Banshō Ten'in of that magnitude casted on an object so far away from himself was costly. It would be a good forty five seconds before he could use it again. However, there would be no rest for the wicked. A swift punch to his gut sent Kosuke tumbling back in the dirt. He was able to land on his feet eventually, sliding backwards still. Green energy filled his vision as the attacker continued his frontal assault. The fucker has opened a few gates. Kosuke received a kick to the jaw, sending him airborne. He was capable enough to predict the next attack, generating a black receiver and swinging it wildly to the right. It penetrated the skin of his opponent, halting their attack.

Kosuke landed without harm, cracking his neck. The sound of metal rattling on the ground came from behind. He turned to see his attacker was a girl, and she had pulled the rod from her leg and tossed it on the ground. How embarrassing it’ll be if I lose to a girl. Especially one that uses physical attacks. Kosuke couldn’t open any of the gates himself, for it seemed whatever gods tried to balance the universe kept him from gaining that extraordinary power in addition to his Rinnegan.

The Deva Path abilities were still recharging, but the Rinnegan offered other paths as well. He didn’t necessarily like to use them, but now was no time to be nitpicky. A quick panda summon blocked the girl’s blitz with it’s hardening ability. Kosuke had no idea what exactly the jutsu it used was and he didn’t really care -- it was solid enough to stop a punch from someone who had opened at least three gates. By the time the girl had recovered her bearings and stepped around the panda, Kosuke was gone.

He sat atop a hill inside the mouth of the Rinnegan’s chameleon summon. It was incredibly disgusting, but it worked. Nothing lasts forever, though. Sensory type ninjas interrupted his brief peace, pointing his pursuer in his direction. The poor chameleon took a harsh chop, de-summoning instantly. Still no Deva Path, though. Kosuke was blitzed yet again, however, he managed to run through his opponent’s calf with a black receiver before taking a blow. This time, he had a plan.

Kosuke wasted no time, generating several black receivers as he landed and chucking them towards the girl. She attempted to get up, but was interrupted when Kosuke channelled an intense amount of chakra through the rod in her leg, briefly taking control of it. She flopped onto the ground, now prone to his incoming receivers. Two more landed out of the five thrown, one in the shoulder and one in the gut. That would have to do for now; Kosuke had more important business to attend to.

The mob of shinobi had reached the bottom of the hill he stood on. Kosuke scanned the crowd for an Uchiha. He sighted only the one from before, standing relatively far away from the front line. Kosuke wasn’t sure on how to approach this. He didn’t have unlimited chakra and was still missing his Deva Path abilities -- there was no time to wait for either. Besides, gates-girl wouldn’t stay down forever.

The Asura Path was certainly his least favorite to use. It was incredibly tacky in Kosuke’s eyes and growing extra arms out of his back was not his style -- but maybe it was time for the ‘warring demon’ to come out. Dire times call for dire measures. Arms blew out of his back, launching smoke bombs and missiles in all directions. Kosuke strengthened his legs and rocketed forward towards his prized target. The Uchiha dodged his initial attack while projectiles rained down onto the army.

Kosuke and the Uchiha began in a bout of taijutsu, in which the Uchiha clearly had the upper hand. Suddenly, he felt it. The Deva Path was back. He waited to get close to eliminate any possibility of Susano’o getting in between him and the auch ins. An unsuspected Banshō Ten'in drew his enemy through his black receiver. Kosuke jumped up in the air and used a rocket modification to blast him away, Uchiha impaled on the black rod in his hand. They landed almost an entire kilometer away, and Kosuke began the transition immediately. The guy screamed as his eyes were ripped out casually by Kosuke. He felt a glimpse of remorse, the man had only begun combat and didn't expect it to end so quickly. A waste of the sharingan.

“These better be eternal.” Kosuke said as he held the left eyeball up to his left eye. He had never exactly done this before, but it was now or never. As he funneled chakra into medical ninjutsu, the eye suddenly disappeared, and his left eye went blind. Kosuke recoiled from the pain, but let loose a wide grin. It felt like it worked; he couldn't open the eye yet, but he felt strength returning to it. Kosuke began with the other eye. It melded into his right eye as quickly, leaving him completely blind. The Uchiha was still groaning on the ground below him, to which Kosuke took a shot in the dark and chucked some chakra receivers.

The noise stopped and Kosuke plopped to the ground. Might as well take a seat while waiting. He continued funneling chakra into his eyes through a medical jutsu. Almost a minute passed before Kosuke felt prepared. He slowly opened his eyes.

It was majestic; Kosuke could see the fading chakra of the Uchiha incredibly clearly. Several bugs flew around the area, all of which Kosuke could track with ease.
“These eyes are nice.” Kosuke turned and ran back towards the battlefield. His Asura Path modifications disappeared; he no longer needed them with the added power of the sharingan.

Kosuke was interrupted by gates-girl. She had broken free by opening the fourth gate. This would've spelled trouble for him five minutes ago, but his new eyes, filled with twelve tomoe altogether, permitted him to see faster than she could move. Her punch was easily blocked. Kosuke grabbed her wrist and tossed her back the way she came. He followed up with intense speed. As he leaked the hill, he saw that his throw had gone further than he expected.

They met halfway, clashing in front of the shinobi army. A quick Taijutsu scuffle led to Kosuke getting a grasp on her head.
“Banshō Ten'in.” Kosuke said calmly. The girl’s skull collapsed from the universal pull. Her head imploded, spilling cranial matter on his right hand. Her body dropped to the ground as Kosuke turned to face the rest of the ninja. He felt good, great even. Maybe it was time to test out the abilities of the sharingan.

His eyes suddenly started bleeding profusely as the yellow aura of Susano’o flared up. Kosuke screamed in agony, yet was unwilling to abandon the attempt. Half of the rib cage was formed when his right eye gave out. It felt completely unresponsive.
“No…” His hand held his head in pain. “No, no, no… NOOO!” His left eye went blind as well. Kosuke fell to his knees, blood dripping from his now ruined eyes. The Sharingan had rejected his body and his Rinnegan.
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Re: Rinnegan and Beyond
« Reply #1 on: March 08, 2017, 21:23:24 »


But seriously though, fabulous.

I feel as though this is what should've happened in the anime

Madara honestly shouldn't have stood a chance against 5 Kage, Naruto, Sasuke and 8 Gates Gai together

let alone all of the shinobi

I mean Shikamaru and his dad are geniuses

and cant reason to use all their best shinobi at once?

But going off topic lmao, this was great, I now feel as though I should've left out the story telling and only do combat ;_;

" Kosuke couldn’t open any of the gates himself, for it seemed whatever gods tried to balance the universe kept him from gaining that extraordinary power in addition to his Rinnegan."

Lmao, this would be a whole new level of OP....

Kasuke Gai.
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