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Im sure this has already been asked somewhere but I wasn't able to find it..

Point blank what is your favorite type of Jutsu from Naruto and why? What Jutsu would you like to see added to SLO and why?

There is a jutsu creation topic were you can suggest jutsu you would like to see.

but personally I like the summoning fuinjutsu in Naruto the best!!
It has the most possibility's in terms of possible combinations. ninjutsu
collaboration, taijutsu support, and sensory abuilitys.

but if not summonoing then its the nara clans shadow jutsus. all of them.
each has its own uses.


Flying Thunder God because its is OP and unbalanced

Mine favorite techniques are those from the gentle fist and wind release jutsus. 128 palms and the vacuum blade are my favorite two out of them with the twin lion fist coming close second.


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