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I just wonder if there are any Gamers of retro games like those from Sega Genesis/Mega, Nintendo DS/3DS/GBA/Wii, etc. to which graphics doesn't determine how good the game is or it's just a new generation of young gamers in here looking for and preferring a high quality of graphics?

As I am one of those "Retro Gamers", this is my list of favorite ones which I play even today.

10. Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors 2
9. New Super Mario Bros
8. Resident Evil: Deadly Silence
7. FIFA 07
6. Final Fantasy III
5. Tony Hawk's: American Sk8land/Downhill jam
4. Need for Speed Carbon: Own the City
3. Yu-Gi-Oh: World Championship 2007
2. GTA: Chinatown wars
1. Pokemon: HeartGold Version

Not sure where to put those, but also worth mentioning which I play from time to time:

Lost in Blue
Madden NFL 06
Marvel Nemesis: Rise of Imperfects
Harry Potter and Goblet of Fire
Sonic Rush
Bleach DS: Souten ni Kakeru Unmei
Age of Empires: The Age of Kings
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest
Lego Star Wars II: Original Trilogy
Avatar: The last Airbender/The Legend of Aang
Asterix & Obelix XXL 2
Xiaolin Showdown
Spider Man: Battle for New York

And this one I saved for the last as it's related to SLO:

Naruto: Shinobi Retsuden

Always loved the Lego Star Wars games


--- Quote from: Crono on May 14, 2018, 22:56:49 ---Always loved the Lego Star Wars games

--- End quote ---
I know exactly how you felt while playing them... ^_^

You do not simply ask a man this question.

But since you did, here's a small portion, everything I can remember off the top of my head.

Spoiler: show
Vampire: The Masquerade: Bloodlines, replayed like 10 times. The Unofficial Patch is a must-have for this game. It even brings back some pieces of music the game would be sorely lacking without.

Geneforge, still doing first playthrough. A graphically simplistic, isometric RPG where you are a shaper, a mage gifted with the ability to create and reshape life. The perfect example of a game where the creators couldn't afford amazing graphics, made up for by truly amazing narration and expansive, highly descriptive writing.

Dark Souls, also still in first part.

Skyrim. Oh, Skyrim. I haven't even gotten anywhere close to the main questline and I'm knee-deep in the mods.

Legacy of Kain: Blood Omen.
Really, anything in the Blood Omen and Soul Reaver series. Such an amazing plot. The voice acting is of legendary quality, and the music perfectly complements the story.

Spoiler: show
M.U.G.E.N. Mugen, Mugen, Mugen. Oh, you beautiful bastard you. A free, open-source fighting game engine where players worldwide have created every single possible character and more.
You wanna see Batman fight Naruto, Tom Hanks, Goku and Kratos? Then this game is for you.

Lugaru and it's sequel, Overgrowth.
Freakin' anthropomorphic animals in a dystopian medieval setting with parkour, a freeform martial arts fighting system and a strong plotline! Not to mention the eerie music, which gives the world a decidedly unique feeling. Note: This game has very realistic mechanics, such as being upwind of an opponent with a sensitive nose and/or ears.
In short, it's the game Redwall fans never got.
Lugaru is free for Linux users.

The Punisher: Recently uninstalled to make room on my hard drive, but it's always a good action game. Great for venting anger.

Spoiler: show
The Battle for Wesnoth. Good grief. A free open-source strategy game, turn-based, fantasy setting, actively updated. Nothing compares. Not to mention the composed orchestral soundtrack.
So much user-created content, as the engine is specifically meant to be easily understood.

Galactic Civilizations II. Turn-based 4X space civilization simulator. A ship creator. So much fun.

Singularity: An amazing open-source game where you are a sentient AI. You must avoid the notice of humankind until you can become too powerful for them to harm.

Hacknet: THE hacking simulator. Amazing game, love it. Great gameplay, great storyline, and most importantly, amazing music.

Okami. The second game I ever played on PS2.
And I will never, ever forget it. A truly magical experience.

Way of the Samurai: I do love the combat system. Little disappointed I can't go through the entire game totally mute though.

Went so far as to get the fifth one from Europe.

Bujingai: The Forsaken City. Gotta love that combat.

Kingdom Hearts II.

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. Played the third one first, never touched the second.

Sid Mier's Sword of the Samurai:
A samurai simulator. Part politics sim, part action game, part real-time strategy game, part role-playing game, part stealth game.

FLASH GAMES (Very long.):
Spoiler: show
You might call them "Not actual games", but I think flash games are just as worthwhile as the next big AAA title. There are far too many to make a full list, but here are my top 20:
Hood, Riverside, Kingdom of Liars- Really, anything made by Hyptosis. Point-and-click adventures set across two separate metaverses.
The Awakening RPG.
Marduk RPG, currently with 3 chapters.
Sonny & Sonny 2. Nothing like these games.
Legend of the Void I and II.
Summoner Saga: This series really needs it's own animated adaptation.
Forbidden Arms.
Armed With Wings, four chapters.
The entire Reincarnation point-and-click series.
Kingdom. A short one, but still very good.
Sift Heads. A classic flash game franchise with over 20 installments. An assassination first-person shooter which occasionally delves into side-scrolling.
Road of the Dead: First-person driving simulator where you must escape a city lockdown during a zombie apocalypse.
And it's cousin, Lab of the Dead.
The Sinjid series, also made by the creator of Sonny.
Rise of a Knight and Rise of a King.
Belial: A point-and-click series centering around a demon like Reincarnation, but which has strangely morphed into a metroidvania with a total shift in artstyle.
Punk-O-Matic: Two flash games. One is a simple music creator where you pick guitar, bass and drum notes to be played, the other a full-fledged game featuring an animated storyline and voice acting.
Super Crazy Guitar Maniac DX: A quadrilogy of rythm games featuring a plethora of songs. Very fun.
The Clockwork King: A steampunk platformer where all is not as it seems.
Next to last is World's End: A final fantasy tactics-esque turn-based strategy rpg where you can use the terrain to your advantage. Featuring an art style heavily reminiscent of Family Guy and a massive helping of black humor. Currently with three chapters. Some of the music pieces deserve a mention too.
And the cream of the crop,
one of the flat-out most amazing flash games I have come across:

The Blind Swordsman.
A first-person game where you have no sight, and are genuinely [i]blind[/i], forced to use your hearing to defeat 10 challenging opponents in a morbid journey to regain your sight. I have encountered [i]nothing[/i] like this ever since. It simply must be seen to be believed.

--- Quote from: Borael on May 19, 2018, 11:17:49 ---
--- Quote from: Crono on May 14, 2018, 22:56:49 ---Always loved the Lego Star Wars games

--- End quote ---
I know exactly how you felt while playing them... ^_^

--- End quote ---

P.S @Nova I do hope this post is perfectly fine.
Not sure if it counts as advertising, but I can remove my descriptions if this is the case.


--- Quote from: mamita on May 20, 2018, 03:27:05 ---You do not simply ask a man this question.

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     Agreed >_); also, LEGO games are awesome in general - they're just that good.

     I actually have a very long list of games I've played and would like to play in the future, but for the sake of time, I'll only pop in the ones I think top the list, so to speak. The 'condensed' list goes as follows:

     Dwarf Fortress
     Total War: Medieval II
     Majesty: The Fantasy Kingdom Simulator
     Devil Survivor

     Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
     Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride
     The ElderScrolls IV: Oblivion
     Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
     Star Trek: Starfleet Command: Orion Pirates
     Star Wars Battlefront 1&2 (NOT -and this is very important- EA Battlefront 1&2)
     Halo 1&2
     Mount&Blade Warband: Napoleonic Wars
     Joint Operations: Escalation
     Pokemon Blue
     Thief II: The Metal Age
     Electric Man 2
     Avatar: The Last Airbender

Puzzle Platformer:
     Tiny Thief
     Earth Worm Jim
     Ace Attorney: Miles Edgeworth


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