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Frequently Asked Questions
Game Development

When will the game be released?
Is the game going to be played in a web browser in the final release?
What is your budget and are you expecting free development, contractors or paid full time members?
How do I become a donator?
How can I help with the project?
What engine are you using?
What are you writing in?
Will this be a multiplayer game?
Will it be free to play?


Will you be able to start as a child and age as you play?
How will my character be different from everyone else?
What will players be able to customise in the character creation? Deathmatch and Final release?
Will SLO allow characters to customise further in game like cosmetics?
Will the game be based off of your skill (training to get stats) or gear based (gear gives stats)?
Can I be a jinchuuriki?


How will I be able to join a village?
Can anyone join a clan or an organisation?
What is the difference between a clan and an organisation?
Will players be able to put their clans/org logos on their own clothing?
What happens when a clan leader leaves his clan, gets killed or is offline for a long period of time?


What will the profession system be like?
How can one be a Kage ninja?
How can one be a rogue ninja?
Will becoming rogue before reaching the rank of Jonin prohibit you from getting two chakra natures if and when you do become Jonin?
Can a ninja who became rogue at genin level become chunin/jonin?
Will players have the opportunity to become a "cop" ninja?
What will the ranking system be like and how will it work?
Will the Monk, Samurai and Drunken Fist Taijutsu village still be in the game?
Can rogues build bases?


How large will the SLO world truly be?
Will there be hidden locations, like secret passages, hidden temples/buildings/caves - that players can find and explore?
How many buildings will players be able to walk in/interact with both inside main villages, as well as in small towns/villages?
Will there be evil NPCs?
Will players be able to summon? If so, will players be able to make contracts with different creatures?
Will there be both private and public training grounds?
Will there be safe zones outside main villages, like towns and other small villages?
Will players be able to visit other villages safely?
Will owners of buildings be able to modify as well as select the locations? (Will owners be able to add people to the "ownership" and also edit?)
Will there be missions and how will they work?
What will the types of transportation be?
How will boats work?
On the current map of SLO, what are the white islands/isles on the top and bottom left corners?

Jutsus•Chakras•Kekkei Genkai

How many jutsus do you expect to have in the full/final release?
How do you learn jutsus?
How will Genjutsu work?
How does Taijutsu work?
Can I create my own jutsus?
Will there be transformation and clone jutsu?
Will there be curse marks?
Will jutsu react with each other with animations?
How will blocking work for both distance and close quarter fighting?
Will there be a glossary/index of jutsus?
Will there be sensory type jutsu in SLO?
How will Dojutsu work?
How will Kenjutsu mechanics work?
How will Medical Nins check to see if someone is dead or alive (unconscious)?
What are the available chakra natures in game?
How will my chakra nature be determined?
What are the chances of getting a Chakra Mix?
What are the chances of getting a Kekkei Genkai?
Will you continue to add jutsus to the game after the full/final release?


Will armour/weapons paid for with real money have stats/attributes associated with them?
What are some ways players can make money other than trading?
Will players be able to combine or infuse weapons with their own chakra?
Can players design their own weapon/armour?
What will I be able to buy with real money in-game?

Game Physics•Gaming Experiene•Death System

How do I play this game?
What are the game controls?
Will there only be a single server, and will it be Hardcore?
Will there be animations for simple tasks such as opening and rearranging items in a player's inventory or trading?
Will there be “friendly fire” (attacking teammates)?
What happens when I die in Shinobi Life Online?
How long will dead bodies stay on the ground before disappearing - "decomposing"?
Before a dead body disappears, will other players be able to interact with said body?
Will players be able to loot and/or pickpocket the bodies (both dead and alive) of other players?
Will weights be implemented in SLO?
Will the speed limit be removed if one trains with weights?
How will war among villages work in SLO?
How realistic will the gameplay really be?
Will SLO be available in Virtual Reality?


How do I post images and GIFs?
How do I put my character’s link to my profile?
I still have a question that was not answered here. Where do I post it?
I have a suggestion for the game. Where do I post it?

When will the game be released?

That depends on how the team will work and grow. We expect an early release of the deathmatch version as soon as possible. This serves as something to keep people busy while the rest of the RPG elements are being developed.

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Is the game going to be played in a web browser in the final release?
No. The game is only on a web browser while it is in the development phase, we will create a standalone client as soon as the web browser is unable to support the high quality and standards that we aim for. Rest assured, in the final release there will be a downloadable client.

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What is your budget and are you expecting free development, contractors or paid full time members?
Currently, we have a limited budget since all money comes from donations, and are expecting completely free development. Donations cover expenses from time to time.

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How do I become a donator?
Shinobi Life Online is still in an early developmental phase. You can donate here. Your donations will be used to purchase the software required to build the high quality game you deserve, to help us with improving the game and site.

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