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Yeah I'm that new guy >_>

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Hey guys how is everyone!

I'll just cut right to the chase.. My name is Taua/Michael. The name "Taua" is my first name is Maori (New Zealand) so i thought id be alot easier to remember me if i just name myself Michael . I live in the beautiful land of Australiaaaaaa! and I love it here the weather is nice from time to time except when you have a 12 foot spider lurking in the corner of the room.. I recently heard about this place from a friend on JutsuOnline. I don't really like the way things are running over there so i thought i'd give something new a try. I cant wait to meet everyone online and get to know everyone I'm very friendly and cant wait to see you all In-game. Thanks for reading my boring introduction and if you have any questions don't be afraid to ask man!

Hello friend and welcome to the SLO community,check the forum for a bit it really is interesting,come and visit us in the SLO discord -->

Toratsume Nyshn:
Welcome to SLO Michael.
As you might have seen, the game is still in pre-alpha, so not much is there to do.
But you can always make your character and join clans and orgs to socialize.
For character reference click here
For list of Clans click here
For list of orgs click here
For list of village discord servers here

good luck and have fun!

I want to bring these content to develop to be a good result in the future.


--- Quote from: Valerioz on May 14, 2018, 08:01:02 ---I want to bring these content to develop to be a good result in the future.

--- End quote ---

how you gonna do that


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