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The most powerful jutsu on the Naruto Series ?

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I personally think that the most powerful jutsu on the Naruto Series is Reaper Death Seal, but my favourite one is Reanimation jutsu

Edo tensei
If there was a fart kekkei genkai it would be that...

This depends on your definition of powerful!
If by powerful you mean effective for the chakra and stamina cost then one of the most powerful jutsu in the Naruto universe is the shadow______ jutsus.
All of these can be done by genin and are among the most useful for there cost.
Or edo tensei

If by powerful you mean the damage it can inflict then the Rasangon and it’s nature variants are the most powerful non-KKG jutsu
And obviously the susano is the most powerful
KKG jutsu.

1- Biju dama
2- Futon : shuriken whirling
3- Celestial light

It may not be the most powerful but I find it stylish  :D

Indra's Arrow or Tengai Shinsei (big meteor out of sky jutsu)


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