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*** I made a post a while back talking about what you can do to squeeze out more frames for the game, however times have changed, and I've learned much more since then, so I thought I'd make a newer, better version explaining more things in more detail.. I hope this helps!


Now whether you have a "barely decent" computer or one just like mine..

You can at least still try to DO something about it, and hopefully after reading this post, your computer will start to look more like this..

anyways.. without further ado..

*The 2 main things that matter the MOST when it comes to performance in terms of FRAMES.. simply..are
1. CPU (processor)
2. GPU (graphics renderer)

*There's no question that buying a better computer, or upgrading it will most probably give you the best increase in performance

1A -  CPU - Processing Powah!
*To be frank, it's LESS likely going to be your CPU, unless you have a BUG on your computer, here's how you squish that bastard bug...

1. grab the nearest footwear Open a process manager
You're most likely on windows.. wait, you can ONLY have the game on windows.. so.. open the TASK MANAGER..
(If you somehow don't know how to do that.. just right click that bar on the bottom)

2. Now use human intelligence to figure out which processes might be taking a lot of CPU power..
You can have the TASK MANAGER display that for you by clicking on the word CPU..

** The reason I suggest this unpopular step of the solution is merely due to the fact that I myself had the same bug, which led to HORRIBLE performance drops in nearly EVERYTHING not just the game, and i didn't know about it for a while..

3. If you find that something like.. "SVHOST.EXE" is taking over 50% of your CPU power.. voila!.. easily kill the process, and find a way to remove from computer, look up the name of the process taking up CPU and find out how to remove it (  :-\

1B -  CPU - Processing Powah![/b]
*It may also be a general hardware malfunction, where your physical tangible CPU is damaged.. in THAT case..

In other words.. It may not be something on screen.. and rather something you can touch with your fingers..

1C -  CPU - Processing Powah![/b]
*Forget about bugs or CPU hogging viruses, you may just have a lot of processes running.. therefore your CPU isn't focusing all it's power on the game, but again, SLO benefits mostly from the GPU and not the CPU.. it's most likely NOT the CPU.. but if you do in fact have 6529 6531 processes running alongside the game here's how you fix it..
Simply do what you did in step 1a but kill all the processes you can figure out the names of..
Now doing this may help NOW.. but you'll have to keep doing that every time you boot up your computer the next day..

1. easily search for this program on your computer
2. navigate to the STARTUP TAB

3. just disable everything if you absolutely NEED all the CPU you can get.. which i doubt is the case..
4. navigate to the SERVICES TAB

5. just so you don't mess up anything, check the "Hide all Microsoft Services" box, and DISABLE WHAT YOU DON'T NEED
6. navigate to the BOOT TAB and select ADVANCED OPTIONS then CHECK the "number of processors" box, and select the max number of cores you have..

**NOTE.. in the SERVICES TAB.. if you see a service you feel is related to your GRAPHICS CARD.. you may want to keep that, in some graphics cards.. a service must be on at boot time for access to a graphics card specific control panel

What that did is :
1. disabled programs from starting up when the computer boots up
2. disabled "services" installed by the user from starting up when the computer boots up
3. enabled the FULL use of your CPU

**even though you selected the max number of cores, you may still have "parked" cores in which you'd have to "unpark" them supposedly in order to use the said.. "parked" cores, you can easily google that.. but AGAIN.. your CPU is probably good enough..

**what about overclocking???
Note that if you HAD a CPU that supports Dynamic Frequency Scaling (overclocking).. you DEFINITELY wouldn't need to overclock, since your CPU would be modern enough to.. process data fast enough for SLO

1D -  CPU - Processing Powah![/b]
One thing i talked about in the outdated post of mine is prioritizing the game process for CPU usage..
And the way to do that is as follows :
1. Open Task manager again..
2. Open the Game in windowed mode until you're at the login screen
3. You'll notice the SLO process in the task manager..
4. simply right click and SET PRIORITY to **HIGH** -- it's probably not the best idea to set it to REALTIME

1E -  CPU - Processing Powah![/b]
If you still think the problem is your CPU.. i don't know what else to you tell ya...


Before anything, you should know the difference between a GRAPHICS CARD, and a DISPLAY ADAPTOR
1. GRAPHICS CARD --> that expensive part of your computer that does all the graphics  :-\
2. DISPLAY ADAPTOR --> that so-cheap-you-didn't-even-realize-you-had-one part of your computer that simply lights the screen up..

*To truly know the difference you need to imagine.. a Madara.. next to a bit** a$$ udon..

So if you have an Udon.. THERE'S your problem..
If you have a madara.. Then i don't know why you're still reading this..

1A -  GPU - Graphics Renderah![/b]
Simply delete system32 and you're good to go Let's start with the most basic thing..

The Launcher :
1. I don't think there's much to say here, just change the res to the lowest you're comfortable with.. and the Graphics Quality to FASTEST
2. Windowed mode might help.. but again as I said in the old post.. it won't make a huge difference, and the cost of you squinting just to see The vast range of graphic details.. and carefully crafted jutsu.. the Rasengan particles.. the amaterasu flames, the STUNNING.. perfection that is.. the SLO terrain, with it's rich divided biomes, and it's extremely detailed sky and..  update the fuc**** game already........................... fu**

1B -  GPU - Graphics Renderah![/b]
Now the reason your "graphics card" may not be keeping up is because... it just can't render that fast.. if you experience frame drop when looking at BOTH the kage building and the arena(that no one goes to, useless piece of 3d model), then it's probably safe to say.. your graphics card just ISN'T strong enough, if you had a fast CPU, but a poor GPU that can't render 3d objects fast enough.. i mean.. you're GOING to have a shi* experience..

1C -  GPU - Graphics Renderah![/b]
Some Display adaptors and MOST graphic cards come with settings, and a control panel..
If you do not know of any control panel related to your GPU, you may be lacking a driver, you may also not have one..

**Right click an empty space on your desktop area where there are icon shortcuts
*If you see an options such as "NVIDIA control panel" or.. "INTEL Display Settings" or simply even... "Graphics Properties" ----> then you probably have the graphics card driver installed, you should click and browse through the settings to optimize for performace
*If you do NOT see any extra options and just the ordinary right click...
1. your graphics card/display adaptor doesn't HAVE a control panel
2. your graphics card/display adaptor is running through an OUTDATED driver..

**personally, I'd suggest just downloading "Driver booster" by Iobit (the name sounds dumb, but the program isn't), scan your drivers, and update them..

1D -  GPU - Graphics Renderah![/b]
Remember that every GPU has it's LIMIT.. a PHYSICAL LIMIT.. if you want your GPU to force out 60+ fps for any game, then you're telling a 1 day old kitten to run as fast as a full grown cat.. it's PHYSICALLY impossible..

You can optimize and optimize... AAAAND... optimize, it's fun, I admit, but at the end of the day, the ultimate solution is to start reading up on how to better save money ;) .. than on how to increase performace. This guy knows what's up

*Throughout this entire post, I've assumed you know basic things, even so.. I've gone through some of the basic things like having a driver for you graphics card.. here are a few more points...

This is very important, if your computer is overheating.. you either turn off the sun.. or be your computers right wing man.. and get him some.. FANNZZ..

In the Game
there are 2 options to set that are essential for those playing on a potato..
*when logging in.. type in :
1.     /disableweathereffects               ---> this will disable all jutsu in the game
2.    /setuisize 0.5     ---> since you'll need to look like a chinese person to play the game now.. you could at least do that

and when ALL ELSE fails.. remember that there are people out there  :'( :'( who are..  :'( :'( way more...  :'( :'( unlucky.. than you  :'( :'( :'( :'( :'(

bro why

boredom.. and empathy.. mostly boredom though, it's satisfying to see everything neat and tidy :D

and largely due to the fact that the "younger me" would've loved a post like this..

Really interesting post I like it bro xD

The perfect guide for those looking to optimize this ugly, boring pre-alpha game which hasn't seen any progress in the last year. The hard part is finding a reason to play once it doesn't lag anymore.


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