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HEYOOOO. idk if im posting in the right place or not, but basically. I've been gone from here for a bit and decided to check in for nostalgia and figured i'd ask if the development has ended or whats going on with SLO atm..

Seems like you missed the funeral by a few years.
Jokes aside there hasn't been any sign of progress for quite some time.
Apart from the infrequent "soontm" from Vreg on the discord.

I honestly don't know if development has ended, as I don't get to monitor such things.
I'm pretty much left in the dark like everyone except for Vreg.

Well, it's been a year. There is no still improvement and changes in this game SLO. Seems like it is not working. @Vreg, why you don't want to sell it or make a partner to those different networks I encourage you to entertain this game to earn supports. This game is quite Amazing and Fantastic.   


yeah kinda sad... Vreg could easily find people to help dev the game, seems he just doesnt care and would rather troll instead of saying he gave up. but who knows.


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