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Why you can't have a second shinobi life in the naruto world.

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I mean, it's sort of like Second Life.
What are you supposed to do in Second Life?
Can the same be said about Naruto Life? Or Shinobi Life? Online?

It’s one of the problems with perma-death.
There have bin many suggestions on how to overcome this. To make death have consequences but not  feel like a F-you you lost all your shit!!

The best idea so far was a generational approach where you marry and have a kid achievement. Then when you die you step in to the shoes(reincarnation) of one of the kids in the village or your own kids, who will then  inherit your belongings from your previous character.

The consequences are however you lost all your progress on that character, except for any inherited jutsu, or KKG. But that only matters if your character has skills and stats witch is still undecided.

That's the beauty of hardcore. When you die you're dead. I know many people hate this concept, but I don't mind it.

well problem i see is that you just get trolled to shit.... witch would massively minimise fun... exept maybe one would make savezones, witch could be deactivated at special time or something....


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