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Hey everybody! So it has recently come to my attention that SLO is missing symbols for the hidden villages to put on things like headbands. This is because the dev team's priority right now is on the game mechanics and content (as it should be). To get our creative juices flowing, and potentially alleviate some of the work, I've created this topic to pool together ideas for the Hidden Village's Symbols. I don't expect this to gain much traction, but I know this was something I was looking for, so maybe other people are too.




You may notice that the Inferunogakure design differs from the other two. This is because I made it a couple days before Yuki and Heizu. In the future I will probably redo the Inferuno and the rest of them with the newer style.

Would love to see what you guys can come up with!

Those are pretty cool looking good job!

I wouldn't mind having that on my forehead ^^ Looks dope!

They look good, why not try and make more for all the villages?
Hidden hill has already been made though, so count that one out.

Looks cools, like it


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