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Lets Start With Earth Dome Jutsu:

When you dogde earth dome to a bug that you stay in without knowing, I was playing and used the earth dome against me and I dodge it I saw him to run against the dome and to use the fire ball and I was The back of it and I died of it and a very annoying bug and even if the earth dome is red from the summun

Earth Wall Jutsu

And the wall of the to put in the air and while this red


About kenjutsu
When you die the sword flies to the sky or disappears or the sword floats at your side

And Thats All

good work my son, i am happy to give you the shinobi life online forums cardboard award.

Thanks for giving such feedback regarding bugs, however next time please make sure there isn't a similar thread already.
In this case, Mars has made a discussion thread regarding this update (more specifically Kenjutsu) where people would list bugs and other types of things.

Link to thread that was mentioned:
Kenjutsu Thoughts & Opinions

Locked to avoid further useless posting, as the entire use of the thread was just to name bugs.


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