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Charecter stuck inside a wall in the stadium ( Can't move)


Can you please help me @Vreg I'm stuck...
It's a little invisible wall in the stadium. It's only one vertex wide.

It's an old and known bug. Most likely should be fixed in the next update.Ask someone to use Earth Wall and push you out by doing that. As far as I know that's the only safe way of getting out from that situation as killing the character in that position has bad consequences and re-logging doesn't seem to help either.

If you get stuck outside of the wall as in the picture have someone kill you.. Or you could wait for the server to go down it would reset everyone.

Follow these steps in their exact order.

1. Open an SLO client and log in.
2. Open a second SLO client and log in again.
3. Close the second SLO client.
4. Close the first SLO client.

Your character is now reset and unstuck.

When we can play the oficial Game?


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