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Hit point debate


For realizam and to force strategic and serious play I have put forth a rather unique Idea no other mmorpg has ever done before... there may be a reason i'm not sure.

the hit point you have at character creation barring some jutsu affect or kekke genkai mutation, are the hit points you have for your character  for the entirety of the life of your character.

if you start with 500 life points
you will still have 500 life points at jonin or kaga levels

survivability at higher levels should not come from being able to take  multiple powerful attack because you have 300% of the life points you started with, but should be based on the skills and abilities you train your character in and the squad you work with(if any!! i know any medical or genjutsu user will want to be)

i believe this can be dune with out affecting balance because of the level of jutsu available to players from start to finish. as well as time spent training in skills such as blocking, sensory abilities, defencive ninjutsu, and taijutsu. as well as ninja tools such as smoke bombs and traps

one would obviously expect more damage out of higher level jutsu so with static hit points this leads to the possibility of a one hit KO.

this is where the debate begins

is there a middle ground here?

would it still be fun to play if hit points stayed the same?

would you want to be able to train a jutsu to a one hit point?

Since there is no rare gear or weapons to lose if you die... Is it really that big of a deal
to lose your character in a kill zone to a player of equal or similar ability?

would you be in a killzone alone?


Search the forum dude this topic has bin done to death... also don’t expect quick responses.


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