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Hello fellow shinobi :D. Monk here to ask the community what kind of unique jutsu ideas the community could create. This is your chance to suggest/create interesting jutsu ideas for the community to critique and evaluate.As development is picking up we need the community more than ever to provide feedback about what they want to see in Shinobi Life Online. Try to follow the format below to provide detailed information about this jutsu.

Jutsu Name:
Jutsu Type:(Ninjutsu,TaiJutsu,Scensory,GenJutsu)
Jutsu Description:
Jutsu Level:(Beginner,Novice,Intermediate,Expert,Master)
Chakra Nature:
Jutsu Range:(Melee,Low,Medium,Large)
Effects if hit:

Disclaimer: There is no promises that your jutsu will be put in game  but this will be of great help during construction of jutsus.

Thanks for reading and be creative :).

Jutsu Name: Rock Garden Jutsu
Jutsu Type:Ninjutsu
Jutsu Description:Creates a field of rocks in an area that shoot from the ground in a path in front of you.
Jutsu Level:Intermediate
Chakra Nature: Earth Style
Jutsu Range:Medium(Area based) 20x20 Area.
Effects if hit: If a player is hit by a rock they will be launched into the air and take low damage.

Jutsu Name:Tornado Alley
Jutsu Type:Ninjutsu
Jutsu Description:Creates numerous tornadoes  in the area 
Jutsu Level:Intermediate
Chakra Nature:Wind Style
Jutsu Range:Large
Effects if hit: If a player is hit by a tornado they will be launched into the air and medium damage.

Jutsu Name:Fire Hurricane
Jutsu Type: GenJutsu
Jutsu Description:Enemy is trapped in an illusion fire hurricane
Jutsu Level:Expert
Chakra Nature:Fire Style
Jutsu Range:Medium
Effects if hit:If a player is hit they will lose defense points over a period of time.

Jutsu Name: Water
Jutsu Type: Ninjutsu
Jutsu Description: water hits the enemy and since you control the water you can try to make the water control the victim but it requires massive chakra and experience to control the victim
Jutsu Level: master
Chakra Nature:water
Jutsu Range:medium
Effects if hit: hurt and if user is very strong they can control the victim

Jutsu Name: fire skin
Jutsu Type: Ninjutsu+TaiJutsu
Jutsu Description: fire around user which damages anyone wo touches the user and taijutsu does mor damage
Jutsu Level: Novice
Chakra Nature: fire
Jutsu Range: Melee
Effects if hit: burns


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