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General Discussion / It do
« on: February 03, 2019, 14:14:37 »
Jewish pussy got me acting strange

SLO (Update) Thoughts and Opinions

My Opinions has finally been released!!! First of all, I would like to say that this new update finally solves a major problem that SLO has had for awhile, that problem is obviously not having enough chakra meaning you're forced to play the waiting game in order to restore chakra very often in fights, making fights quite annoying because your chakra runs out too quickly. Now I am aware that as more Jutsus get put into the game the amount of chakra that a player has will probably change again but for now, because we have very few Jutsus, I believe this update provides players with a good amount of chakra.

So (tbh) even though this new update didn't include new features such as a village or Jutsu etc, this is definitely a huge improvement and for that, I have to give props to Vreg and the rest of the dev team. Another thing which I'm sure non-donators will be happy to hear is the fact that you are now also able to experience Kenjutsu for yourselves which is definitely a good thing.

Now unlike where I had a lot of negatives, that I pointed out in the update, there really are no negatives about this update except for a massive name tag issue which is annoying and can take up a lot of the screen but apart from that all I have to say is, good job dev team. Also, it's good how updates have been coming out at a faster rate more recently which is also a plus.  ^^


+ 150% chakra increase
+ KJ for everyone ^^
+ Just one single client to download from (for both Donators and Non-Donators)


- Name tag issue (I know VREG is aware of this and he intends to fix it ASAP)
- If the name tag is long enough due to this bug it can prevent you from seeing what you or anyone else has typed in the chatbox and if your message is visible well then it ends up like what I circled down below :'( Rip English

I would like to hear all of your thoughts and opinions on this new update once you have tested it out yourselves.
@Mars just shouting you out because I'm using your Kenjutsu thoughts and opinions layout for this :)

P.S @Toratsume Nyshn I love how you were able to create a new language within a few minutes of being released

Shinobi Life Online Organizations / Returd Shonobis
« on: April 23, 2017, 04:25:19 »
Returd Shonobis

wutt izz dis:
The returd shonobis isn't a normal, everyday SLO org. We are a bunch of brain dead n00bs who make shitty memes to fuel our depression. However, we aren't as bad as Katsuki Swords so it's alright (roasted(don't cry(sorry))). Also, no MONKEYS, 3 or 4 are allowed. Anyone but this certain species of dog can join us returds, and basically do jack shit all day. You will be assigned a role (means nothing) and a nickname of your choice. You will most likely have to talk like a spastic so dirty italian n00bs like takami can understand what you're saying… (not that fake takumi th0 as he can get in the bin)

@RyanFlashfire - mellamojeff

The Wise and all Powerful
@Raidnn  - xX_NOV34_Xx SS-Sama

Hidan Oshan Kagah
@takami - xXx_X4KUM1_R34L_PR1_xXx-Sama

LethalDarkness4 - yhx 4 xunt=Chan (tbh)

@ReshaunZeron - Single4Manga-Chan

@Kushuto - Dank Kushuto-Chan

Bleach Drinker
@Diamond Lee - MONK69Y

@Rhyco - Rhyco-chan

no role
@Fampo - Target Practice

@DrSuhi - Who am I? AKA I love dicks-chan

nuu returd
@HiChikara - xX_8==D_Xx-xXx_Sm4ll-d1ck_chan

Some other guy who's name is all question marks and idk what to put for it <3

@JukeBlook - xX_Jkuefgt0tosis_Xx

should you jern£
Not really. I mean, we won't be doing anything within SLO, except SLO memes, everyone crying about who the best player is and stuff. Most of the old Gens wouldn't enjoy it here ngl, but it'll be good for new people look.ING for people to get to know in the community. Anyway, Nova don't ban me pls thanks bye <3

P.M for invite or apply here on this thread and make sure you include your new returded name within you application.

PTSD: We know we didn't include all of our current Returds, dw we will add you soon



So I don't know if this has been suggested yet but I couldn't find anyone who had posted something similar so, let's hope I'm right otherwise you have the right to jostle me.

Anyway getting on with my suggestion. So I had a thought a few weeks back about allowing certain individuals that you yourself can trust to edit posts that you have created. I came up with this idea because I'm personally in a clan with @RyanFlashfire and since he is the one who created our clan page I am therefore unable to help him edit things when he isn't online such as adding allies, rivals, enemies or just anything in general I feel needs to be changed on our page.

So it got me thinking what if the creator of the forum post has the ability to trust/untrust certain people of their choosing to edit their posts that they have created.

Anyway that's my idea (tbh)

General Discussion / Merry Christmas (TBH)
« on: December 25, 2016, 08:15:39 »

Yh that's it tbh. Oh you expected a better post? Well fuck you that's all your getting

jk hope everyone has a great Christmas and stay safe tbh

Introduction / About me (LethalDankness4)
« on: December 12, 2016, 02:32:26 »
Character Name: Kris Tsunagami
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Height: 5’10
Weight: lmao i need to find out
Skin Colour: Mixed (Brown) whatever you wanna call it tbh
Eye Colour: Black and White
Hair Colour: Red and White
Primary Nature: Wind
Village: Hidden Metal
Clan: Tsunagami

Who am I?

My name is Kristian Baltram and I am the blackest man alive. 14 years ago my mum was killed by something dank. My father went to prison for her dankness. Then an accident happened and made me dank. To the outside world I am an ordinary Noscoper but secretly I use my weed to get high and find others who like to say “tbh” like me. I am the black.

No I didn’t copy the flash you fucks, he copied me.
Yes i’m a fanboy cunt.. Tbh
Yes my surname sucks dick just call me balltrim instead as I cut them off during this write about yourself shit.

But seriously I go to the same college as my friend from high school, Ryan or RyanFlashFire (As he is known on the forums) I’m studying a 2 year course in Games, VFX and Animation and of course I like anime, dc, marvel, xbox, pc blah blah you heard it all before from other motherfuckers and no one really cares about my life story tbh. I also started SLO on the same day ryan did.

What do I want to do in SLO?

I want to get as strong as the kage so that I can protect the Tsunagami clan and other people who fight for justice such as our main ally (The Kaiyo Clan). Also If he becomes Kage of the Hidden Metal I would like to back up and advise Ryan Tsunagami (my clan leader). However even if he doesn’t I would still like to back up whoever the future Kage of my village will be but, only if he/she also chooses to fight for justice against people such as rogue ninja.

My personality (tbh)

I don’t want to sound like I am copying ryan but I’m pretty much the same, most of the things I say shouldn’t be taken seriously unless I say i’m being serious. So you will see me saying retarded shit like (TBH, Press F, jostle) and other stupid shit including just acting like a spastic in general.. Tho I generally am a spacka I don’t really need to act that way as it comes naturally... tbh

IK what you are all thinking (wtf does jostle mean?”)  so just to explain it as quick as possible I was in a skype call while playing SLO with ryan one day and somehow I managed to be a retard and say jostle by accident instead of jousting so now we just call it jostling.. Tbh

You will find whenever we pronounce a word wrong by mistake Ryan and I take the piss out of each other for saying the word in a really stupid way, and we usually just end up calling the thing we were talking about by the retarded pronunciation which one of us gave it by mistake like jostling for example.


-Will come soon (as ryan stated)
-It will talk about my side of the Tsunagami clans history (also as ryan stated for his character)
... tbh

2nd Community Top 10 Players Voting Poll (tbh)
05/12/2016 - Press “F” to pay respects for those that don’t make it on the list

How it works? (tbh)

- Vote your top 10 players (1 being the best and 10 being the worst)
- Depending on where you have placed a certain person on your list, they will receive a set amount of points e.g (1st on your list receives 10 points, 2nd on your list receives 9  points, 3rd receives 8 points etc)
- You can only submit one list of ten players
- We add up all the points to see who the top 10 players are (tbh)

That’s is it (tbh) so start voting

General Discussion / 1st Community Top 10 Players (RESULTS)
« on: November 27, 2016, 19:28:03 »
1st Community Top 10 Players (RESULTS)

Sorry it's a little late guys, but the voting for the 1st Community Top 10 players is now closed, so here are the current top 10 players of SLO as voted by the community.

Top 10 - First Edition

1st - Reminance(Reminance Kaiyo)[49]
2nd - Ken (Kuro Nakai) and Limits(Kiyashe)[48]
4th - Airku(Airku Yajirobe)[47]
5th - Mars(Kuria Kaiyo)[41]
6th - Batt(Nao Tsukegami)[25]
7th - Vreg(Vreg)[19]
8th - Nova(Shiro Nakai)[13]
9th - Ghost000(Ghost Himitsu)[12]
10th - Yenta(Yenta Yajirobe)[8]

That's it for the 1st Community top 10 players list so ty for voting tbh.

p.s It would be cool if Diamond Lee could interview some people from the top 10 tbh.

1st Community Top 10 Players Voting Poll (tbh)
16/11/2016 - Fuxs with it my boi

How it works? (tbh)

- Vote your top 10 players (1 being the best and 10 being the worst)
- Depending on where you have placed a certain person on your list, they will receive a set amount of points e.g (1st on your list receives 10 points, 2nd on your list receives 9  points, 3rd receives 8 points etc)
- You can only submit one list of ten players
- We add up all the points to see who the top 10 players are (tbh)

That's it (tbh) so start voting

Shinobi Life Online Suggestions / Community Top Players
« on: November 12, 2016, 22:43:33 »
Community Top Players tbh

What is this tbh?

In this thread, we will be inviting the community to suggest and vote for the top 10 players that they have fought against or watched fight on SLO. This includes everyone, active or inactive, and can be from any clan, organisation or group in the game, even your own. These top players won't get any rewards or royalties, but will be shown gratitude and recognition for their grinding and the hours they spend on SLO trying to improve their combat. It will also give people that are trying to improve their combat, a goal or target to beat, as well as encouraging more people to grind out the game to create reputation, allowing them to build more clans and Organisations that people will be willing to join. It will also allow us to see how people adapt to new game mechanics, and how the ranking of shinobi changes with new gameplay.

When will this happen tbh?

For the start of this thread, we will be going through a, test period? Basically, we will be collecting, conducting and creating the results for the rankings every 2 - 4 weeks, to see how the community reacts to the thread, and to try and grow it and make it well known before we dedicate a lot more time to it.

Our Concerns tbh

Threads that compare players to to others can be very controversial and can spark a lot of hate and saltiness in the community. We want to make sure that everyone is aware that this is just for fun. However, it does have a deeper meaning and we do want people to be aware that we are trying to encourage people to become better at the game, to make it more even and enjoyable at full release.

How can we improve this if it gets popular tbh?

We have a bases on what we want to achieve with this forum, and with that, have ideas that we can implement into this with help from other user forums in the future. We are also willing to take any criticism from this and use it to improve the forum for as many people as possible. Things we will be looking to improve on as we go on are (These are just ideas):

- We would like to talk to each individual (interview?) that is nominated after the results are up, to get some information about them and how they improved their play style in SLO to give them their recognition from the community. (Diamond Lee, hit us up ya kno) ;)

- We would like to create result tables in the future that will hold a lot more details than just the winners name, and their ranking within the votes. This would include Clans and Orgs affiliated with the winners, wanted Chakra types and fighting styles, and other not so important, but interesting information about the winners.

- One idea that came along with this is tournaments, the best fighting against the best. We believe that holding, recording and uploading these events for people to watch can help grow the SLO community. However, these events will be very hard to hold as people are busy and can't always spam SLO, meaning that it might be something that we’re not possible to do with our forum. :,(

How will the voting work tbh?

Our voting system seems tedious, but don't worry… you won't have to do much.

Users will enter the name of 1-3 players that they want to nominate to go into the polling stages. These names will be posted in the forum page, and we will check through them and put the top 10 players through to a poll (this may take a while depending on how many people vote). Everyone can vote in the poll to choose who they believe is the best out of the 10 making it fair and unbiased. We didn't want to chose the nominees ourselves because we don’t believe we get to see, or play enough players in the game to get a good understanding of who is really excelling in SLO. We believe that asking the community keeps it fair and will hopefully reduce any possible salt (probably not tbh).

Conclusion tbh?

Tbh, this idea will probably take forever to do, but we do believe it will be very positive for the community and will hopefully encourage people to play more. It will be tedious and take a while until a better voting and collection system is created, but for now , this will do alright i hope. As well as helping the community, me (RyanFlashfire) and my mate (LethalDarkness4) hope to use this forum, with hopeful help from Reminance (not sure about that yet tbh) , to involve us with the community more and help us feel like we are doing something to help the game and the people who play it.

Thank you my doods (tbh)

We know what you are thinking, why the fuck do we keep saying tbh? To that we say, it sounds like you are triggered lbh.

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