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Theory of Naruto world *spoilers*


There is a theory in my mind, and knowing the way how Kishimoto thinks it may be a possibility too. Since it is a fact that Naruto itself includes different historical or biblical/religious elements. For example Kaguya , judgement day.

Firstly, we know that Kaguya wanted to erase the shinobis and recreate the world to start another era. There are different theories about such things. I don't think if I have to present any of them. We all know that Kaguya failed, but the fact is she wanted to restart and keep this "cycle" up. During that battle against Kaguya it turned out that those white Zetsus were people from the previous era.
Secondly, if we think this way, we also have to consider another thing. The planet where shinobis live is also called Earth (as it was mentioned in the previous naruto movie too). Maybe landscapes and continents look differently, but we all know they are moving due tectonics.
Finally, we came to my theory. What if Naruto is taking place in a post-apocalyptic world? After "our" world. So the battle against Kaguya was about to stop this cycle. We got familiarized with Kaguya's story too. That included the turn of people into shinobi, but if the people from previous era became white zetsus, then they couldn't be equal with the "first" Shinobis. That is why I think Naruto's world is taking place in a post-apocalyptic world.

It doesn't sounds to me like this at all. I think that Naruto will remain in a different world than ours. Fusing the story of Naruto with ours it will only destroy the series in my opinion.

Also, you should put somehing like "*SPOILERS*" in the main title. You are not allowed otherwise...

1. It is just a theory, but knowing Kishi anything is possible :D
2. It's in manga board and the Last movie is out with English sub like months ago, so I don't think if I spoiled anything out. However, I added it. Are you happy now? :P


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