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 ehm this particular story is not set in a specific timeline so the ages of the characters in this story may not be exactly "cannon" per say lol. It is set in the hidden Thunder for now but may expand as the story finds itself so there's no specific tone or theme one minute it may be filled with humour and end up incredibly dark lol so eh enjoy this short intro.)

”Why is it so hard to breathe?", was all that ran through his mind, he knelt down clutching his chest, the sky was dark, rain poured down washing blood down his face. His vision blurred, his hearing muffled, his throat filled with blood, he struggled to pick himself up while he gasped for air.

Footsteps approached, each step dragged in the heavily soaked dirt. Dry laughter could be heard but just barely.
He lifted his head in attempt to point out where this sound came from, but all that his eyes could make out was a dark blur that grew bigger as it came closer, taking shape of a shadow.

The shadow decreased in height as if crouching down. The man tried to speak, the very least mutter words but all that came out was blood. The shadow spoke in an almost musical tone,"Sh sh you'll strain yourself, you've done enough, it's time for you to rest now", with that the shadow's head came closer to the man and with a kiss to the forehead everything slowly went black.

Nice one Lazy Bones, really enjoyed reading it, was some good descriptive writing there. Do you have a schedule for more?

Haha not at the moment but I should have a schedule soon
Thanks btw

nice XD

you got me excited now ;), will be waiting for more :D, but tyt :).


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