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Manga suggestions,


Can anyone suggest a good manga to read, I've kinda read through the ones I own.


Cantarella is a good one I've heard.

It's about a guy who sells his soul. :)

The Gamer  - It's about a guy that discovers that he can use game abilities in the real world.Has elements of comedy too. A manhwa (Korean manga and colored) webtoon , still going on.

I Don't Want This Kind of Hero - It's about a guy who discovers that he has special abilities, then he starts to work of SPOON (a hero agency). An action comedy , has almost zero serious moments.Also a manhwa webtoon.

Maze Age Z - About a guy who wakes up from the 21th century Korea in a fantasy world where he is the leader of a poor fief. He hunts monsters , sells their bodies and builds an army. Again a manhwa webtoon. Written by the same guy that writes The Gamer.

I haven't read it yet but I found a Shinobi life online manga.... Lol

Cacat cu lapte:
Demon king and The breaker. gud stuff fam


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