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Creating a collider (mesh or box) that adjusts itself based on the Animation


Kakashi Natsu:
Hello guys,

I have checked youtube, unity and other sources to see if i can get some answers. But there really aren't any tutorials for what i need.

I have a character that i have animated and i have baked pose for root transform(y) for the animations i have,that way regardless of the animation i play, he will always be touching the ground according to where his feet are. The only issue is, how would i go about attaching a rigidbody so he stays on the ground via a Mesh collider for the collision. The rigidody is to keep him grounded while the collider is to stop him when he is on the ground. I attached both, but he just falls through the floor when i click play. if he has neither he runs the animations like he is suppose to(moving based off the animation, did not loop pose), feet touching the ground or not depending on the animation. Does it have to do with Convex or something?

if i attach a box collider with a rigidbody, he stops falling and its fine, how would i do it with a mesh collider. note: the mesh of the colldier is not the whole body. i have separet meshes for each part. shoes, hair, body etc.

if you want a video or something, i can provide one.
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