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Recursion Program.


Kakashi Natsu:
So a friend asked me to help him with a program using Java. SO being a good friend, i did. Unknowingly i got myself into a heap of trouble... getting into recursion. Now for some of you, you may not know what recursion is in programming. Well here is an example of a factorial.
--- Code: ---

//will return an integer
number = 0;

Integer factorial(integer n){
return number
number = n*factorial(n-1)

//lets call up this routine
//this is 6 btw.

--- End code ---

[/size]So This is a simple version of a recursive program, where in the program itself, it calls itself up. Confusing but very helpful when it comes to path finding. For those that have a JDK and can run Java. To see the program i helped my friend with, click on the zip folder-> and run it in netbeans or eclipse. Main program is in

in your factorial method, you should return an int instead of an Integer.
Every time you run this method it creates an Integer object which is a waste of space when you can just return an int.


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