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More Complex And Realistic Lamp Post(With Reference)

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Kakashi Natsu:


Yes I know, I have to rotate the lamp body, and yes  iknow the lamp is suppose to be resting on a SQUARE block... but Spoiler: showfuck that. I was too far in the project to make it a square so guess its a circle. Gonna add the textures now.
this is phase one btw.

Vertices: 784, Faces: 703, Triangless: 1,531

Time to Complete Phase One: 1 Hour

Time To Complete Phase Two (Texture): 3

Time To Complete Phase Three(Lighting and Finishing Textures): None

Textured Version:

Pretty nice effort ngl.
Keep at it.

nice job man
u are doing great things xd

Nice work you should be a developer <3:)

Looks good, cant wait to see it with the textures added in.


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