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Here is some of my stuff. Working on a whole database  to create my own world. So i got way more that i never posted somewhere. Gonna look at home if i can find something suitable for here. Anywho. Let me know what you think.

An shirasaya katana

Jutsu scrolls

Fuuma Shuriken

Made every big village their headprotector. But here is an example of 2:

Sword of Kusanagi

Uchiha Madara`s Fan

Uchiha Madara`s Armor

Karui`s Katana

Executioners Blade


First and Second hokages Coffins

Akatsuki Rings

Ichiraku Ramen Shop. So unfinished as it can be.

Gaara`s Gourd

Orochimaru`s earring

First Hokage Necklace

Just a simple shed

Pillar with vegetation

Kid Buu


Kurosaki Ichigo`s Bankai

Hyourinmarou`s Shikai


Are all of these yours ? cause no offense but i've seen some of these online before. You could be the one who uploaded them..

Hey Saitou. Thats true that you saw them online. You also contacted me about Shinobi Life Online on naiteki-kensei in december. Just saw the mail

I see, so that's where.

Well nice skills you've got, keep it up.

wow! i luv it!


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