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Unity TryToAddPlayer() Not working


Kakashi Natsu:

So the basic idea is to have the players be added into the game, not added to a lobby, everyone ready then the server closes and adds everyone in.

I'm trying to add players after the server, supposedly closes. I am using unity's lobby manager. When i make a game (Matchmaker), everything is working. But when everyone clicks ready, no one can join the room after that. so everyone who is in there, that's it. Even if i can hold 10 players in the room, i cant add players even when I'm not at 10 players.

Anyone know anything about adding players after lobby has started?

I use lobby manager too for my game but I don't reaaly understand your problem

after everyone clicks ready, a cooldown will start and ofc no one can join bcs the game is starting and it's booting on all of the clients. if like 3 are ready and 1 isn't, it should work

Kakashi Natsu:
the issue is, how do i keep the game open so people can join in while others are already in the game.

Aaaaah, I get it.
Well, simply put, I have no idea. I was wondering that too myself, so if you ever find out, let me know.


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