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What Naruto character do you most relate to, and why???


My friends and I posted this question in our group chat, and got some interesting answers that not only taught us something about each other, but helped us see characters in a new light. Everyone has their own perspectives and interpretations of characters, and I’m curious about the community’s. I initially chose shikamaru, because when I was young and watched, that’s who I most related to. As an adult now, I think I most relate to Orochimaru I don’t think I’m all evil and dark, but I relate to his drive and inquisitive nature. I work about 55-60 hours a week and am always asking questions, plus I feel driven to learn as much as I can. I also feel like if I was in the naruto world, and I knew infinite power and immortality were options, I would certainly seek them. I just know I wouldn’t take it to the extremes he may have and I’m definitely not gonna have prisoners to experiment on. I would try and find other ways. What about you guys?

Shikamaru!! Smart , lazy and in to bondage.


--- Quote from: NinjaMirage on October 16, 2019, 04:03:52 ---Shikamaru!! Smart , lazy and in to bondage.

--- End quote ---

I'm Like Sasuke because I am a loner and Neji because I use pressure points

Choji cause food is life, maybe sakura at times cause im useless, and teuchi cause once again .Food.


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