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He could not copy the rasinshurakin or any KKG like wood style because he dose not have the skill needed for the combined form and nature transformation in the case of the rasangon or the combined nature transformations in the case of wood or ice style!!
Just saying- Kakashi wasn't able to copy the rasengan because the rasengan had no hand seals. Therefore Kakashi could not copy it physically. For the wood and ice he couldn't copy them because he did not have the KG. The reason he wasn't able to copy them wasn't chakra control, it was because he simply did not have the KG. Back to the rasengan though- Kakashi stated that he could not copy the rasengan with the sharingan, which is why Sasuke was not able to copy it. Kakashi said he had to physically learn how to do the rasengan the same as naruto did- he had no shortcuts (other than the fact that he could see the chakra).

Shinobi Life Online Suggestions / Player Vaults
« on: December 27, 2017, 23:45:07 »
From what I've seen player vaults have been discussed very briefly-
My proposal is that in the world of SLO, there are thousands of vaults just waiting to be found. However, these are not handed out and can only found by luck. If, by chance, you find a vacant vault, you can store personal items inside and it will be marked on your map (I assume we will at least have a minimap). This vault can then be sealed through a series of hand seals (let's say 9) and can be opened by anyone who can guess the combo. This would allow for a player to save precious items for later or even for a new character if he or she dies, while also solving the balance issue by leaving the chance for others to steal them if lucky. These vaults could be located anywhere: in a cave, a large tree, a cliff side and could vary in capacity respectively. If large enough, these vaults could even turn into personal hideouts.
Note: These are personal vaults as opposed to clan vaults.

Shinobi Life Online Discussion / Re: Dead Bodies
« on: December 22, 2017, 00:33:21 »
i think thats too complex and dont make sense on a game because you steal an sharingan than you have one sharinga it will put a lot of new jutsu that is not the type of your character , then the other one respond and have no eyes ?
I was referring to this when someone died in a perma death zone, not a safe zone.

Shinobi Life Online Discussion / Re: Dead Bodies
« on: December 20, 2017, 00:07:29 »
I dont see how you can use it to learn new jutsu, doesnt really make sense
My question revolved more around the jutsu than KG. Cause in the episode where it is explained (with Hakku and Zabuza) Zabuza didn't have any kind of KG or special technique, but Kakashi still understood why they were taking him. This begs the question that secret techniques (Not KG) can be learned from dead bodies such as the Nara clan's jutsu or other clans. Vreg's response only covers visual KG.

Shinobi Life Online Discussion / Dead Bodies
« on: December 19, 2017, 19:28:57 »
From what I've seen there hasn't been a discussion about this before so here goes:
I was wondering how kekkei genkei and other special jutsu would be handled when someone dies. In the Naruto-verse, when a shinobi died, that village would claim their body as it not have its "secrets" divulged. Because of this, I was wondering if the game would do something with dead bodies. For example, if you killed someone and knew he was very strong, would you be able to "bag him" and bring him to someone who could reveal the jutsu he knew and, in turn, learn the techniques yourself, or would this way be too easy to learn new jutsu? I would agree that taking kekkei genkei would be too far, but the ability to get regular jutsu that you just never found yet could be worthwhile.


So according to the FAQ there will only be 60 jutsu.

If there are 3 sets of 20 that's 60 jutsu. If you combine 2 sets then your looking at 60x60 =That's 3600 combinations of Jutsu. now let's assume that half of those don't mix well essentially canceling each other out. That leave 1800 combinations that will be effective to some degree when they are combined with each other. Subtract 60 for the double numbers(1 and 1 of the same set) that leaves 1740 jutsu combinations they have to make sure are week and balance enuph that when combined are not OP. But also strong enough to be usfull to the user!!

This is why it would be much easier to balance player skills then all the jutsu.

If there are 60 jutsu in total and you want to use 2 sets wouldn't the combinations be 60x40 cause the first set you can select from all 60 and after that since you already know 20 there is 40 left?

Shinobi Life Online Suggestions / Re: Justus Actvation
« on: August 10, 2017, 00:09:48 »
I agree with Nova. Plus the game's goal is to make a world that is as realistic as possible and because of that, memorizing hand seals (numbers) would align best with what the game is trying to accomplish imo.

Shinobi Life Online Organizations / Re: Katakiuchi
« on: July 30, 2017, 01:31:45 »
Name: Takoi
Gender: Male
Ninja Rank(If possible): Jonin
Chakra Nature(s): Primary : Wind
Kekkei Genkai or Chakra Mix: NA
Previous Village: Hidden Metal
Specialization: Medical and Sensory Ninjutsu
Reposting because it looks like it was unnoticed

DUDE More like 6 trees. Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, Taijutsu, Bukijutsu(weapons),Fuinjutsu, Scenery too. but yes one of the branches of the Ninjutsu tree will be medical, But skill trees will not have attacks of any kind. the trees will have requisite skills that Jutsu you use require. for example some one with now points in the medical tree will not be able to use Chakra scalpel Jutsu.  make sense?
Oh ok. I was thinking more of a wow/swtor skill trees where you get active skills.

I've been looking throughout the forums for an answer and the closest example would be the medical ninja combat effectiveness thread. However, this does not exactly answer my question and most of it seems like speculation. It has been confirmed that there will be three trees (ninjutsu, genjutsu, and taijutsu) with ~20 jutsu per tree. I'm pretty sure medical ninjutsu and sensory ninjutsu are both in the ninjutsu tree as well. Because of the versatility and inclination for offensive ninjutsu, the amount of Medical Ninjutsu available with be relatively small. This raises the question of whether or not there will be any offensive medical ninjutsu at all such as Kabuto implementing scalpel blades or when Tsunade tried to kill Orochimaru instead of healing him. Basically, what I'm asking is if the medical ninjutsu ingame simply be like a "white mage" playstyle or will he actually be able to hold his own in a fight.

Shinobi Life Online Organizations / Re: Katakiuchi
« on: July 18, 2017, 00:07:53 »
When you're request to join just gets ignored  ;_;

Anime / Re: If you could live in an Anime which one would it be
« on: July 16, 2017, 18:54:13 »
For me it would def be Boku no Pico. The characters and the plot are both just so rich and full of potential. Cory in the House would definitely be a strong runner-up though.

Shinobi Life Online Organizations / Re: New Organization List
« on: July 13, 2017, 17:35:01 »

Pretty sure the description for Returd Shinobi's and SLO Literary Arts Society are switched.
Like 100%.
To the max.
Didn't notice, thanks for pointing that out

Shinobi Life Online Organizations / Re: New Organization List
« on: July 13, 2017, 06:40:40 »
I'd like to state that Heathen is an independent organization. It's in the description.
Also, good effort.
You could have just told snoopy to update his post though... But nvm, cuz you have already made it.

I'd suggest You work on the layout a bit more... like centre align the org logos, stylize the Org names.. (using colors, glows, bolds, etc.)
Idk... but it should be pinned I guess.
Only reason I didn't ask him is because others have already stated that it needed to be updated months ago.

Shinobi Life Online Organizations / New Organization List
« on: July 13, 2017, 05:00:23 »
This is simply a page to help newcomers find an organization that fits them. Snoopy's list was great I just felt it needed to be updated so please no hate.
If I missed an org, made a mistake, or you wish to change something about your org just reply to this and I'll try to add it asap

Purpose: We are an organization of protectors. We are out to rid the world of the evil that plagues it, by killing them. We hunt down Rogue ninja and turn them in, dead or alive, and get the money they are worth in the bingo book. We focus on hunting down on any powerful Rogue ninja, to prevent them causing any further havoc. We also hunt any kekkei genkai from any rogue users, in order to strengthen our organization and further our cause.

Purpose: We are the Seven Holy Virtues, who wish to destroy Yugure(Katakiuchi). We will serve Justice!

Kako No Yami
Purpose: We are known to many as Shadow of the past and our purpose is to destroy this world and rebuild it into our own image no matter what it takes. We will give second chances to those who've lost everything and we will fuel their fire for vengeance. Kako No Yami goals are to give justice to the corrupted world we live in and give it a second chance to be reborn as a peaceful world.

Midori Ken
Purpose: Strength through unity, honor through loyalty.

Purpose: We are an organized army, which wants to protect civilians. We work as a police, and as peacekeepers. So if a war broke out we may join.

Purpose:We will protect Nature and its Animals, we will do so by trying to learn Sage Mode. This will be passed on in our Organization to become one with Nature and bring Peace to the SLO world. Besides that we will also hunt Rogues.

Purpose: The Jyuunishin annihilate any major threats in the SLO world. Legendary beasts, Organizations, Rouge ninja, etc.

Yūrei (Good Luck Getting in)
Purpose: No specific goal set, It's just a bunch of Shinobis banded together under the same name that can do whatever they want.
However if they get called they will come together and finish said task as a group.

Purpose: Our aim is to be considered a legendary org, one's which name echo's throughout the mountains.

Hyakki Yagyō
Purpose: To train to become the shinobi we want to be/ To Impact SLO. We'd like to collect many rare jutsu secrets and forbidden techniques as well.

Tatsujin 8
Purpose:The Tatsujin 8 operates as a business offering a GOLD standard in a range of services

Godai Temple
Purpose: To find and master all jutsu and share them only amongst the students. To gain a repututation as the most skilled and legendary shinobi of the world. To one day have respect and influence at a near Kage level.

Purpose: Heathen is an organisation created out of this ruined and war-filled world. Only the strongest survive and the weak will perish. So we set out to have one clear goal.... To become the best. An independent organisation with affiliations to no one. We  set out to become unstoppable force impossible to ignore. We shall take down whoever or whatever that comes in the way of our goal or any kind of mission. We cannot be called good or bad, because both words are used to describe us. But one thing is certain... Our intentions are pure, be it saving a kage or killing one, we will do whatever we have to to reach our goal.

Sapooto Genkin (Mercenary Supports)
Purpose: There is no true purpose for the organization. Only to provide a means for medical and sensory shinobi to earn large sums of money by completing requests by other villages, rogue organizations, etc. Our clientele does not matter, only the coin.

Purpose: We would be honoured to work alongside our Kage in undergoing black operations to not only serve and benefit the village but ourselves also. Ultimately our main task is to improve and enhance each other individually within the organisation, whether it be through the revenue from missions set by the Kage or individual personal deeds. Part of being casual on the streets and within headquarters is consuming illegal substances or even creating our own drugs. We plan on using weaponry regardless if it’s illegal in specific lands or not – law enforcement should be alert if they interfere with our drug and weaponry enquiries.

Jutsu Hunter
Purpose: Shinobi devoted to the development and discovery of new and Ancient Jutsu.

Iryō Buntai/Medical Squad
Purpose: To travel from village to village in order to help in whatever way we can.

11 Ronin
Purpose: To bring peace to the land. To hunt (Capture or kill) extremely dangerous rogue or missing-nin from each village who may cause harm to the world.

Mars' Ramen
Purpose: Destroy the monstrous hunger of Shinobi. We will run a chain of Ramen shops in every village. You can have your Ramen served at the shop or delivered to you, even in the middle of a mission

Purpose: PM please

Gurē Ryōken
Purpose: We want to remain independent and earn money by running different kind of business and dealing with multiple organizations and villages. We are open to deal with anybody. Our real goal is to become powerful enough to have some influence on world.

Purpose: We seek to regain the lost glory the Vongola once had, and we'll do whatever that's necessary in order to do so.

Bōeki no tanzō
Purpose: To keep the trade flowing by whatever means.

Purpose: Hello, Shinobi. So far in your journey at SLO you have not known us, but we know of you. We know your strengths and weaknesses. We know  of the workings of he secret organizations, good or bad. But we have chosen to make ourselves step out into the light. We have realized that we need numbers.. So who better to be a part of an underground organization than ninjas?
With that being said, join us, or contact us. Or just know of us. We have chosen to stray away from the generic forum posts and we have realized that an impact is required at such a point in the life of this community. Thus, we have made this:

Purpose: We exist to protect the innocent and those who need help. We fight against those who want to conquer, rule the world and those who deprive peace from everyone.

The Creed
Purpose: PM me to change it's very long.

Purpose: We aim to become an organization that helps the Shinobi world prosper, and do it without needing to steal funds, indulge in underground business dealings, or resort to criminal means to support our cause.
We will perform services for a negotiable amount, but if a client lacks funds, we can adjust the price to something much more suitable, the money need not be large.

Yasei no Ime
Purpose:We are an independent organization that will act according to what's happening in the world, if there are no wars, conflicts or other large scale events going on we will simply stay put and influence the world from behind the scenes by taking out high value rogue targets. If war seems profitable, we might even trick a kage into launching a full-scale attack on an organization or maybe even another village. We aren't evil or good either, we just do whatever we like to do, you may see bounty hunters like myself join forces here or people entirely focused on money work alongside each other. Despite being like this we will do our best to keep rogue shinobi from tearing the world apart.

The Kishu
Purpose: To prevent all destruction by training diligently in order to prevent or limit the effects any disasters that could threaten the Ninja world as well as defeating any Chakra beasts they can and defeating malevolent ninjas and their organisations. They wish to preserve innocent lives to the best of their abilities.

Purpose:To remain a greatly powerful force of peace, by any means, in which they only acquire the most skilled ninja to seek this goal.

Purpose: We are the ones who strike when injustice is done. When people suffer due to one man's sin, we will do what is necessary to bring justice, and we will stop at nothing until we fulfill our goal.

Purpose: Does a clown have a reason? They do not. Does a clown serve a purpose? They do not. Bluntly speaking, we are murderers. Psychopaths. Killers. We are fucked up assassins who kill for the sake of killing. We don't care who you are, No one sees a clown and lives to tell the tale. So good luck proving to others that we exist. Good luck trying to prove you aren't insane. We are assassins who kill with smiles on our faces.

Purpose: The KEGA  doesnt have a clear goal other than creating unity between rogue and unwanted Shinobi. (A greater purpose is later reveled, the over all goal is to collect special shinobi and forbbiden jutsu)

Purpose: We want to achieve immortality and reform the shinobi world. We intend to destroy the Kage of the hidden villages, and take power.

Shadows of Haze
Purpose: Master our chakra abilities, and use the abilities to control the world and achieve immortality.

The Teiko
Purpose: To be the most feared organization in history.

Purpose: Our goal as a MANEGA is to take over the world, so we can rule it in the way we want it and to grow our team even stronger and bigger. Creating a kind of family within the knowledge of protection of all members, day and night. No one should be harmed when we stick together.

Purpose:Our main goal is to achieve peace and maintain balance between the nations/organizations. We have our own definition of peace and we consider that "The goal justifies the means".

Purpose: Smilers is an organisation outside of the RP aspect of SLO that just goes around making peoples life hell. Luring them to perma-death just so they lose their work and so on. This is just a small division of people with a set roles inside the organisation. Why do we do this? Just out of boredom and for the sake of being trolls... Or assholes; which ever you prefer to call us.

Purpose: They want the shinobi world to be ruled by one central village instead of 11 separate villages. They will kill the 11 kages and gain as much power as they need to accomplish their goal.

剣客 Hikatsuri
Purpose: To become the organization with the best swordsman(Kenjutsu Players) and collect All Legendary Swords

Unmei No Kakusei
Purpose: Unmei No kakusei is a rogue organization based on targeting kages, joining wars and finding forbidden jutsu.

SLO Literary Arts Society
Purpose: A place for the literary arts to thrive. A place for artists and authors to join forces and create content.

Returd Shonobis
Purpose: The returd shonobis isn't a normal, everyday SLO org. We are a bunch of brain dead n00bs who make shitty memes to fuel our depression. However, we aren't as bad as Katsuki Swords so it's alright (roasted(don't cry(sorry))). Also, no MONKEYS, 3 or 4 are allowed. Anyone but this certain species of dog can join us returds, and basically do jack shit all day. You will be assigned a role (means nothing) and a nickname of your choice. You will most likely have to talk like a spastic so dirty italian n00bs like takami can understand what you're saying… (not that fake takumi th0 as he can get in the bin)

Scribe's Guild
Purpose: We seek to entertain the forum by putting forth pieces for forum members to read.

Sūpākūru kunren gakkō (ninja training school)
Purpose: To bolster the numbers of good players and to train those who need it

If any of these orgs are inactive/disbanded please let me know. Please Note that this is still not completely finished (I feel as though I can make it more organized)

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