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Author Topic: Sakasu  (Read 202 times)

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« on: January 03, 2018, 04:36:03 »

Quality over Quantity

Wobbles (Imada)

Wobbles (Imada)

Rogue Organization

Currently no allies. But if an Org. / Clan comes forth and asks to be allies we shall discuss. As well as if an Org. / Clan peek our interests.

Anyone who poses a threat and or poses as a power to obtain. Shall be preyed upon.

The organization “Sakasu” came to life after three very skilled Shinobi got tired of being bound to one Village. All their potential power and knowledge were being chained and contained by their home Villages. Imada from the Hidden Thunder, God from the Hidden Hills, and Night from the Hidden Ashs. Got to know each other through the act of battle, they each met themselves through the act of fighting testing each others powers, realizing they were all up to par. Imada, was tired of the Villages and wanted to become more powerful and knowledgeable at this point he was considered a Rogue Shinobi of the Hidden Thunder. At first the other two were thinking he was insane but as weeks went by they started to realize how much more powerful Imada actually got and they started to crave that power too. One night, Imada set a meeting up with God and Night, this exact evening is when the infamous and powerful organization known as “Sakasu” was born. They decided that they will be a mobile Org. preying on not only the weak but the powerful as well. They will earn all power and knowledge no matter the cost.

The Purpose of Sakasu, is to obtain all and any knowledge. We will murder anyone necessary in order to achieve not only immense power but powerful knowledge.

Unique features
Its difficult to recognize a member from the Sakasu Org. usually it’s right before death or during battle, the immense power of the members is what you will recognize.

We have a simple rank structure. All we care about is obtaining as much power as possible. Leader > S-Class > Officer > Member > Recruit. Leader leads the Organization, does everything in the organizations best interest. S-Class are shinobi within the Org, that have empowered themselves over a regular shinobi they have their separate objectives to focus on. Officers lead the Members and Recruits


Leader and Founder

The rules are you betray Sakasu you die. We care about honor. You disrespect us you will feel true pain. Apart from that, Members are allowed to do anything that will empower not only themselves but the organization as a whole.

We rarely accept members, usually we hand pick but if you are truly interested



Why do you wanna join us:

What will you bring to Sakasu:

What do you think you'll be good at on release(PVP,Grinding,Empowering yourself 24/7 etc.):

Do you plan on being active on release(If yes, how many estimated hours weekly):

First Chakra Nature:

Starting Village:

Specialization(Ninjutsu, Dojutsu, etc.):

More info will be added to this whole thread, maybe even a change / additions of ranks and we have a discord aswell
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Offline Manuster

Re: Sakasu
« Reply #1 on: January 03, 2018, 10:53:43 »

but if blasphemy, night and imada are all of equal strength, then why are they in in different ranks?
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Offline Wobbles

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  • Organization: Sakasu

Re: Sakasu
« Reply #2 on: January 03, 2018, 13:47:29 »

but if blasphemy, night and imada are all of equal strength, then why are they in in different ranks?

Imada had a head start in true training before God and Night started their training. Hence they aren't that equal yet, but also because they didn't want to lead but focus on themselves and be lead by Imada.
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Offline Night

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Re: Sakasu
« Reply #3 on: January 03, 2018, 15:35:56 »
^^ What Wobbles said. I just learned about this games creation like a day ago and I am somewhat lazy at leading plus I'm more of a free willed person so it fits perfectly.
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