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Title: OC
Post by: Hikaru_Kitetsu on September 30, 2021, 17:29:28
Name:[Hikaru Kitetsu]
Facial hair:[none]
Hair color:
Eye color:[Amber]
Blood type:[B+]
Primary chakra nature:[Lightning]
Hidden Village:[Rain]
Good or evil at heart?:[Neutral]

Description of the character's personality:[Is a bit of a sociopath, would do anything to keep his friends and family safe, tends to get uncomfortable in crowded areas]

Description of the character's history:[Hikaru is a member of the Kitetsu clan, thought to have gone extinct after the second great shinobi war. The clan currently is located within the village hidden in the rain. Hikaru and his two brothers Tinsu and Kira developed a hatred for the hidden leaf after their sister was murdered by a leaf village ambu member.]