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Author Topic: Diaries of Fear - Arc 3  (Read 813 times)

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Diaries of Fear - Arc 3
« on: September 25, 2017, 15:44:55 »
A sweet new arc came out from the oven, for everyone's *happiness.
(*lacks evidence)
I will be posting slightly more often and I have my personal reasons for wanting to finish Arc 3 sooner.
There is no need to worry: the content will not be ‘rushed’ and I will not abandon arc 3 in the middle of the way.
Thanks everyone for reading and commenting.
I hope you enjoy, and by enjoy I mean 'not stabbing your own head with a freaking knife out of disgust'. So, enjoy!

Diaries of Fear – Arc 3

Episode 13 – Business Left to Do

Date of log: 2 days after the war. Hokorigakure (dust)

Osoreito woke up. Apparently, not having your village under danger feel great. He went down the stairs and checked the members of his family that were there. He then went to the front door to search for his favorite journal, Dusty Journal.

That moment he remembered that he still owed that kid some coins. Jim… how could he forget? It has been a considerable good amount of days since he last paid him, so one could say Osoreito has been forgetful lately. Good thing he did not forgot to return the ring to that creepy pigeon man yesterday, he thought.

He then started to read the cover page of the journal. The title says “It is Time to See the Baby Swan Rise Again”, and bellow, “In a few weeks, Haigakure will host the ‘Baby Swan Tournament’ once again. The tournament is a minor regional event, hosted after a certain amount of time. Invite your friends in this great opportunity to enjoy a fun event. Read more in page 6”.

_Not interested. Although, the village hidden by ash is a place I have not seen yet. Ah, honestly, my father seem to visit all kinds of places.

Osoreito went through the streets again, walking calmly. Eventually, he found a familiar face in the middle of the path.

_Creepy Pigeon Man! – He said.

_Stop calling me that, I already told you I have nothing to do with that pigeons. Besides, I already told you my name a few times.

_Oh really? What is it again?

_It is…

_Well, does not matter – said him, interrupting the man.

_Then why did you a… ah, forget about it. By the way – said him while showing a ring in his finger – thanks for returning me this. I apologize for invading your territory. This ring means a lot for me.

_No worries. Is it from your family, or maybe, is it expensive?

_No. It is not even that much pure. Oh my, but the aesthetics are amazing.


Osoreito returned to walk after some minutes. Approaching the kage’s building, he found a group of persons making the place looks more chaotic than usual. They shouted and cheered, welcoming someone among then. Upon closer inspection, the Kage was trying to enter the building and everyone nearby stopped to see him.

It was uncommon to see the Hokorikage in person. He usually goes to the building earlier. The Kage is one of the busiest persons Osoreito knows, having to take care of all kinds of problems all the time. Osoreito waited some minutes to enter the place with some peace, searching for the office.

After walking some corridors, he came across a locked room. Nigeru once showed him the place. The torture, the old methods to interrogate prisoners, the door was enough to give chills. Is the past gone now, or are the memories fated to bring eternal nightmares?

Osoreito went to the office and there, Hanaka gave him bad news. Although everyone thought the village’s forces took care of the enemy, they did not found a certain someone during the war. A person nobody found among the bodies, a person that did not showed up in the war at all. The shinobi in dark blue, by now, already had the identity uncovered as Akarui.

The interesting part, according to Hanaka, is the fact that contacts witnessed Akarui looking for information about the Baby Swan Tournament. The reason behind his interest in the tournament is unknown. It was time to further investigate. Osoreito and Hanaka would travel to Haigakure today, during nighttime, in the soul-freezing cold of the desert.

She assigned him a simple mission, one able to cost part of the evening. Osoreito accomplished the mission in a short time. Any shinobi that worked in a village for enough time is accustomed to receive a variety of missions. He then went to his home to prepare for the travel. His grandma insisted that they still trained that day, sooner than usual of course.

A noise was coming from the front door, as Hanaka got there to call the rookie shinobi. They walked through the village, approaching the walls. The sky, almost totally blackened, slowly started to transform into its night form. The stars are also a way to guide oneself in the wild.

_Why am I going? – asked Osoreito.

_This is a mission of significant importance. Track down such a dangerous figure… discover if he want to follow the Silence Princess’ original plan.

_I am tired and it is cold here. Why did you gave me a mission during the afternoon?

_This is a mission we cannot refuse.

_I am tired and it is cold h…

_This is a mission we cannot refuse.

_I am tired and…

_This is a mission we cannot…

_Ok. Gods, ok. Got it.

They approached a person with a covered face and a dark red cloak. Hanaka handed the person some coins. That person would be their guide. Good thing they prepared supplies for the travel. The three of them went to the desert, traveling bellow a cold night full of stairs.

According to Osoreito, the desert in everyone’s soul, like the desert of Hokorigakure, can be lonely sometimes.  Maybe his brain was merely starting to freeze, making him state random sentences. Maybe he truly believed that loneliness is inherent in a person nature. Either way, they would not be so alone if a bandit attacked. Moving outside the villages require careful action to avoid danger.

Both Osoreito and Hanaka were tired, thanks to not resting properly. They eventually stopped to rest, after some hours. Eventually, the group continued their travel, the next day. After more hours, the background changed. Dark colored rocks and earth became more common to see than the sand and the typical but small-numbered vegetation of Hokorigakure. They were finally close to reach their destination.

Appearance: Man that wear dark blue clothing.
About: He is usually a calm and confident shinobi, specialist in assassination. He served Nigeru the Silence Princess during a period, since he is one of the few friends Nigeru’s sister had during her lifetime.

Hayame (DarthTyrael):
Appearance: Man with hazel colored eyes and dark brown hair that wear a noble robe.
About: He is an experienced and skillful shinobi that served the village for years. He is the current Hokorikage… what else could you possibly want to know about him?

  • Character Name: Osoreito

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Re: Diaries of Fear - Arc 3
« Reply #1 on: September 28, 2017, 13:42:15 »
Episode 14 – Incurable

Date of log: 3 days after the war. Haigakure (ash)

Osoreito, Hanaka and their guide dressed in dark red were traveling to Haigakure. Eventually reaching the territory where ash fall from the sky from times to times, the group stopped by a house in the middle of nowhere. The mysterious guide gave Hanaka two tickets for the tournament. The guide parted way and Hanaka knocked on the door.

The door opened, revealing an old couple and a kid just behind them. The man spoke:

_You two can rest here before going to the Baby Swan Tournament. It must be tiring to travel all the way from the desert.

_Whoa – said Osoreito – this man is skillful in reading minds. Be careful Hanaka. He may be a dangerous shinobi.

_Actually, kid. There is a ticket to the tournament on this woman’s hand and a lot of sand in your shoulder.

_Oh. Makes sense.

_Also, letting you pass a night here is part of the deal. Did not your friend here told you the man in red clothes is my friend?

_Relax – said Hanaka - he is right.

Osoreito and Hanaka joined the house, sitting in a room. Suddenly, the little kid spoke to the old man and woman.

_Daddy Poncho, mommy Poncho. I will visit the grave – said the kid, picking up a flower in the table.

The old man just waved his head vertically, apparently giving permission to the kid. The kid was a boy, with a look in the eyes that made him look like he was always distracted or inside his inner world. The old man, mister Poncho, offered to tell Osoreito a story about the kid and the tournament.

_But what does this kid have to do with the Baby Swan Tournament? – Asked Osoreito.

_Directly, nothing. The prize of the tournament, however, is connected with this boy’s past. There is a bottle with a golden cork among the gold pieces of the prize. A special poison.

_Special poison? The more you try to explain, more confuse I become.

The man started to tell his story. A year ago the couple was taking care of two boys, both adopted, one of them being a younger kid. The older kid had mental problems. Both of them were playing in the roof of the house.

_Come play a game – said the older one, approaching the edge.

_H-hey do not, do not, do that.

_It is simple… you close your eyes and then walk close to the edge – said him, while following his own instructions.

_W-what were you doing in the wild? Mommy told us not to get far from here.

_Me? – He said, changing his expression to a more serious one – Collecting poisonous materials.


_I was just testing it on small animals. I am creating a lethal mix of rare ingredients. The adults will be proud of me.

_W-why hurting animals? Hey, wait! You will fall if you continue.

_You are so ingenuous. Only one thing is equal for all, and that is death.

_Are you mad with me?

_Elibert! Get away from the edge – said miss Poncho, getting in the roof and grabbing the older kid.

_Take me then – the boy started to sing meaningless words in a twisted rhythm while being dragged away – five one… one… kinder. Ha, haha, hein… sebe, emil.

Some days after the incident, Elibert died. Shinobi found him far in the wild, contaminated from a mysterious poisonous substance. While alive, he managed to create a poison made from two rare ingredients. A rare toad and a rare mushroom. The shinobi realized that the substance is almost certain to kill, since the rarity of the components means there is simply not enough time to create an antidote. The same poison ended up becoming one of the prizes of the tournament, with the antidote not included.

_Eh… – said Osoreito – sorry, I am even more confused now.

_Whatever, young one. In case you was wondering, this young kid, Nain, brings his ‘brother’ a flower weekly since his death.

_Why the habit?

_He asked me once, ‘Mommy told me flowers are beautiful and make her happy. If I give my brother flowers will he stop being mad with me?’ ah, he really is otherworldly is not him?


Osoreito and Hanaka passed a day in that house. The old man told them more stories during the night. That night Hanaka called Osoreito to talk in private. She could not avoid thinking that the poison is probably the most precious part of the tournament’s prize. The few gold coins and pieces were not highly valuable, since the tournament was a minor event and it was possible to get better prizes from bigger events.

If Akarui have interest in the poison, then that could mean the Hokorikage is in danger. Preventing him from putting his hands on the tournament prize is crucial. Osoreito said:

_What is so special about this poison? Akarui could steal one from the Tokage no Sabaku clan or buy one in the black market.

_Those poisons have an antidote relatively accessible. I am guessing the fact that this poison is nearly incurable thanks to its ingredients rarity, attracted him.

_The tickets lists the prizes. Is not that right?

_Yes it does. I am guessing you want to see it.

_Let me borrow the tickets for a second, can I look?

_Yes – said her, handing him one ticket – be careful, otherwise I will make you buy another one with your money.

_’Atna’s liah’,’…tee nemanruotee’, ‘naws’, ‘…b’. I wonder what it means. Is there a person called Atna, which is a liar?

_No. Are you stupid? You are reading it upside-down.

_Oh, haha. ‘Baby Swan Tournament’. I see. Here, take it back.

They then proceeded to sleep. The other day, they would continue to travel. Haigakure is not far from that place. Their objective was close. Sleeping far from their village gave them an awkward feeling. They ended the day, resting like a rock.
  • Character Name: Osoreito

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Re: Diaries of Fear - Arc 3
« Reply #2 on: September 28, 2017, 17:05:53 »
Nice one keep up the good work  :)
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Re: Diaries of Fear - Arc 3
« Reply #3 on: October 02, 2017, 13:04:46 »
Episode 15 – A Game of Detectives [Filler]

Date of log: 4 days after the war. Haigakure (ash)

Osoreito and Hanaka were walking in the territory that surrounds Haigakure, after some time they saw a squirrel running. The creature was going through a similar direction than them. The place where the squirrel ended stopping by was a house, in the middle of nowhere. The fact that they were finding houses more often could mean the village was not far.

_We will check that house now.

_Will we? You were talking about how important is our mission just a while ago.

_As far as I know, Akarui could be anywhere.

As she open the door, she faces a man standing there with the arms crossed and a serious expression.

_Civilians cannot trespass this crime scene. W-wait – the squirrel entered the room, disappearing from sight – ah, what a pain. This small fellow had better not destroy the place.

_We are shinobi with high rank, from the desert. Of course, we can trespass if we want to, mister, mister… Who are you again? – Said her.

_Detective Otohai, the greatest, the brighter. Otohai, the person that will get a promotion in the investigation team number five, from Haigakure, really soon. My experience is higher than any rank you could possibly have. I could even bet all the money in the world that you could not do half of what I have done these last three years. Not even in your dreams, child. I hope this answer your question. Now, go away you two.

_Sorry, I slept halfway. I did hear something about money and bet, though. Do you want to bet? If I solve this case, will you respect my rank?

Otohai sighed, complaining about how stubborn this woman can be. After thinking for a second, he said:

_Very well. You think you can do my job better than I can. If you two do solve this case, I will give you some coins. Beware though, if you damage the crime scene I expect you to pay a big fine. Oh, and your very first hypothesis will be considered your final answer. Go ahead, ha.

She ordered Osoreito to search for evidence in the scene, while she would interview the person closest from being a suspect. A person that apparently knew the victim. Osoreito looked at the place, realizing Haigakure’s forces had already taken the corpse. The first thing to attract attention in the room was the floor, full of black marks. It could be the effect of a fire.

Meanwhile, Hanaka had already collected the person’s alibi and headed to tell Osoreito about it. The person was pranking the victim before the incident. The interviewed man stole all the logs and coal, only to retrieve it hours later. The victim was a man in his lunchtime, ready to prepare food in his house. He was indeed preparing food, since Osoreito found a bowl with vegetables in the scene, probably for a soup.

Detective Otohai slowly approached a table while Hanaka was distracted, preparing to execute his obscure plan. He approached a vase with his hand, ready to push it in the ground to make it shatter. The reason was obvious however, for Hanaka. She took a shuriken from her bag, quickly turning her face and saying:

_You do not want things broken, do you? Like this vase, this table or maybe even your bloody skull on the ground. I did not forget about any bit of our deal. – After she finished, he moved away from the table.

Osoreito found a broken glass. Some kind of pot with some remaining oil inside. As Otohai and Hanaka joined the room, Osoreito commented:

_I think the victim burned to death. There is oil in the crime scene and black marks on the ground.

_Well, hahaha – said Otohai – I believe you two just lost. I won the bet, gyahaha.

_W-wait. What?

_Never forget my rules, kids. It was part of the deal to consider your first hypothesis as your final answer. I already solved this case and I know that your hypothesis is wrong.

_Unbelievable! – Shouted Hanaka – Ugh, I am going to kill you Osoreito. By the way, what is wrong with what he said? Mister Oto-something.

_Hai! Oto-hai! Mister ‘doctor detective master Otohai’ for the likes of you. The cause of the death was an explosion, which caused glass fragments to pierce vital organs of his body. Not fire, as your friend stated.

_Oh – proceeded Hanaka – but how he ended causing an explosion?

_Ah. His killer is that man you just interviewed. I believe that not only he stole logs and coal but also placed the pot there to kill him. It is an almost perfect crime, a sabotage. I know this because he also said that the victim was a fire nature shinobi and an impulsive person.

_Eh, he did not told me that. I cannot believe that I forgot to ask about what he knew about the victim and instead focused in his alibi… his prank. I may ask again, what triggered the explosion?

_Being an impulsive person, his first idea after realizing there was no coal was using a fire ninjutsu. However, since his killer sabotaged the place, he ended up hitting the pot. The killer knew too much about him. His elemental nature, his personality. His knowledge, the exactly reason for my suspicion about that man.

_What is this sound? – Asked Osoreito.

Hidden bellow a cabinet was a squirrel, eating a banana peel. They finally found the squirrel, destroying the crime scene. Osoreito announced his new hypothesis, even without a prize to get from the act.

_First, this man on the next room pranked our victim. Left without anything to start a fire with and cook his food, the victim proceeded to cast a fire ninjutsu. The incident however, was not the fruit of a sabotage, but an accident caused by this peel.

_Osoreito, for the first time ever, I do not regret accepting you in my division – said Hanaka – you solved the case.

_My dear Hanaka, solving the case was elementary. W-wait, what you mean with regretting to accept me in the division?

_Ugh – said Otohai, with a palm in his face – he did not solved anything. This do not explain how can an unrelated person know so much about the victim. What a dangerous oil was doing in the crime scene?

A man with a big mustache joined the room. Otohai ended shocked by his presence.

_S-superior. Earlier… are… you. You came early, I mean. This situation is under control.

_No use to talk now – said him, closing his eyes – I heard everything. I was passing by when I saw two squirrels invading the crime scene. I came to search for them.

_Does this mean that he heard Osoreito solving the case? I would love to get my money now – replied Hanaka.

_I will not repeat this – the mysterious man changed his expression to an angrier one – young woman, you and your friend should be far away from here. If you dare to stay here any longer, you can consider yourself arrested – he stopped for a moment and turned to Otohai.

_T-this case would grant me a promotion – said Otohai.

_I heard about your bet. Gambling during your work time, eh. You should not expect a promotion in at least two years, after an incident like this.

_Ah, I-I feel… unmasked. I would have gotten away with this, if it were not for these meddling kids and their stupid squirrels.

Osoreito and Hanaka returned to their path. For them, the case was unsolved, since they have no authority in Haigakure’s territory. Haigakure was not far from that place.
  • Character Name: Osoreito

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Re: Diaries of Fear - Arc 3
« Reply #4 on: October 05, 2017, 13:37:28 »
Episode 16 – The Unworthy Wait

Date of log: 5 (21) days after the war. Haigakure (ash)

Hanaka and Osoreito finally reached the village hidden by ash, Haigakure. They waited two weeks and some days for the tournament beginning. They approached the place where it would be hosted, afraid of getting there late. Outside the arena, among the large group of persons joining and leaving the place, it was already possible to see shinobi from Haigakure and the nearby villages. Mostly shinobi being from Haigakure.

Osoreito was surprised to find persons from Hokorigakure spread around the place. They both went through the entrance, giving the tickets and discovering that they got there late. They were too late to see the event from the beginning but joined anyway, after all, they had a mission. The event would last one day and could possibly take many hours to end.

Hanaka found a group of persons reunited in a corridor. Curious, she tried to understand what was going on. Some members of the Yamazaki clan were charging coins to present a ‘street hypnosis’ show. She heard a voice from that distance, something on the lines:

_Five and you feel more relaxed. Four, double the feel. A relaxing feeling sprouts on your feet and spreads through all your body. Three, you relax even more. You can wake up any time, but you just want to stay in this state and allow yourself to enjoy the moment. Two…

Hanaka and Osoreito went to sit in their place to watch the tournament. A man in the middle of the arena announced:

_And the winner of this battle is… Nibui! – Said him, holding Nibui’s arm high, while the crowd cheered in excitement.

Nibui left the place. The next battle was about to start. Two shinobi approached the arena from each side. One of them, a man wearing a black leather coat. He ran pointing his finger to the sky with a hand and screaming:


_Thun-der! – Replied a group of persons close to Hanaka, possibly his fan club.



_Thunder Boar!

From the other side, a shinobi came silently and walking casually with a static expression. The announcer said:

_In my left side is the man that goes by the title of… Thunder Boar. In my right side is the shinobi… Dart. Now, may the battle begin!

As the battle began, Thunder Boar started to talk:

_I am the protagonist in this story, I have the power of friendship by my side. I believe in the heart of the kunai. I would never let my friends down… – as he proceeded, Dart got distracted in a flashback.

Dart and Katugsuchi were in a room, discussing.

_I heard there is going to be a prize in gold in this tournament. I am not expecting to hear a no – said Katugsuchi.

_B-but I trained years to become a shinobi. I am part of the Tactical Squad and the Special Assassination group. It is not fitting that I participate in a battle tournament. Entertainment is the only purpose of such event.

_Do you think gold is a freaking game? It is about freaking gold that we are talking, Dart. Ok, so you want turn around and run away from my dreams. Go ahead.

_Eh… – he sighed – you know. You could send someone else or go there yourself.

_No sense. I am busy trying to count my gold. Oh, maybe you are just scared like a chicken – he started to imitate chicken noises and wave his elbows like wings.

Meanwhile, in the present moment, Thunder Boar continued:

_... and that is why I could never ever possibly lose this battle. You are about to face my burning youth!

Thunder Boar proceeded to kick his opponent multiple times. Dart dodged the first attack and the second as well, blocking the subsequent kicks with only one arm. Thunder Boar tried to punch him, but he dodged the attack by jumping backward and preparing to get something from a pocket. What he got was a kunai, two of them. He threw them at Thunder Boar skillfully, using one hand.

_You move fast but have little strength. Not bad – said Dart, while his enemy dodged the projectiles – but it is time to finish this. Earth Realease: Earth Dragon!

An earth dragon appeared from the ground and threw Thunder Boar outside the fighting space. The announcer prepared to congratulate the winner but a skinny man interrupted him, running desperately with sweat in his face and a shocked expression. The announcer heard him whisper something and started to tremble. As the skinny man left nervously, he announced stuttering:

_Do n-not panic, everyone. The organizers decided to suspend the tournament for now and it will continue tomorrow. Everyone who brought tickets can come watch without additional charge. Please, proceed to leave the place as soon as the guards quickly inspection and interview each of you.

For Hanaka and Osoreito, it became evident that they were too late to find Akarui. With the poison stolen, they had no choice but to go back to Hokorigakure. They prepared to travel that same night. Osoreito complained that they traveled so far without being able to fully watch the tournament or find Akarui. During the night, they travelled back, carrying the notice of their failure.

Nibui (Snoopy):
Appearance: Man with dark brown eyes and black hair that wear a black unbuttoned shirt and grey shorts.
About: He is a somewhat experienced shinobi and not much is known about him and his past.

Dart (CaioDarT):
Appearance: Man with light brown eyes and white hair that wear a shinobi outfit.
About: Little is known about this somewhat experienced shinobi.
  • Character Name: Osoreito

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Re: Diaries of Fear - Arc 3
« Reply #5 on: October 09, 2017, 14:28:36 »
Episode 17 – Break the Limits with a Clear Mind and a Burning Soul!

Date of log: 25 days after the war. Hokorigakure (dust)

Osoreito woke up in his home, still tired from traveling. He did managed to rest a little bit, but his body was still slightly in pain. Going down the stairs, he found his grandma praying to a statue of the Black Turtle spirit, of the North. As she ended, his sister came from another room.

_You just had a breakfast, good – said his grandma – you will train now. It is still early, so you will not get late to work.

_You came here earlier today. Why would you want me to train during the morning? – He asked.

_It is time to see if I managed to put any knowledge in your empty head. If you manage to prove yourself, I will not force you to train anymore and you can search for a more appropriate master.

_Understood. As you want.

_Your opponent must be ready by now – said her pointing to a door, to which his sister headed to, walking calmly.

Osoreito looked at the door, remembering the past, when he was a kid. He lost himself in his thoughts. A similar occasion happened in his past. A slightly younger version of his grandma, with four or five non-white strands of hair, said:

_Great, I understand. You cannot make a public speech without sounding like a ‘special kid’. You are not able to help your father either. What a hopeless merchant are you.

_Do I really need to fight? All you do is give me tasks.

_If you cannot do tasks, then I am afraid you have to fight. These are the main paths in this family.

_Another task is what I get, again. Defeating my sister in a battle because you feel like it.

_As an elder, I decided that we should aim to become either an honorable shinobi or an honorable merchant. Being a homeless wanderer is not an option. Now bow before your sister and show me you can do something right.

The battle began. Osoreito had not trained for physical combat. His opponent tried to punch him three times, but he blocked with both arms. She crouched and jumped, kicking him away. He got up and ran towards her. Both of them prepared to land a punch, with their elbows behind the back. Osoreito missed, but his sister managed to throw him out of the carpet.

Osoreito woke up, standing still while drooling. His grandma was looking at him angry, shouting something. He tried to understand what she was saying.

_...Osoreito, wake up! – Said his grandma – I have been telling you to wake up for two minutes now. Stupid lazy butt. Get started already.

He apologized, joining the room and meeting his sister. He said to his sister:

_You are rusty. I have no memories of seeing you train since months ago. Are you a worth opponent?

_Even a rusty muscle can knockdown a slacker like you, silver tongue.

The battle began and she ran to hit Osoreito. She tried to punch him six times, but he blocked with one arm and then the other one, using an arm after the other. She stepped back and proceeded to kick him, pushing him away a certain distance without making him fall. He ran towards her, both preparing to land a punch, with their elbows behind the back. Both attacks landed and pushed them away from each other.

They sat on the ground, complaining about the pain. Their hands holding the face. Their grandma looked, shocked. His sister said:

_Eh, gr… did you had to use so much strength?

_Ugh, you should not be the one complaining. What kind of attack is this? Are you a boxer?

_You are outside the carpet. I won! Next time you try again, I will just win again.

_No, you are outside the carpet. I won, and since I won, maybe you should start calling me ‘golden tongue’ as well.

_Ha, maybe ‘white gold tongue’ is fitting. Nah, I will stick to ‘silver tongue’. Hahaha.


_It is a tie – said their grandma, surprising them.

_So, I did not made it – said Osoreito to his grandma – I can live with it.

_Actually, I believe you proved your worth already. You are free from my training.

_W-what? Eh.

Osoreito finished his ‘special training’, glad to see the fruit of his work. Meanwhile, somewhere outside the village, a bald man is walking with a hoe… on his shoulder. He stopped and looking at the heavy tool, he said:

_Aw, I wish I were not so impulsive all the time. I brought this hoe just because I liked the discount. What do I even do with it?

He threw the tool near him, in the ground. While stretching his body, he said:

_I could not find a worth challenger anywhere in this village. It is time to move on. Today I travel, to check another village. Well, time to train – after finishing, he started to dance in the middle of the desert, eventually seeing a mysterious figure dressed in dark blue approaching, from a long distance.

Akarui went down to Dust. He was looking for stuff to steal. He was in a bind and saw the tool behind him. He was willing to make a deal. He came across the bald man and saw him dancing hard. Akarui jumped unto a sand lump and said:

_Slim man let me tell you what. I bet you did not know it, but I am a professional dancer too. If you would care to take a dare, I will make a bet with you. Now, you have some good moves, man, but give the master here his due. I bet these silver swords against your hoe, because I think I am better than you.

The bald man said:

_My name is Jayjay and I may be slim, but I will take your bet, you are going to regret it, because I am the best that has ever been.

Jayjay shook his body and started to dance hard. The dancing force broke loose in Dust and Akarui deals it hard. If he win, he get those shiny and fancy silver swords, but if he lose Akarui get his hoe.

Jayjay put his hand on the ground and said:

_I will start this show!

Sand flew from his feet tips as he rose high his shoes. He pulled the legs back to the ground and mockingly sent him a kiss. When he finally finished, for Akarui, it was a bliss. As Jayjay finished, Akarui said:

_Well, you are not bad, but still have no chance. Now, sit down on the sand and please watch how I dance.

Lightning is in his body, run Jayjay, run. Akarui is in the desert of the rising sun. He danced better than Jayjay, though. He use ninjutsu, but Jayjay do not do, no. Jayjay bowed his head because he knew that he had been beaten. He laid the hoe on the ground at Akarui’s feet. Jayjay said:

_Blue man just come back if you ever want to dance again. I may have lost, strange man, but I am still the best you have ever seen.

Akarui, the mysterious man dressed in dark blue, left victorious, with his swords and hoe. Jayjay kneeled and cried, he found a worthy opponent but lost fast. Jayjay then punched the air and stared the sky, smiling, eventually getting up and traveling to another village.

Appearance: Bald man with black eyes that wear simple and old clothes.
About: He is obsessed with dancing. He trained during years to become a professional dancer.
  • Character Name: Osoreito

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Re: Diaries of Fear - Arc 3
« Reply #6 on: October 12, 2017, 13:47:33 »
Episode 18 – What You Learned so Far

Date of log: 27 days after the war. Hokorigakure (dust)

Osoreito woke up once again. There would be a morbid silence in that room, if it were not for the wind hitting nervously the closed window. He went down the stairs and wished his mother a good morning. His father and his sister were in a business travel again. He found his favorite journal in the front of his home, ‘Dusty Journal’.

He read the cover of the journal. The title says “Hokorikage Will Soon Host a Meeting”, and bellow, “According to the Kage, important political matters must be discussed. The elders that compose the council will soon reunite. Stay tuned to know what fate awaits the village. Read more in page 6”. Osoreito decided not to comment this time, instead leaving the place silently.

Osoreito went to the kage’s building, meeting Hanaka in the office. She reminded him about what his next mission is: Bringing scrolls personally to all the elders, containing the time and local of their meeting with the Kage. An elite shinobi appeared, the scout assigned to protect him. Lastly, she warned him that things could get very dangerous in an instant.

Before leaving for the mission, the scout told Osoreito that he would visit the restroom first. As Osoreito waited in a corridor, he heard two sounds nearby. One of them was closer, a janitor passing by. He was relieved to discover that it was probably just a mop the janitor dropped by accident. After the scout came back silent, they proceeded to complete the mission.

After walking the village, they approached the place where the first elder should be. They walked close to the village’s wall, outside the village, eventually getting closer to a destructed part of the wall. The wall was still under reform, after the war causing its destruction. The scout stopped and announced:

_Now is the time… for you to hand me these scrolls.

_Y-you, impossible, but where is…

_In a dumpster. He will wake up in pain, certainly.

_When he went to the restroom. I see, Akarui. It did not took you much time to show your face. We were not expecting your appearance to occur in this way, but the plan must go on.

_My presence was expected. Ah, this way you all will let the anxiety take over. I will answer your expectative accordingly. My blades are ready to slay Hokorigakure. Too bad these scrolls cannot be mine the easy way.

Osoreito stopped for a moment, wandering in his thoughts and questioning himself. If he had one shot or one opportunity, to be a relevant shinobi in Hokorigakure, would he capture it or just let it slip?

His forehead was sweaty. The legs were weak and the scrolls were heavy. He would vomit if he had eaten anything at all. He was nervous, watching his opponent stand tall. He was ready to drop jutsu, but he kept forgetting the hand seal. For the struggle was real. Akarui’s evil laugh was so loud. He charged chakra, but the jutsu did not came out.

Akarui was slicing air, only wind was hitting his hair. Akarui’s leg was high now, kicking his face, the fight was over, blaow. Looking at his opponent on the ground with sandal marks all over the face, Akarui said:

_You dodged my poisonous blades well until now. Now let me see this scroll – he started to open the scroll…

Meanwhile, somewhere close to the kage’s building. An elite shinobi woke up in a dumpster. He shouted “Ah, gr, ouch” in pain, slowly getting out the dumpster. “My bones hurts” is what he said, walking a distance. He found a mysterious figure with a covered face, eventually. The figure stated:

_I wish you do not get me wrong, but you are stinking. What were you doing? Were you playing in a dumpster?

_Pain, delivery boy, scrolls, danger… Pain!


_Delivery mission…huff, huff… scrolls for the elders. The shinobi taking the scrolls is in danger – he took a break, breathing and then explaining the situation after some seconds.

_I see – he replied, then whispered some words – Hayame, forgive me but there is no time to lose. I will deal with this myself, even though I promised to meet you this morning – he grabbed a nearby object and proceeded to run violently fast.

Meanwhile, close to the village’s wall. Akarui is silent and shocked looking at a scroll. After some seconds, he said:

_Impossible… it is… empty – as he talked, Osoreito got up, cleaning his mouth from drool and sand.

_The rumors were fake. Even the most famous journals were giving fake news today. You fell in our bait…


_We knew that a meeting with the Kage and all elders would be the opportunity of your life to fulfill your plans. You would have to come after a scroll this precious eventually.

Akarui threw a kunai. As the kunai approached, Osoreito threw senbons in the same direction. The projectiles did not connected at all. It was too late for Osoreito properly dodge the kunai, which cut his arm in a shallow manner. Some of the senbons landed on Akarui’s leg.

Akarui whistled and a small group of pigeons came from nowhere to distract his enemy. They were flying around Osoreito, who said:

_Get away… ugh… – he tried to run waving his arm, almost stumbling in a hoe and eventually scaring the animals away – What is this hoe doing here? W-wait a second. I may be crazy, but these creatures look familiar.

_You mean these tamed pigeons? The Silence Princess ordered me to spy all sectors of Hokorigakure. I used these animals to analyze the best route around the village to reach the kage’s building.

_W-what? You can use pigeons to do that?

_They are a little stupid though. One of them even stole a golden ring from some random man, for no reason. They even invaded the houses of some persons, again without reason. These creatures are troublesome, honestly.

As he spoke, Osoreito thought he could caught him off guard. He quickly made hand seals and charged his chakra, preparing to use a genjutsu. Akarui tried to move, but his injured leg slowed him down. A powerful genjutsu imprisoned him.

_Genjutsu: Old Comradeship.

_Uh, g… my head – Akarui shook his head – W-whoa! Man, it has been forever since I last saw you.

_Yeah, I have been busy. Lots of problems and stuff.

_Ah, we need to eat more sheep barbecue sometime. Like in the old times.

_Oh, so you like sheep barbecue… I mean, yeah sure. What do you think about, eh… about… the weather?

_It is marvelous. The rain always appeal for me. I bet you love this cloudy atmosphere!

Both of them just stood there talking casually. After some seconds passed, Osoreito’s chakra quickly burned out. Osoreito started to feel his body in pain, reaching his limit and trying to elaborate a plan to defeat his opponent when he wake up.

_I feel a weird headache – said Akarui, with a hand holding the head.

_It is n-normal. It must be the sunny… I mean the rainy weather, messing with your head.

_Why do I feel like I am doing something very stupid and forgetting to do something?

_N-not good. He is becoming self-aware. No! I lost too much focus.

_Aaaaah… – he screamed, holding his head with both hands – this hurts, my head. Y-you little pest, prepare to die.

He removed the senbons in his leg and charged at Osoreito, who was holding his arm slightly bleeding. Suddenly, a mysterious figure appeared, crossed his arms, and attracted their attention by shouting “Hey”. Akarui said to the figure:

_You dare to interrupt me. You two will face the same fate then.

_Kid, I knew you were courageous and stupid… but confronting a high ranked criminal from Kinzokugakure is a whole another level.

_Eh? – Replied Osoreito – V-Vizier! You came to help me.

Akarui charged at Vizier, rising both of his silver swords. Vizier grabbed an object wrapped in a fabric and started to unwrap it. Osoreito said:

_A saber! I bet it is one of your legendary weapons.

_Actually… this is just a random scrap I got from the kage’s building.

Akarui attacked, one slash after another. Vizier managed to block skillfully the attacks with the saber. Osoreito shouted:

_Be careful. He is using a nearly incurable poison in his blades.

_I would not allow it cut me if it was just regular blades either. Relax kid. my blade is poisonous as well.

_Oh? Now I am surprised.

_I mean, look at how rusty my saber look. If I pierce him, it will cause him an infection or something.

The battle continued for some minutes. In the beginning, both appeared to be equal in skill, but now Vizier’s stamina became clear, since Akarui was sweating. Vizier blocked the two blades simultaneously and kicked his enemy in the head, from his right side, making him fall. Vizier lost no time and proceeded to pierce his opponent’s chest.

Osoreito returned to Hokorigakure under the sunset, safe and nearly unharmed. Nigeru’s plan to annihilate the world was supposedly dead. No evil organization was threatening to destroy the village, yet. There was no threats, but for how long? Osoreito ended his day in peace, lucky to survive another day in the dangerous shinobi life.

~~The End~~

Hello everyone, this is the end of the main arcs of the DoF universe: Diaries of Fear. I do not feel like finishing the DoF universe, in other words, completing the TWtE arcs. Calm down, everything will be clarified simply and sortly, in the form of questions and answers:

What is DoF universe?

Spoiler: show
It means ‘Diaries of Fear’ universe. It is a universe that includes, but is not limited to, Diaries of Fear Arc 1 to 3. It was originally planned to have 30 episodes, divided by 5 arcs: 3 DoF arcs and 2 TWtE arcs. However, only 21 and half episodes were actually made.

What is TWtE?

Spoiler: show
The Will to Escape is a series about Nigeru’s life, from childhood to death. It was planned to be composed by 12 episodes, or 2 arcs. One of its functions was to prove to the reader that there is no plot holes at all: some things only make sense after reading both series. DoF only explain the events from Osoreito’s perspective, which is not enough to understand the ‘how s’ and ‘why s’.

Is the series incomplete?

Spoiler: show
Absolutely no. The main series is over. If the reader could not understand some details that is not a big issue at all. The rough part is over and the essence was transmitted. Additionally, I know that some persons liked the series and are probably curious about the unreleased episodes, so I will post them eventually, even though I do not intend to finish it. I am not saying I will stop writing stuff to post in the forum, but this project is cancelled.
  • Character Name: Osoreito


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